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Logitech MX Master 3 $125.80, MX Keys $167.64 Delivered @ Be-Start eBay


Pretty good price for these recent releases from Logitech. Just bought the Logitech Craft keyboard today otherwise I would have bought both of these to upgrade my work setup. Have owned all the previous MX Master mice and they are fantastic, the new version is supposed to a good upgrade from the 2s.

In saying that I'm still very tempted to grab them both…

MX Master 3 Mouse
MX Keys Keyboard

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    Real beast of a mouse. Recommended for anyone using a Mac, for the shortcuts and gestures.
    Horizontal scroll wheel is great for some people too.

  • These Masters are coming thick and fast.

  • Just got my MX master 3 from the previous deal. I have a serious case of buyer's remorse. The only reason I bought it was for the metal scroll wheel, but it just doesn't work right. Unless you scroll slowly, it misses steps all the time, especially on the scroll-up. If you scroll down half a page, you will need to scroll back up twice as much to get back to where you started.

    The MagSpeed thing is technologically cool, but ultimately pointless. The wheel is metal, so if you flick it harder, even on bumpy mode, it has enough momentum to keep spinning for a while. If bumpy mode offered more resistance (I wish it did), then the switching between free-wheeling and bumpy would make more sense. The scroll wheel is also too far forward, making it a bit difficult to reach.

    Ergonomically, the whole mouse is a miss for me. It's uncomfortable to hold for extended periods, and the thumb button is too far back to press comfortably (not that I have a use for it). The side scroll wheel has problems too. It's smooth, but unless randomly scrolling about a hundred columns in Excel is your game, it's far too sensitive to be useful.

    I would not buy it again, and I'm considering if the hassle of returning it is worth it.

    • Thanks for the review, I was just about to buy until I read your comment! Did you ever use an MX master 2 for comparison? If so would you recommend the 2 over the 3 instead?

      • I'd assume this person is new to the MXm mouse given the lengthy review and no mention of previous MX comparison.

        I've an MXm2 myself and can't wait to upgrade to MX3 when the price is right. These are the best, including the ergonomics for me. My wife however dislikes it claiming its too big.

      • I use an MX Master 2 atm. The only difference is the 2 is more angular, the forward/back buttons are better (imo) and the wheel isn't the new metal one (but functionally they're the same).

      • As Vietsoldier below surmised, I've not had the master 2, so I don't know how it compares. If you can, I'd recommend trying it before you buy it. Interestingly, I read/watched a few reviews before I bought the mx 3, and nobody mentioned issues with the scroll wheel(s). It took me 10 seconds of using it before I noticed it was screwy. It was only after I went searching that I found some reviews saying the same things as I am.

    • I'll buy it off you if you're interested :) send a PM

      • Thanks for the offer, but I think I'll just give it to my parents; they don't use the scroll wheel anyway.

    • Have you looked into any of the Logitech gaming series mouses? There's a few with metal scroll wheels in those product ranges.

  • I loved my MX Master 1
    Can't wait to upgrade.

  • Wtf is the 2nd item

  • Just received this in the mail. austpost took their time with this one.

    keys are amazing, and i have tried many mechanical. i like these as these are as similar to lenovo laptop keyboards (not as good choose to slight mushyness and more actuation force required) but are better than the apple keyboards

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