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Sony SSCSE Dolby Atmos Enabled Speakers $176.26 + $64.89 Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon US via Amazon AU


Sony SSCSE Dolby Atmos enabled speakers. Good deal if you are prime members as it is free delivery, otherwise the deal has no value with the delivery cost.
These are usually $250 for a pair.

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  • Nice price but not a fan of upward firing (bouncing) atmos speakers…

    • Great price. If you don't have the option to install speakers in the roof, these upward firing ones are the best best thing and seriously are almost indistinguishable.

      Even Dolby use them in the flagship demo room in the states.

      There's a video on YouTube where a movie sound producer tests them and says it even reproduced an error in a scene he made where a sound above was in the wrong place.

      • I have these and are great. But there's hardly any ATMOS content on Netflix. I am hoping to see a lot more in the near future

        • They've also stopped putting the ATMOS track on standard Blu-Ray disks and you have to buy the 4K version :( Super annoying, but makes the enthusiasts of audio also support UHD :P

        • I got these as well. But I installed them on the top corners firing down. I get better reproduction compared to firing into the ceiling and bouncing back.
          It's barely noticeable in Netflix but you'll need to get a UHD movie with Atmos to listen to the difference (eg. John Wick pt1 scene where he fights in the rain or Ready Player One in the final battle scenes).
          During speaker positioning, I tested using the Dolby Atmos test files.

        • They've got Atmos on some of the Disney Plus shows (though it's not working yet on lots of players/TVs - they are fixing it…)

    • Me too. I don't see the point. Either you can put full speakers in better positions, instead of bouncing, or you probably don't need extra speakers at all.

      But hey, I'm the guy that thinks 4.1 is enough (no centre speaker)

      • Haha. That’s definitely not enough!

      • Ha, I get it but also don't see the point but hey, I get far more out of a decent 2ch setup and sometimes even switch on the '.1' if I want to rattle the neighbours windows for an action flick :)

  • I have been keen to get these since missing out on the last deal - thanks OP.

  • I have the Sony HT-Z9F system with the rear speakers, does anyone know if these are compatible?

    Edit: appears not.

    • They are not but I highly recommend the compatible rear surrounds SA-Z9R as it will make a massive difference to the immersive experience. Sony's DSP makes even music sounds better with the surround speakers (in the soundbar's "music"mode) - and I'm usually a stereo purist when it comes to music.

  • Would you buy these instead of a Dolby Atmos soundbar to go with a Hisense tv, or are they meant to be in addition to other speakers? Thanks

  • I still don't get how these are 'worth' anything more than about $50! They're just a very dull & boring 4" full-range driver in a cheap MDF box… no amps, no smarts, no crossover, nothing! I'm sure the upfiring angle is semi-important and I'm sure these are designed to fit perfectly on top of Sony speakers and look the part but a pair of these or these laid back on a DIY bracket or wedge/stand would do the exact same job for far, far less. If you're adventurous, pull out all your OzBargain sourced Power Tools and build a couple of simple boxes based on the dimensions on the Sony site, paint them black and throw in a couple of $15 4" car speakers… done! These ATMOS speakers really aren't anything special, the ATMOS magic is created in the Receiver/Amp so the speakers don't need to be anything too complex. My 2c anyway :)

    • I'm 100% with you on this one. I guess upward firing atmos speakers are not popular enough to get generic manufacturers churning them en mass to the point that we can buy them for $50 here.

      • It a "licencing" issue… The price you pay includes a pricing factor for Dolby Atmos technology and logs etc.

        Years ago when buying audio equipment that included Apple's iPhone, iPod dock, I would get $20.00 knocked off the price (after I had negotiated a discount price etc.) as I don't use any Apple products and on principle I don't pay Apple or anyone a premium for a product's feature I would never use.

        The same goes for Micro$erf Windows on a new pc. If you were going to use PC as a Linux box etc., why pay for Windows licencing.

        • Ha, yeah. Maybe we need to pay each time we type the word 'Atmos' too ;)

        • the atmos channel splitting is done by the receiver, it does not know whether the speakers hooked up to the atmos channels are "atmos-certified" or even a paper cup with coils.

  • I've bought this from last bargain. Did not do much. Just creating some echo at time.

  • Wait for Black Friday. Last year that went down to $155 odd.