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Motorola Moto X4 (Black or Sterling Blue) 64GB/4GB $179 (C&C / $4.99 Delivery) @ JB Hi-Fi


Just noticed this is on clearance and stock appears available at quite a few stores and delivery is available right now. A couple years old now. Previous deal $399 back in June 2018

Snapdragon 630
64GB Storage
5.2" 1920 x 1080 Screen

Sterling Blue Link

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  • Better than the moto 6s for $129 at Aldi? Bye Aldi box hill still has 5-6 units as of today

    • X4 has better processor/performance than the Moto G6 (SD 630 vs SD 450) but it's a little older and has a smaller screen (5.2" vs 5.7"). Same size battery.

      Have a read of this although keep in mind they are comparing the Moto X4 as if it was ~$150 more expensive.

  • 3000mah battery is average, otherwise cracking deal

  • FYI, for those wanting a phone that gets regular updates. Based on [Motorola] (https://support.motorola.com/anz/en/softwareupgrade)

    moto x4

    Androidâ„¢ 9.0 (Pie) upgrade rollout began December 17, 2018.

    Security updates

    This product is scheduled to continue to receive security updates.

    Android security patches are included in all new Moto software updates, including Operating System upgrades, Maintenance Releases, and Security Maintenance Releases.

    Although it doesn't say when it will stop getting updates.

    • Thanks for doing that digging

    • Got the x4 and received an update in the last month. Highly recommended phone and regarding the comments on battery life,it is the longest lasting I have ever had on any Android phone - highly recommend.

  • Which is better value the Samsung A20 ($159) or the X4? Looking for senior citizen user.

    • Galaxy A20 is much newer, has a bigger screen, bigger battery and is probably more modern and nice looking.

      However performance wise the X4 has more storage (64gb vs 32gb), more RAM (4gb vs 3gb) and a better processor (2.2ghz vs 1.6ghz octa). The A20 is quite basic performance wise, as you'd expect from a Samsung phone ~1/8th of the price of their flagship.

      For a basic user A20 would be fine, it might last longer being newer and having a bigger battery, despite the lack of performance which can counteract longevity.

      • I dont think the X4 has 4GB of RAM. The JB Hifi link only says 3GB. I'd be happy to be proved wrong and will definitely order.
        Edit: Actually the Blue colour shows 3GB RAM but Black shows 4GB RAM. Is that even possible?

  • Anyone able to confirm if this is the Single SIM or Dual SIM version?

    • Dual SIM confirmed. But hybrid, so choose SD card or 2nd SIM. Still, 64GB is enough for anyone, with apologies to Bill Gates.

      4GB RAM confirmed.

  • Thanks for posting, ordered one today.

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