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SanDisk Ultra 64GB Micro SDXC Memory Card $13 @ Officeworks


64G on special, CLICK AND COLLECT available in selected store.

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  • Cheers!

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    Are these any good for dash cam?

    • It says Class 10. Check whats the requirement on your dashcam. Mine says class 10.

      • As video files are overwritten again and again, it's not only about speed (which is class all about) but also durability. Apparently you need Endurance SD cards.

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          that is correct, endurance card is recommended or at least MLC rated.

          This Ultra card is NOT recommended, it is cheap for a reason and it will fail early. Plus Sandisk does not warrant the use of this card in dash cam, loop recording or security camera systems.

          Spend a bit more and get an endurance card that is a minimum class 10 U1 (such as sandisk endurance or kingston, transcend)
          If your dash cam supports higher res (4K or faster cards), get U3 (such as Sandisk High endurance or samsung pro endurance)

          • @WhatWhoWhyUsername: Have you got a link to one that you mentioned?

          • @WhatWhoWhyUsername: "This Ultra card is NOT recommended, it is cheap for a reason and it will fail early. Plus Sandisk does not warrant the use of this card in dash cam"

            I've had two of those die in my dashcam. SanDisk replaced them both! Takes forever to get a replacement.

            I now have use Samsung card, much better quality!

    • They're fine. I've had two cheap noname brand 32gb microsd cards running in my VIOFO dashcams for two years and had no issues. I only drive for about 1 hour each day so YMMV.

  • Thanks OP…ordered

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    U1? Surely check out some eBay deals on the Samsung Evo plus u3 cards for around $11. The u1 cards aren't compatible with 4k video really.

    • For $11? Nice, could you send me a link?

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      There is a reason that Sandisk cost more than Samsung at the same speed level. They just don't fail as often in my experience. Even if everything is backed up, the waste of time isn't worth compromising for me.

    • Ultra is not worth anymore. Extreme for $10 more gives you write speed up to 90MB/s and 4K capabilities.
      This one will drain your battery since the device tries to write up to 10MB/s and gets hot asf.
      SanDisk is the best tho. I wouldn't buy Samsung, etc.

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    There was a time not so many years ago when I paid $50 for a 1GB pen drive! When would we see a TB on SD cards?

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      I think I paid $60-70 for a 256mb USB 12 years ago. Times are a changing ay

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        changing and changing exponentially fast.

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          i remembered back in 2003 sony has released a 1gb memory stick was $1000.

      • Oh wow! Can't get my head around it though.

    • 1TB exist now, bloody expensive though.

    • You can see a TB here

    • Brought a 128MB CF card for $128 back in the days, How things have changed.

    • My first one was 32mb. That was huge, most at the time were 16mb.

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    I still remember paying $33 for a Dell 16MB USB flash drive in 2003 (while 1.44MB floppies were still mainstream).

  • Any good for a switch if not planning to download too many games (I say that now) hahaha

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      Nope, buy the Extreme series for $10 more coz this one has write speed up to 10MB/s only.
      Your console will gets hotter and drain the battery faster. Without talking about the bad experience while playing.

      • What about just extra storage on a laptop? Stuff I don't access regularly

        • $10 more and you have something faster. It's all up to you :)

      • Wha? 10MB is the minimum sustained speed for a Class 10 card. It doesn't mean it is limited to that speed.

        I just did a test of one of these cards in a Lexar USB 3.0 reader and CrystalDiskMark 7.0.0 and got sequential read speeds of 95MB/s and sequential write speeds of 38MB/s.

  • Sydney Pitt St has a few hanging in the aisle for $13.

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      are they meant to sold out ?

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    Amazon also has it for this price now Incase u wanted some CASHREWARDS and cbf drivingdown to ow

  • Are these good for phone storage.. i.e. samsung

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      depend what you're storing … if you know what i mean.

      • Mandatory upvote to show I didn't down vote..!

    • Nope, buy the Extreme series for $10 more coz this one has write speed up to 10MB/s only.
      I have a S8+ and since I moved to a Extreme 64GB, man, no more heat problems, mobile lagging, etc.
      Extreme has write speed up to 90MB/s and 4K support.

  • Thanks OP.

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    It is not worth!!

    Ultra does not work well with dash cam and mobile. The dash cam battery drains much faster since it forces to write in the card, also, it gets hotter asf. Recording 1080p 60FPS on this one will give you headaches.
    If you are planning to buy this one, forget about it.

    You have to buy the Extreme version which the writing speed is up to 90MB/s against 10MB/s from this Ultra. That is why the battery of the device gets drained faster.
    I have tried so many micro sd and Sandisk Extreme version V30 and above are the most recommended one.
    Many devices will recommend the Extreme rather than Ultra or other brand.

    • What's most capacity I can get for value?

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        Well, I really don't know how to answer that coz it is more personal.

        I would rather prefer to spend a little bit more for something that I can trust than save money with something useless.
        I am personally thinking about the which is the same model as mentioned above but 128GB and writing up to 160MB/s for $49

        I am currently using Extreme 64GB in my Samsung S8+ and my GoPro and I just love this micro sd.
        My GoPro Hero 5 Black used as a dash cam at the top of my helmet, with this Extreme 64GB allows me to ride 2 days, something around 2h at the total before charging it. With the Ultra? Forget about it!

        • I upvoted for your suggestion of using the 128GB SDXC, and can attest that is a good product (bought it 6months ago) and has not failed me so far. I use it for a fussy Thinkware F770 which is only recommended to be used with Thinkware’s own branded microSD (must get direct from TW and price is garbage high) and it came with 64GB when i first bought the dashcam and wanted to upgrade. After extensive research I went with the 128GB Sandisk Extreme and couldn’t be more satisfied with result. The Extreme these days are affordable enough to get rather than Ultra FWIW IMO.

  • Is this good for a mavic mini?

  • Thanks - got one - last one in stock at Officeworks Pitt St Sydney.

  • Picked up one from OW in Pitt St. Placed the order and received the ready for pickup notification within 10 minutes. Not bad… Thanks OP!

  • Guys. I think officeworks offers the new version Sandisk Ultra card that ”the SanDisk Ultra® microSDXC™ UHS-I card is perfect for recording and watching Full HD video, with room for even more hours of video. Transfer speeds of up to 100MB/s** (64GB-512GB only) ensure that you can move all your content blazingly fast—up to 1000 photos in just one minute. Ideal for Android™-based smartphones and tablets, this card’s A1 rating means that you can load apps faster too”…so it is good for Full HD dash cam:)

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    IS this good enough for nintendo switch?

  • Cheers OP
    Bought 3 at West Ryde Officeworks

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