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NetGear Orbi Pro SRK60 Tri-Band Wireless-AC3000 System $479.20 + Delivery (Free with eBay Plus) @ Computer Alliance


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Best price for this professional mesh WiFi system so far.
I will definitely grab one if I don't have three Google WiFi at home.Painful to upgrade them all together.

Google WiFi meet my demand for now.

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    This or the new Google Nest Wifi? They have different target markets, ports, extra features and abilities to customise settings. I think I'll hold out for a decent coupon that applies to the Nest.


    Why pay this much for Wifi 5 when Wifi 6 is already here? Last gen products will get cheaper and cheaper.


    This or the Asus Wifi 6 RT-AX92U Mesh 2-pack which is also around this price from Computer Alliance after Asus $60 cashback? The Asus have pretty fast USB drive speed from some review and Wifi 6 band dedicated for wireless back-haul (which could be a good thing since it's supposed to help the satellite connection more stable & higher bandwidth, and also not many devices use wifi 6 atm).

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    For those who are considering either the Orbi or the Google Wi-Fi, I have both and can provide some feedback.

    I’ve had the Orbi RBK50 pack and used it for about two years. Works great even it’s only two units and are much bigger than Google Wifi. The throughput in a double storey townhouse averages about 450-500Mbps.

    Had one unit on the top floor and one in the lower ground.

    As for Google Wi-Fi, it’s great for the small footprint and very user friendly app. Setting up is easy and flexible placement as I have 3 units. However, the speed averages around 300-350Mbps. Not a bad unit but there’s a slight lag especially when I’m streaming 4K movies from my PC to the living room.

    Both are great, but I end up reverting back to the Netgear Orbi. This Orbi SRK60 is supposed to be a bit faster too.


      How are you positioning your RBK50 router satellite? Are they put in the same position but just different floor (front GF and front 1F, or front GF and rear 1F etc.)?

      I've been researching and wondering whether I should get the RBK50 or RBK23 (3 pack but half wireless back-haul bandwidth) given they are roughly the same price. This is also for a standard double-storey townhouse (70-80sqm each floor). With the 3 pack I guess I can put 1 at front, 1 at back and the other in the middle of the upper floor.

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        My satellites are positioned in the same locations when I switch from Orbi and Google Wifi, however Google Wifi had the benefit of having another satellite mid-way.

        Router is placed on top floor, satellite is on ground floor close to the stairway. It's recommended that the units should be placed no more than 2-3 rooms apart.

        Having 3 vs 2 didn't improve the speed, but probably it's either maxed out the possible Mbps from Google Wifi. Certainly 3 units will further eliminate any other black spots, but wasn't necessary in my use case.