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Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2070 (Windforce 2X) 8GB $559.20 Free Shipping @ FTC Computers eBay


More than 10 available. Take 20% ($139.80) off with code PITCH20. Free shipping.

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    Great price!


    WOW that's an awesome price.

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    How come this version only comes with 2 fans, I assume this is a mini version? Online reviews of this model shows 3 fans.

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      Different models. This is the cheaper entry level model. It's likely just a stock Nvidia PCB with a cheap Gigabyte cooler. Whereas the higher end models will be custom PCB's with better/larger coolers. It will still perform fine. It's just you won't get much overclocking out of it and it's going to run hotter and louder than the premium models.

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    Just a note. Just as i pressed the pay confirm and pay button i realised that this is for the non-super model.

    So had to put a cancellation request in immediately so see how we go with that.

    I got all turned confused as the 1660 posted above it on OZB was a super card….
    Rookie mistake.


    Thanks for finding this, just ordered mine! Looks like they bumped the price up to $583.20, but it's still a great deal.