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Sky News - Stream Main Channel for Free


As Australia faces catastrophic bushfire conditions, Sky News is making its main channel available to the public so regional communities around the nation can keep safe and stay informed of the very latest developments.

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Sky News Australia

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      This is the Sky News that's misinforming it's viewers about the climate change that's causing the fires right?

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        It is arson, not climate change.

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          Arson is the often the reason for the ignition, climatic conditions contribute to the speed at which the fire is able to spread and how hot it burns.

          Climate is constantly changing and has obviously had its ups and downs, that's a given. However what is worrying is the speed that average temps have increased over the last 100 years or so compared to far more gradual changes in the previous 20000 years.

          XKCD does a pretty good job of illustrating this https://www.climatecouncil.org.au/a-timeline-of-earths-avera...

          • +1

            @Gravy: In all fairness, we've only been recording accurate temperatures for less than 100 years. No one seems to mention this when discussing how temperatures vary. We have no accurate temperature records for most of human history.

          • -6

            @Gravy: That's bullshit. It's arson and farmers not being able to clear their own land due to ridiculous hard green legislation.

            • +9

              @mateoka: Hard green legislation? When was the last time the Greens had any (if ever?) power to set legislation ?

            • +4

              @mateoka: Im in NSW where the majority of fires are at present. Greens don't have a lot of sway IMHO.

              NSW Parliament consists of the following members

              Australian Labor Party: 36

              Liberal Party of Australia: 35

              The Nationals: 13

              ​The Greens: 3

              ​Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party: 3

              ​Independents: 3

              Total: 93

              Source: https://www.parliament.nsw.gov.au/members/Pages/party-repres...

              I am genuinely interested though in hearing what legislation the Greens were able to get through that may be a contributing factor to an increase in fires. I know that the Greens have policies around fire hazard reduction burns but unsure if they have been able to effect the policies due to very limited power in both state and Federal govt. If you have something to add with a backup reference to then please do so.

              • -2

                @Gravy: I meant hard green as in environmentalist before land rights, which unfortunately has become a part of basically all parties. In NSW, nationals are green left and have betrayed their hard working roots.

      • +16

        I hate it how people are so adamant it's climate change. Its probably a mix of a lot of stuff. Why do people just say it's climate change?

        • +1

          Because it’s fashionable to band wagon without spending a moment to consider that’s which you speak.

          • +14

            @DisabledUser214631: Argh …. I don't really care if it climate change or not! BUT: Even if climate change is not the reason and just a possibility (as no one can really tell) wouldn't you try to be as environmentally friendly, reduce emissions, support electric cars, recycle properly … reduce the possible factors of climate change. Ignoring it completely and denying it is just stupid. It is not black and white.

            • +1

              @mini_wombat: And by how much will you decrease the temperature if you go to all the expenses of doing that?

              Will any degree of changes save us from the "climate emergency"?

              • +5

                @inherentchoice: Not important! When there is a slight chance that our actions are responsible for it it's a good thing to change them and spend some $$$. The worst case that could happen is you "wasted" some $$$ but got also some electric cars, better recycling, less pollution, solar power stations … as a side effect. On the other hand we all burn :-(. Pretty simple.

            • +3

              @mini_wombat: No one should deny climate change. Climate has been changing for 5 billion years. There is peaks and troughs and always will be. It’s absolutely appropriate to do your best to be efficient in your own right. But what isn’t appropriate is misinformed people shouting about how every bad thing that is happening in the word today is due to climate change. You are correct, it is not black and white.

              • +6

                @DisabledUser214631: Agree Donald. I guess the discussion is about man-made climate change and accelerating it. If is true we don't know - so I do not like either sides of the comments - the crazy who denies everything and the freak which thinks it is all us. As there is a slight chance that it is man made it should be no discussion to switch to electric cars, renewable energy, recycling and less pollution … but here in Australia we are so slow and a bit backwards. No need to discuss. It comes down to each individuals actions and the support of the government.

        • +16

          Are you serious? It's obviously a combination of things, but the CFS are literally saying the increased frequency, intensity, and length of the fire seasons is exacerbated by climate change.

          If you want to argue with the guys who are risking their lives fighting these fires, then go ahead, you know better!

          • -3

            @yrain: Exacerbated, yes. Caused like Diji1 claimed, NO

        • +4

          Why are people so quick to dismiss the scientific method? Facts and stats don't lie.

          And before you say that the scientists are lying - WHY WOULD THEY? They don't lose their job if climate change is proven to be a hoax.

          • -3

            @giventofly: Billions of dollars of grants and funding that they're angling for. Massive amounts of control over public policy. The logical conclusion of agreeing with climate alarmists is that they will be the ones who decide who lives and who dies in their new green utopia.

            • +6

              @freakatronic: You think that scientists are the ones jockeying for power and money by saying climate change is real and the politicians and fossil fuel corporations are the ones that are arguing against it out of the kindness of their hearts?

              Sometimes you have to take a step back and realise you have been duped.

        • Spoon fed from the cradle.

      • Dumb question here, So, is bushfire mainly manmade or climate change?

  • +35

    Ideal if you want insipid made-up crap from the moronic Aussie Right Wing

    • -1

      Thank you Dr. your words will be heard and will ensure that people avoid the scary right wing meanies.

    • +8

      Yeah but like the left wing are any better. They make up or manipulate stuff themselves to fit their own agenda. So I guess they can be counted as moronic Aussies too?

      • +4

        So climate change is a made up thing to fit their agenda of starting fires right

        • +9

          You do realise bushfire have been around for ages not just the last 50 years. So how are they linking fires with climate change?

          • +1

            @RetroMetro: omg what bush fires have existed before? wow you have blown my mind and my theory is completely invalid now.

            You can use Google can't you? Go nuts.

            • +6

              @tablewhale: You obviously do not understand Australian history. Bushfires have been around for thousands of years even before you mum was born lol. So to be fair its a natural thing not just climate change

              • +7

                @RetroMetro: It’s 2019, apparently every bad thing that happens is due to climate change. Because climate change is only new and it’s not like it’s been happening for 5 billion years or anything.

                • +2

                  @DisabledUser214631: Nice way to misrepresent the problem - climate change has always happened and everyone knows that. It's the rate we've accelerated it. Some truly ignorant people out there…

                • @DisabledUser214631: haha hilarious you fellas are contradicting yourselves. I have some people saying it existed billions of years ago and now its a new thing. Where is the unity in your arguments?

              • @RetroMetro: Omg wow there was a bushfire previously and that means that climate change can never be a factor in them? You're really clever you must know what you're talking about since you can boil complex topics down to one sentence on ozbargain despite what every expert says! They're such frauds!!!

                • @tablewhale: From a scientific point of view how did they find the evidence between climate change and bush fires? Its impossible, so how are the experts coming to this conclusion when its impossible? And thank you i did get a pretty decent O.P. when i graduated. So i guess you can call me smart :)

                  • @RetroMetro: Sorry bud… Completing highschool makes you an expert in nothing. I only take advice from people who actually study this field, not arm chair opinions from people whose highest level of education is completing grade 12.

                    • @tablewhale: Well your clearly uneducated in science if you cant accept what I've said. I studied science at UQ and everything I've said makes sense in a scientific context. So you actually have no fricken idea what I'm talking about. If you cant falsify a hypothesis then it can't be proven hence you can't make a claim.

                      • @RetroMetro: Oh if you only knew… Sorry, I don't take scientific advice from people whose credentials are finishing highschool and dropping out of science at UQ. What you've just said is literally mumbo jumbo.

                        • @tablewhale: Dropping out of science at UQ? What the hell. You don't know anything about me. Anyways I don't take advice from uneducated naive people. Lean science and maybe you will be able to argue but I doubt it very much…

                          Oh and btw I did pass science at UQ something you would dream of doing. Get wrecked and don't talk anymore your illogical.

                          • @RetroMetro: You didn't quite finish your sentence and I think you forgot a comma… was it meant to be a sign-off?

                            ", your illogical debate opponent."

                            • +1

                              @Gravy: If your gonna pick on punctuation and proper sentence structure than why would you miss out 'your' when it should be you're? Or 'lean' when they clearly meant learn. I honestly don't understand you punctuation nazies. Half the time you get your corrections wrong or miss and/or make mistakes yourself so why bother? It makes you look petty and stupid simultaneously. This isn't a scientific paper or anything of much importance, you're simply talking to random people on the internet! It's not viewed by the public or publicized in an article so who gives a f*@# about perfect punctuation?? If you can understand what the person is trying to say and you're still complaining than you are being petty imo. Get a life.

                              • @Tythefly86: Yes thank you! Can't reason with an idiot who picks on grammar issues as fuel against an argument. It's my phone's stupid auto correction it's a little screwed 😂😂😂

                                • @RetroMetro: I apologise, it was a little petty.

                                  Can I ask you though, can you see how an increase in average global temperatures would lead to a drying out of lands in some areas, and if so could you also see how this could have an effect on the frequency and ferocity of bush fires?

                                  Is it this that you don't agree with? Or do you think there is not an increase in average global temps and hence the question is moot?

                              • @Tythefly86: No I did notice all the errors even if I didn't point them out. I just wanted to turn the whole "illogical" finger pointing on it's head and point it back, I guess it would have been quicker to just say "You're illogical.".

                                To be fair both parties in this little debate were not speaking nicely to each other. I generally couldn't give a stuff about grammatical errors, at least not enough to make comment about them but this whole debate about whether climate change is accelerating due to human actions and whether it has an effect on bush fire ferocity is tedious to argue, and my comment was a bit petty.

                            • @Gravy: Oh mate your whole argument before, "that there is evidence suggesting climate change and bushfires are related". Guess what, Scott Morrison just said there is no link!! The evidence is weak. So I was correct all along.

                              • @RetroMetro: So you're citing a pentecostal moron about science. It doesn't get any funnier than that.

                                Maybe I have already "leaned" science a decent amount… From the way that you write I think the statement about highschool was a push at best, you are clearly a punter, please stop trying.

                              • @RetroMetro: That's great that Scott said that. My family and I can now sleep soundly at night as the fires encircle our region.

                                What evidence is he using to prove that there is no connection? Perhaps he had the historical global average temperature graph upside down or something? Even weak evidence beats no evidence.

  • +9

    Is already available on FTA wherever WIN is available.

    • WIN isnt available everywhere

      • +4

        No win ?

        • +1

          Felt compelled to reply " Allwins"

        • This offer is no win, no fee.

    • +3

      Sky "News" on WIN isn't the full Sky News channel. It is a mashup of Sky News, Sky News Business and Fox Sports. Further Sky News on WIN doesn't have the rights to show most of the news footage they get from Seven and Nine. Last week, as NSW burned, Sky News on WIN were showing repeats of Fox Sports News because of this limitation.

      There are better resources available for coverage of these events.

      • Didn't Sky News business shut down?

  • +50

    Sky News - Stream Main Channel for Free

    Whilst we're posting websites to 'free' newsfeeds, here's a few more…






    • +2

      Thanks for the youtube Wiggles link.

      • +14

        That one has the most informative news service.

        • +2

          And the most accurate

    • +18


      All Australian tv channels streamed (thanks to Whirlpool).

      • Thanks for the list.

        Is there a preferred player for those streams on every platform?

      • That is epic.

      • Can we re-watch / replay the news?

    • +1

      Don't you always ask what's the normal price? In this case there normally is a price…

    • bold guy…

  • -2

    Awesome! Thanks

  • +20

    Awesome - wormtongue murdoch can spread even more of his poison

  • +11

    everyone knows that bushfires and global warming are unrelated, that there is no global warming. but if there were it would be caused by kids buying smart phones and the Greens ruling both houses of parliament and stopping back burning with they're socialist policies.

    you are now caught up on Sky


    • +1

      They are?


      • There’s always one

      • I’m pretty sure it’s intentionally misspelled to highlight the low intelligence he/she is satirising.

        • Yeah you might be right. If so, my bad; well played.

    • +1

      Finally someone finally Understands this. Like seriously how is fires and climate change related? They haven't even given proof they just say these things like it's a fact!! All their evidence is zero to vague. They haven't found sufficient evidence to link the two

      • theres been plenty, ACC makes the conditions hotter and the extremes much worse. karen on facebook IS NOT a reliable source, peer reviewed science IS and disputes everything you've said.

        • Who's Karen your mum? She ain't reliable I guarantee it

    • +1

      Reported on the radio yesterday that 54 people have been charged so far in NSW with fire offences.
      Tell me again how climate change is causing the fires.

      • +10

        For the slow ones, allow me to explain: Climate change makes conditions worse when fires start. From dry bush to sustained hot winds and temps. Climate change causes fires to be bigger and less controllable.

        • +8

          and more frequent

      • -1

        54 alleged arsonists, 70 fires, not just people who accidentally contravened a fire ban. People down voting you because the truth hurts.
        We know for certainty most of these fires were created by people not climate change.

        • +2

          People are downvoting him because he doesn't understand the issue but is happy to comment on it. An hour before you commented someone explained it by saying "Climate change makes conditions worse when fires start. From dry bush to sustained hot winds and temps. Climate change causes fires to be bigger and less controllable." This is what is being said on many fire department websites.

          This is the actual issue, I know you upvoted anyway and didn't read the facts because that is the easiest way to keep believing you are right.

    • +2

      If you don't believe the 11,000 scientist and research from around the world(not including EMS personnel) then you must be an anti-vaxer

      Straight from Murdoch's media asshats
      11,263 scientists from 153 countries call for climate emergency declaration

  • +14

    Seems like an opportunist move by the Far right media to spread their reach in "denying" the role of climate change in these tragedies. Vested interest! Better served to utilise a more trusted news source such as the ABC and the SBS

  • +23

    Haven't they suffered enough already?

  • +18

    Free LNP/Murdoch propaganda. Bargain!

  • lol, been in country nsw areas for a year now.

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