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Galax GeForce RTX 2080 Super EX (1-Click OC), $985 + Free Shipping @ Centre Com


Just thought I'd like to share this seeing that I'm in a good mood right now.

If you missed the one at PLE that was going for $999 and pickup free, the Colourful one $989 + shipping (whatever that was if it wasn't free) or the Gigabyte Windforce one for $999 (plus whatever shipping cost it was or free pickup), well I found one that's going on sale for Black Friday at $985 and free shipping to boot, since the item cost over $79 over at Centre Com!

Although the free shipping does have conditions:

Conditions apply:
May not be available to some rural/outer areas.
May exclude some high-volume products.
Excludes Star Track & Express options.
Online orders only.

I'll take it that's probably Eastern time since they're over there. So will be earlier for us WA folks. 8 or 7pm I think here:

This Deal ends on 11PM on Friday 22/11

Model for anyone interested: RTX2080S-EX-1-CLICK-OC-8GB and this is the manufacturer's product page. Unfortunately the Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® bonus game has expired so you won't get your free copy with this purchase. But for those who bought it when PLE was having it, you might still be able to redeem your code since they haven't yet taken the webpage for it down yet.

Also these don't come with any driver discs, so you'll need to download them beforehand from the Geforce website - just want to point that out for people who want this for an offline build or in places where internet is not reachable. You'll also want this to take advantage of the 1-Click OC feature this card is advertised for…

There are of course other stuff on sale here but I'm not verse on their prices so not sure if they're any good or not, but I know for a fact this has been the lowest for any 2080 Super thus far….that's been recorded at least on this site anyways. Of course correct me if there has been lower than this figure and I'll amend this sentence…

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    are these the same as techfast ones?

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    +1 for the excellent HTML description. What happens when you are in a bad mood?

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      Thanks. I thought the post would look better with links embedded in text rather than separately as a link like some of the other deals.

      What happens when you are in a bad mood?

      Assuming that's not a rhetorical question, I would naturally not share said deal….or and vent on the forums or other people's deals. Or maybe just hide myself into a little box where there's a peep hole I can see through but no one will notice me from (or at least that's the intention anyways) unless they actively go looking for me…

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