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Donate $5 / $15 to the Red Cross, Receive $15 / $30 Store Credit (Limit 1 Per Customer) @ Elite Electronics


Hi folks,

All year round, we offer a $10 discount coupon to use on our website if a buyer makes a $5 donation to the Red Cross, and a $20 discount coupon for a $15 donation via our website. All customer donations are combined with our own regular donation and sent to the Red Cross - no catches, no ulterior motive, simply us wanting to help make a contribution to a worthy cause. There's great enjoyment to be found in bringing the latest products and best deals to our customers, as well as doing our bit for the community.

We thought we'd spread even more Christmas cheer this year by offering a two-tier discount scheme for doing a good deed - even a small contribution goes a long way!

  • Donate $5 or more to Red Cross via our website and receive a $10 $15 discount coupon,
  • Donate $15 or more to Red Cross via our website and receive a $20 $30 discount coupon.

Offer valid from November 20th until December 4th, 2019. Limit 1 discount coupon per customer.
The discount coupon can be used on any product purchases across our website.

Christmas is around the corner, and we want your loved ones to not only be given some great new gear for Christmas (that you scored from us for a song with your discount), but to know that they as well as the wider community are supported when help or relief is needed. Please help us make an even bigger impact this Christmas by supporting this very worthy cause.

Stay merry this Christmas season, and happy shopping from all the team at Elite Electronics! :)

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  • +3 votes

    Donated whole blood this morning, Initially thought I was onto a winner when I read the title

    • +3 votes

      Same here was gonna book my next appointment lol

      • +3 votes

        Still worth booking, My local Red Cross gives you iced coffee, juice, cake, biscuits and pies in exchange for your blood. Also depending on your employer you can often get it done on paid work time


    With the included free shipping I'll give you a +1

  • +2 votes

    no catches, no ulterior motive, simply us wanting to help make a contribution to a worthy cause.

    Nice deal to get people to donate!

    Assuming any donations through you won't be able to use a tax deduction? Also assuming that your full donation ($1000+money raised) will? For full transparency, when will you be donating the full amount to Red Cross?


      They keep it all xD

    • +4 votes

      Ahh, they've noted this down on a comment from their post last year:

      The entire donation amount is given to Red Cross - if you donate $15, that whole $15 goes directly to Red Cross along with our $1,000 contribution. The PayPal account to which donations are made is purely and solely setup to receive Red Cross donations from our customers. At the end of the month, these funds are forwarded directly to Red Cross alongside our contribution, together as one lump sum payment. Come tax time, we do claim a tax deduction on the entire donated amount as it's not individualised.

      So no tax deduction from us, and full tax deduction for them. Will you be holding this money (and gaining interest) until end of December to donate OP?

      I don't want to sound negative, and I think you're doing a good thing incentivising donations, but be transparent when you are gaining from this!

      You should put all the details in the post, including some proof / feedback from your post last year will also help.

      • +1 vote

        Well they did give us 15 dollar / 30 dollar credit so I guess it's a win win for everyone involved plus at the end of the day it's for charity

      • +8 votes

        Giving away $1 to gain 30 cents (?)

        U MONSTAS!!

      • +2 votes

        Lol, even ppl want to do a good cause, ur still trying to scrutinize as if they’re taking ur money :)

      • +5 votes

        We're all for transparency, so here goes-
        Whilst we do claim the complete donated amount come tax time, there certainly isn't anything gained on our end to be honest.

        worrierwan below put it quite succinctly - "They still dont end up better cash wise then if they didnt donate", which is the reality of the situation.

        Whilst the donation is usually made to Red Cross at the end of the month, in this particular instance the donated funds will be sent through to Red Cross late Jan/early Feb, as our office closes a few days out from Christmas for a 3 week period (contrary to popular belief, the wicked need some rest too :D ).
        We need a little time to clear the Christmas/New Year break backlog once we're back in the office again, so the December donation is usually finalised and sent through end of Jan for this reason.

        Hopefully this helps to clarify a little further. We can certainly understand why some of the more, shall we say, inquisitive OzBargainers might raise an eyebrow. Though we can wholeheartedly assure you that there's no real 'gain' to be had for us other than giving a worthy cause our continued support, and spreading some Christmas cheer to our customers in the process. :)

        Thanks for the interest and your support folks, it's very much appreciated. Feel free to ask if there are any questions at all.

        -E.E Team-

    • +6 votes

      Whats wrong with using it as a tax deduction? They still dont end up better cash wise then if they didnt donate. We also get something out of it


    What are Vacuumn Cleaners (when you click the link on the left hand side)? I should receive a store credit for finding a typo and doing the job your website developer!!


      We're not sure what Vacuumn Cleaners are either, and neither does our IT department. :D
      Duly noted and fixed - thanks for the heads-up!


    I donated $15,but where is the coupon?


      Hi Brizze,
      You should receive your $30 discount coupon via email at some stage today hopefully - it's usually emailed through within 24 hours from when we receive your donation.
      Happy shopping! :)


    Thanks Rep, Can I just ask if there is any minimum spend once we've received the coupons?

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