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Samsung 28" LU28E590DS, TN 3840x2160 Monitor $279.20 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Down to an awesome price! Sadly the wife won't allow me to purchase :(

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  • Anyone have this monitor? Does it really compare to dell ultrasharp as Amazon comments suggest

    • First and foremost it's a TN panel so nope.

      • I haven't seen this monitor myself, but TN panels have come a long way in the last few years in some cases

      • And? If your going to post a comment please at least explain why, thanks

      • I tried using my old TN panel as a vertical monitor. OMFG it just doesn't work. You gotta be right in front of it and it is definitely better in landscape mode.

      • There are good TN monitors. They still have issues but if you know how to work with them they're not terrible.

        I find this review site quite reliable.

        So you can tune to make the colours accurate, but blacks and contrast are bad, the viewing angles are bad so you better sit dead center, and the ergonoics suck so don't worry about turning it on it's side, because you can't do anything other than tilt it.

    • The review does not mention ultrasharp. It mentions ultra HD.

    • Maybe my expectations are low, but I think this monitor is excellent value for money. I bought one a couple weeks ago and tend to use it more than my second monitor (an LG 32GK850G that cost 2.5x as much). The only thing I use the LG for now is first person shooters. I use the Samsung for other games, photo editing, web browsing etc.

      The issues I've had with the monitor are things that can be addressed pretty easily: (1) the factory colour settings are very average (fix: adjust them) and (2) the stand is flimsy (fix: avoid bashing the monitor whilst playing VR games or use a VESA mount).

    • I have one. Bought it a few months ago. It really isn't great - the viewing angles are bad… and that's viewing it straight on.

    • I have this. I actually didn't know it was TN panel when I bought it online…should have done my research. Anyway…colour looks weird at an angle, but if you use it as your main monitor right in front of you…there's no issue

  • I aam thinking of buy it too

  • Damn that's cheap, what's it normally?

  • Your wife is correct. This is a dud monitor.

  • AOC 27" IPS is sometimes about the same price. looks much better IMO.

  • I have this as my main monitor at work. Resolution makes it fantastic for spreadsheets. Perfect size imo too. I can only compare to an old 22", but I'm happy with the colour reproduction also.
    The only thing is the stand can be a bit bouncy. Doesn't bother me

  • Does jb price match amazon? If so they have same monitor for $499 with $50 gift card.
    If they price match and also get $50 gift card, $230 out of pocket if you count $50 gift card (probably sell in ozbargain for $40) pretty good deal and also bricks n mortar store for returns.


    • The JB close to my house does price match with any online store…but they take freight into account.

  • Have 2 of these, used for gaming and work.
    Perfect for my work, dealing with lots of data and dashboard.
    Decent for gaming with 1070Ti, running 4k on mid settings
    Connectors available: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
    VESA mounting holes are on the upper part, so the monitor sort of hang down from the arm.

  • I have this. Use it for my PS4 Pro and XB1 X and it looks good. Only problem is that only one of the HDMI ports supports 4k and the other is 1080p. It's a small issue for me but just swap the cables, easy done.

    Just adjust the colour settings and you got yourself a pretty good budget 4k monitor.

  • Listen to your wife. She’s right.

  • Why is your wife making decisions for you?
    Aren't you an adult?

  • Sadly the wife won't allow me to purchase :(

    I remember my first marriage.

  • I'd go the P2719H from Dell Outlet instead - it may only be 1080p, but it's IPS and currently on sale for $206. I've got one and it's awesome. Not a high speed gaming monitor, but great for most anything else.

    The filters on the Dell website are useless, so you'll just have to scroll pages until you get to $206:

    • Thanks for that. Could you please tell me how the horizontal viewing angles are? I need it for an arcade, so off center viewing is critical.

      • Sitting in front of it now. I don't notice any difference +/- 45 degrees. After that the dark colours become a bit harder to differentiate, but still visible.

    • hey, how come there are so many monitors of the same models listed? Is this like a factory outlet for monitor? meaning it's refurb?

      Edit: sorry for the potentially silly question, but never dived myself into refurb. What's your experience on their durability?

      • The 'As New' ones always seem to be unused new units - potentially returns or old stock? Some have mentioned damaged packaging but mine was perfect. They come with a 1 year warranty instead of 2. The other disadvantage is you have to click to chat to buy one (No simple online checkout), but well worth the extra 10 minutes in my opinion! Shipping is fast (mine was 2 days to melbourne).

        • Thought I'd jump on one of these but the chat is only available Mon - Fri 10AM - 7PM, ah well, if it's still there on Monday at that price I'll get it then.

  • I got It from jb Hi-Fi with price beat and $50 gift as well

  • look what this world is coming too, 'the wife' does not let him buy it.. smh

  • Thanks!

    I also price matched at JB Hifi along with the $50 voucher!

  • Have 2 of these with a dell d600 and work great for work. Great value too

  • I just price match at jbhifi artarmon but i dont get $50 gift card as the manager said it is double dipping.

  • 28" TN panel LOL

  • How does it compare to the U28E590D?

  • Tried to PM at JB HIFI but store manager wont give the $50 GC as well. Those that got it with the GC was very lucky

  • Myaree JB Hi Fi in WA says they can do $349 with the $50 gift card. What a joke, stay away from them!

  • how did people get the JB $50 vouchers? did you guys specifically ask for it or just ask to pricematch and they just offered it to you?

    • you have to be a real douche bag.
      1. Ask for it - then they decline it
      2. Ask why? - then the store say some BS reason
      3. Ask for manager
      4. Ask for it - Manager probably will decline it as well
      5. Ask Why - Manager will give some BS about you not entitle because of price match, bla bla bla, double dipping, etc
      6. Show to the manager the term and condition of that $50 gift card that is showing on their website
      "Bonus $50 JB Gift Card!
      Purchase this selected Samsung Monitor and get a bonus $50 JB Gift Card! Online purchasers will receive a gift card via email 2 weeks from order completion.
      In-store purchasers will receive a coupon at time of purchase. Offer valid until 24 November 2019."
      Tell them that in that website it didnt mention anything that the promotion is not valid in conjuction of price match, other promotions etc so by law and
      customer protection law in Australia the store must honour the agreement. Also tell the store that you will report and log a formal complain to the ACCC bla
      bla bla.
      7. I dont want anyone of you to become a douche bag hence why i post at 21:30PM 24 Nov when the $50 GC promo is already expired. Haha.
      8. $279.20 is already a really good price for this 4k monitors guys, trust me.