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Sony WI-C200 Wireless Bluetooth in-Ear Earphones $29.99 @ ALDI


Just Saw in this week catalogue. JB Hi-Fi sells at $59.95 and Amazon at $49. I think it is a good deal.

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    Yayyy This comes with Type C , will be a perfect fit for me ( I only use it for audiobooks )

    Edit : one user on JB says this , so may need a bit of review surfing

    Cons: The greatest con is the call quality - these headphones will poorly replay your voice to you when you are talking in a call, so these are not suitable for making calls.

    • I get a few people saying they can't hear me well. the microphone is on the underside of the control panel so when I flip it over it seems to be ok.

      • Thanks a lot for this feedback, worth a try then

  • Decent! Bluetooth 5.0, USB-c charging and small controls not on the ear piece.

    Plus Sony quality you'd hope

    • It's missing aptx. But it looks a bit like the BeatsX if you have a phone with USB-C already, with BeatsX you charge it with the same cable you charge your iPhone with. BeatsX lets you automatically sync with Apple devices and probably sounds a bit better, is the only difference I can see. Also these don't have power saving features, and probably doesn't have the Fast Fuel thing where five minutes of initial charge gives you two hours of listening. Also the BeatsX is advertised as water resistant. I guess there's a lot of differences now that I add them all up.

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        You should have read the tonnes of horrid reviews of the BeatsX on Apple AU’s own website.
        I just checked and they have removed the “Reviews” tab.

        Reviews were absolutely horrible.
        Most of them saying they would simply fail / stop working, then replacements would fail, then came the end of warranty period where after Apple would offer a final-replacement which would fail again.

        • that's good to know. i might have just been lucky with mine, but I've been using them daily since the launch with the X1 chip. They still look like new.

          • @AustriaBargain: Just turned out to be one of those products.
            I’m sure beats makes models that continue working, it’s just the feedback on this particular one was a nightmare.

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    Amagon - is that like e8ay 😑

    • +14

      Amagon sells the higher quality Sorny, Magbetbox and Panaphonic

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    Good price. They are worth $29.
    JB HiFi price is currently $49 as well.

    Got a pair of these for my mother when they where $35 during the 40% off sale @ JB HiFi + $10 receipt voucher ($25 total).
    I gave them a test run before handing them over.

    She has been very happy, using it for the occasional calls and music.
    On top of all the features the battery-life is great @ 15 hours. Requiring a charge around once a month with sporadic use (or last an entire day of constant use).
    Also the magnetically snapping together earbuds is handy as it keeps them from falling (small earbuds can be broken by stepping on them).

    It has been 4 months since purchase, and they just work.
    Can confirm they are quality Sony.

    • How's the call quality btw??

      • +1

        My mother tells me it’s great all-round (and she uses it for calls semi-regularly).

        When I tested it, I was told my voice sounded much clearer by the person on the other-end of the call (the microphone’s ‘HD Voice’ feature is more than a gimmick), it basically picks up & transfers a greater audio frequency-range than the usual audio from Bluetooth microphone.

        Note: this only applies to the individual you are calling. HD voice is of little benefit to the person using the headphone.
        I guess if you both had HD voice it would be clearer both ways.

        Also a comment above mentioned your own voice gets piped back through the headphones, which may bother you. My mother seems to be fine with it.

  • I'm surprised that Amagon hasn't been sued by Amazon just yet.

  • Armageddon!

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      At that price, armageddon several!

  • One step closer to being Amagod

  • When do these go on sale?

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      Nevermind I'm an idiot.

  • +1

    Officeworks would definitely beat it by 5%

  • price match pls amagon

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    oh here we go again

  • +1

    Thanks OP, this will go well with my Mercedes C200

  • just here for the Amagon jokes ;)

    • I just walked in; what is amagon and why is it funny?

  • Ozbargain meetup at Chatswood? I will be first in line

    • There's two Aldi's at Chatswood…

  • I can imagine this tickling the back of my neck…

  • Can we get this price matched in JBHIFI


    • Yes, you can get it at the same price now

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    Check your local Officeworks if they have stock for an extra 5% off :)

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    I Picked these up from JB HIFI yesterday. Show them the ALDI brochure https://imgur.com/a/l4GbDuv and when they see the word Wednesday on the first page they will think the ALDI sale stars today.

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    I just went to Officeworks & showed them the Aldi website, they didnt question the day.

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      Even I got. No one looked at 27th Nov date. They price matched.

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      I got price matched at bigw. No one looked at the date.

      • I went into officeworks and the guy went over it with a fine tooth comb and said it doesn't start till Wednesday. Chinese people are meticulously detailed when is comes to money.

        • Wait for Amazon to price match it then? Or try another OW or JB if you really want it today.

    • Went into OW today and they had one left. Hid it behind something else so I can snag it tomorrow. Did I do wrong or is this within the OzBargain spirit?

      • LOL just price beat it on the spot as most staff does not care if the sale starts on Wednesday

  • i think i'll try these out as i think airpods are too expensive and i'll probably lose them whilst at least these i shouldn't lose and if i did, hey it was only $30 i guess

    going by previous posts its type C charging but i've got a seperate USB-C at home as I use iphone

    • Yes this.
      Same basic function as expensive AirPods which just have fancier features.
      Less overall battery life, but 15 hours in one go is plenty and beats having to fiddle around with a charging case.

      • shame can't charge usb, i have lots of USB ports everywhere lol

        • +1

          The device comes with a USB to USB-C cable. You can charge it with any USB port.

  • Was looking at getting a Bluetooth earphone like the QCY but the call quality is poor on those. Might give these a crack given the good call quality reviews above, unless someone can convince me out of it.

    • Call quality is a two-way street, so for you to hear good quality, the person you are talking to needs to be using a good microphone (on their phone or headphones).
      And to sound good to the person you are talking to, your own microphone needs to be good (in this case the “HD voice” feature on the Sony’s makes your voice sound clearer to the other person).

      An example: a family member of mine uses a ‘dumb phone’ (something like an old Nokia with 2G cellular) and the call quality is atrocious all-the-time.

      • I'm on VoLTE as is the wife so we would have good connections. I presume this HD voice mic would work good outdoors or on the train? Background noise seems to be the downfall for the QCY and equivalent bluetooth earphones.

        • I presume this HD voice mic would work good outdoors or on the train?

          What you are talking about is “isolating the voice from other noises”.
          I am aware some new ANC headphones do this (Bose NCH700 etc), the technology is called something like ‘beam-forming’ and requires multiple microphones.

          This Sony WI-C200 only has 1 microphone.
          The “HD voice” feature offers a clearer voice, but I think in terms of isolating your voice in a loud environment, it will probably do just as well as your smart-phone’s microphone.

  • +2

    Now it's $29.99 from JB
    You can check stock online and click-collect for you convenience.

  • +2

    Got a price match from Officeworks today, I was surprised they hadn't heard about it.

    Price beaten to $28.49.

  • Any stock left in Sydney?
    Didnt see any in Bridgepoint Shopping Centre,Mosman

    • Found ca 15-20pc in Gladesville, Victoria rd

    • Try searching on jbhifi website. You will find plenty of stocks.

  • Out of stock in Canberra Centre.

  • +1

    $29.99 at Officeworks now.

  • $29.99 at amazon. Hopefully a 10% cashback promo for black friday.

  • Anyone got theirs and experience a static hiss when you start playing sound, and lasts for 5-10 seconds after sound has stopped too? I've tried it on multiple devices and issue persists. More prominent in the left ear than the right.

    This reddit post suggests it might be a common issue, to do with the crappy microphone.

    • Hi I mentioned this in a comment in the previous deal.

      Except for me it is a very quiet and is the same in both ears.

      To my understanding, it is due to the design which has the headphone’s volume set at a constant level (this has to be set on the higher end, otherwise when your phone volume is high you will experience low-volume sound).
      When you change the volume on headphone it adjusts the phone’s volume, this is so there is only 1 volume control to adjust. (I have heard some headphones control volume independently to the phone volume, and this can cause occasional problems since you have to keep track of 2 volume controls).

      The microphone is only on when in use (otherwise it would be picking up your voice all the time), you can test it by talking to Voice-Assistant or recording a video / voice memo, you will hear your own voice when the mic is on.
      The hiss you are hearing is from the amplification inside the headphone being set at a constant “high” level.

      • Thanks for further information.

  • These are available at Jbhifi for those who can't find stock in Aldi!

    • Did they price match? Looks like they're $49 there.

      • Damn, it must have increased :(

        They were $29.99

        • Thanks anyway dude.

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