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Computer Alliance 20% off Storewide @ eBay


Starts 10am AEDT Nov 18, ends Nov 24. T&Cs here. Postage is $15 flat rate (not per item), or free with eBay Plus. Enjoy :)

Max discount of $1000 per transaction, max 3 transactions, up to a max 10 items per transaction.

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    Yes! Long wait deal

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      Translation: Long awaited deal

      • Agreed his english is the bad and needed to be translated

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          Translation: I agree that his English is poor and needed to be translated.

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            @mdavant: Translation: His English language is skill is poor hence needed translation.

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              @DisabledUser227884: Editorial correction: He has a poor grasp of the English language, so required assistance from other users to interpret his comment, rendering it in a more parseable and grammatically correct form.


              Writing “his English is bad” is poor form. His English what?

              This is not “translation”, it is not from another language.

              My comment above makes gender assumptions.
              This is because the English language has no gender-neutral terms, so most style guides recommend being politically incorrect over going with a clumsy formulation that removes gender-specific pronouns.

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                @DisabledUser77742: Them/they lol.

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                  @BartholemewH: Using them/they as a singular pronoun is considered colloquial at best by purists (in most circumstances, and especially when the antecedent is a distributive expression).

                  This usage is gaining traction, but there’s significant resistance.

                  Personally, I’m gradually coming around to it, in the absence of alternatives, but it still feels wrong in many cases.

              • -2

                @DisabledUser77742: Don't give up your day job ajmir. 2/10 for your editing, if that. Feel free to parse this:
                Marks off for not understanding the importance of context in writing; failing to know how to use 'his/her' or other simple substitutes such as 'the person/commenter/poster'; assuming we didn't understand the poster's comment; not knowing that the use of 'translate' is not restricted to languages; and, most of all, for redundancy/verbosity and making a simple, easily understood comment nigh on incomprehensible. Touché?

            • @DisabledUser227884: "is skill is"???

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          Why waste time, say lot word when few word do trick?

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            @vee124: Espcely in thsi contxet.

          • @vee124: What do you with all that free time after leaving out words like "of", "the" and "a"?
            How much time are you actually saving?

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      Looks like that's the wrong code. Please double-check and try again.

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    No Computer Alli .. oh wait.

    • +3

      This is getting a bit repetitive now in all CA posts… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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    Keep an eye for price jacks

    • +21

      Being downvoted but you are right. They price jacked last time and many times before that

      • +2

        Be sure to report them if you can prove it!

        • Anyone can see the price history for any eBay item

        • +6

          Did so last time. They jacked the price of 3600 to ~369 when it was ~320.

        • -26

          5 years+ on and people are still thinking "price jacking" for a coupon code is illegal? Lol.

          Don't you think these promotions would have ended long ago if something wasn't above board?

          To my knowledge; only Kogan has ever been pinged for it, and that was due to how it was advertised; not the practice itself.

          • +1

            @BradH13: I'm pretty sure they opt in to this 20% off "sale" - as in its not just ebay doing the sale. So if they do increase prices beyond what they have sold at in a reasonable period immediately before the sale then that would most likely be in contravention of the ACL.

            • +2

              @exc3113nce: But it's not really a "sale", as you have to manually trigger the discount with a voucher. Nothing stopping someone buying it at full price, hence it's not really "on sale".

              I'm certain that's how they get around it. It's a loophole.

              • @BradH13: There is no loophole. People just aren’t reporting it to the ACCC, and the ACCC rarely opens an investigation without a report from someone financially affected.

            • @exc3113nce: Do eBay provide/lose the 20% and other percentage deals? Or the store

              • @capslock janitor: Depends on the deal and the retailer… but usually around 50/50 split.

          • -1

            @BradH13: It is as far as I know. The govt just won't care unless you're charging more after the jack, not worth their time otherwise.

          • @BradH13: It is illegal, but for the ACCC to take action, you need to be financially impacted, present evidence, and open a case. Then the ACCC needs to consider it worth their investigative time.

            Kogan has been prosecuted for eBay price jacking because it is a big enough company. Smaller stores just fly under the radar.

            • @DisabledUser77742: Well if it's good enough for the tax department to make eBay charge GST on behalf of all the little guys, should be good enough for the ACCC to take action directly against eBay for the price jacking I'm thinking…

        • To whom?

    • -1

      They normally jack a few days in advance, none as far as I see so far.

      Unless they're going for a midnight jack, we might be in for some real deals!

    • +2

      Yeah like a beanstalk

    • +2

      hangry jack

  • ebay bad ebay computer alliance good

  • +1

    Hopefully there's a good deal on a cheap 1tb ssd

  • +2

    They use to not jack but now they jack

    • They are starting to get jacked up with money too.

    • +1

      I think they only jacked last time because ebay didn't notify them of the deal beforehand. I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt for this one since they're my local store as well!

  • +1

    Do these guys jack?

    • +28

      If they are guys - almost certainly.

    • -3

      They jack off!

  • +3

    Hmmm… When does 3950X release?

    Actually, scratch that, they massively inflated the price of the 3900X in their last eBay sale.

    • +7

      The day after this sale ends.

      • That'd be right.

    • Gamedude had the 3900x for $630 on the weekend but that deal got like 3 upvotes lol.

  • +1

    $15 postage for an SSD, ouch.

    • A use for eBay Plus

    • Must be the maximum they can cash in on with the eBayPlus agreement. Seems to be the norm for Plus sellers

    • That's why you buy twelve, and pass the savings onto you!

      Or use plus :)

  • Been waiting for this one

  • damn, maybe it's finally time to upgrade my rig. still rocking a i5 4670 based rig.

    • Maybe you're better off with a Techfast computer.

    • Kicks my celeron n2940 with 2 gig ram

    • i5-4690, here….

    • i7-960 here. That's the gaming rig too so the others are not so flash.

    • I only upgraded to an i5 4590 this week…

  • Still don't know if I should wait for B550 and the updates next year……probably not. Can't find a decent case in stock there.

  • OH YES!!! Long awaited deal x2!

  • +1

    Lots of thing to buy.

    • Too many things to buy.

      • A plethora of merchandise to purchase.

        • A swag of stock to procure.

  • +2

    why is the 3400g so expensive? needs a 20% off $225

    • that's my concern too! im thinking to get 2400G instead…

  • What laptop is worth getting at a budget of around $2k?

  • +5

    Definitely will be reporting these guys once I find something jacked up

    • +1

      I'm not trying to be rude but I'm genuinely curious, is there anything you even can do about this? I'm just wondering because nowadays it seems like every single seller on eBay price jacks for sales.

  • +2

    Doesn't Computer Alliance sell the 3600?

    • +1

      No stock on their own website, probably waiting for a new shipment.

  • +1

    JACKie boi is it you? 😂 We'll see tomorrow lol

  • +1

    what to buy?

  • +3

    So disappointed with prices. Just a bunch of random minor discounts now and plenty are more expensive than other retailers regular price.

  • +2

    What's the best way to see old prices for an eBay item and review/ compare with current price a bit like peicehipstwr for eBay?

  • +1

    Their Gigabyte RX 5700 XT Gaming OC is currently listed at $769, so if it stays that way when the 20% discount goes live, $615 posted would be pretty tempting.

    • Update tamarro

    • That was my thought looking at the prices. No sight of jack yet, and if they're aware if the deals they very generally jack a few days in advance, definitely not right before the deal goes live.

      Listening to feedback? Poor sales compared to non jacked? Or maybe just a last minute jack? Hopefully one of the formers.

    • Got one! Quite an impulse buy….

  • are all items $15 postage? It seems that some have free postage like this one

    Wondering if it may change tmr?

    • +2

      $15 per order rather than per item is the standard shipping policy. Additionally, Pretty much everything priced over $15 is free shipping from eBayPlus members

  • +1

    Tagged for price tracking!

  • +10

    Seems like a joke. 3900x is listed at $949, 20% off just brings it back in line with other shops. Will have to look around for some better deals.

  • +1

    Store rep - please give us some 1TB and 500GB SSD deals!

  • Hi Rep, do you guys have any mouse deals? Cheers

  • +1

    If the price stay same tomorrow, will it be possible to build a PC cheaper than Techfast ?
    Ex: Asus Tuf wiFi (379) + 32GB G.Skill 3200 (239) + Cooler Master Gold Power supply 750W (179) + 1TB Crucial M2 (189) + ASUS Radeon RX5700XT 8GB (659) + Case (179) + Ryzen 9 (760) i wont add the processor to the 20% Discount. Can some one give me a feedback. ? Am i missing something except windows ?
    Total price is (1824-20%) + 757
    2216 (1460+757).

    Techfast build is 2615 (2915 - 3900X-HIGH)

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