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Reolink Argus Gen 2 Wire-Free Rechargeable Outdoor IP Camera 63 USD / $93 AU Delivered @ Reolink


Reolink - 30% sale on selected security cameras. https://m.reolink.com/flash-sale/

Plus 10% coupon site wide. NEW10OFF

Reolink Argus 2 + Solar Panel- $120.39 AUD after 10% additional discount.

I just gone mine from a different offer. Installed it and works good so far.

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    How does reolink compare to arlo etc?
    Local storage an option?

    Was tempted by their wired cams but not sure how they stack up against duhua and hkvision entry range but a wireless options clearly an easier install choice, though have a qnap Nas for real-time storage options

    Any cam experts got some knowledge they want to share?

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      New (Nov 2019) review of popular battery cam models.


      Summary of results starts at 11:40 mark.
      Blink and Eufy scored better but Reolink was OK.
      Ring wasnt good.
      Netgear Arlo was "laughably bad".

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      Reolink can't really compare with Arlo, but their price is A LOT cheaper. For instance Argus 2 when compared with Arlo 1080p outdoor, the Arlo wins hands on in terms of Dynamic Range (you will get highlight clipping or light blown out on Argus 2) and Motion Detection. On the other hand, Argus 2 is like what 1/2-1/3 of the price, and has option for SD Card as cheap local storage (they do have cloud storage subscriptions now).

      Since I got Reolink PoE x 2 (RLC420) plus this Argus 2 I will chip in. The Argus 2 is much easier to install (battery + Wireless) but lack 5.0Ghz band. 2.4Ghz connectivity is OK, maybe a bit subpar as I keep running into weak signal when streaming for 5mins+ every now and then, when on FHD stream. Although you have to keep in mind this wasn't what the camera was made for, it's a Motion Detection camera and not a monitor camera (it will try to conserve battery). The mic is subpar and won't be good outdoor. It works with Google Home although streaming on Smart Display will take 5 seconds to start and there's 2-3 seconds lag, but the Arlo also suffers the same via Google Home. It got Solar Panel so it can (in theory) runs continuously without recharging. Their App is basic, but at least it's better than dozens other Chinese IP camera brands that are not commercial like Hikvision or Dahua.


        Thanks for sharing, am seriously considering these. I need 3 wireless cameras to cover 3 entrances (all under cover). For the front something like this id be worried would get pinched though since my mounting position is not high. Their fixed mount wireless camera's seem to not be reviewed too well.


        How are the Poe reolinks? What do you connect those to for recording?

        Not moving any time soon so Poe option to NVR or qnap surveillance station (or cheap PC and blue iris) may be a better overall option.

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          The PoE are good enough, stable connection thanks to ethernet cable and record better video than these 1080p wireless. Mine are 5MP and 1440p (just checked) or 2560 X 1920 without distortion correction, so it's sharp. Again, dynamic range isn't as good as Eufy or Arlo Pro, so outdoor bright sunlight you may get highlight clipping.

          I just use SD card but you are better off using NVR. They are full ONVIF support and using Blue Iris is better option than Reolink App. They however don't have PIR so rely on pixel movement for motion detection and easy to get false alarms with things like shadow or tree branch.

          Overall, I rate these higher than the like of Xiaomi, but lower than branded like Arlo Pro, Eufy, Hikvision or Dahua.

          Technically you can build a mini-PC to act as NVR using their apps as well. Might be cheaper as it also acts as your HTPC at the same time.

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    Dont know about Arlo. But this one has decent 1080P quality and lot cheaper.

    Free cloud storage upto 7 days and 64gb sd card storage.


    Looking at getting the Argus Eco but what’s the best way of charging if I screw mount them up high and don’t get the solar panel? Is there a way to easily remove it or do you need a way to get a powerbank up there for a while?


      That would be a pain, why not get the Argus?


        Yeah it would definitely be worth the extra $20, just wasn’t sure if there was a way to do something similar with the Eco but it doesn’t look like it. Argus it is then.


    If anyone is wondering, when I last checked these out they were not ONVIF compatible, so not compatible with Blue Iris ect…
    Seems to stil be the case ;
    Quote from the web site;
    "Reolink IP cameras (except Argus Series, Reolink Go, Keen, E1, B400, D400, B800) are well compatible with third-party software."

    Edit: Found on some forums, some people have added them into Blue Iris, but the cams are not designed to send video 24x7 so go flat really quickly.
    I suppose this makes sense.


    I have 4 from the last deal. Seems very good so far. 2 of mine run on solar panel and seem to keep the charge up.
    The free Cloud storage is only for 1 camera per account.


      I have the Eco and would seem no matter what realistic sensitivity I set %95 of motion events are literally nothing, do you ahve the same issue?


    so this doesn't need a base station?


    These seem very similar to Uniden Solo+.

    I note, however when it comes to cloud storage these only give you 1 camera free whilst Uniden gives you 5 camera.

    These guys charge 35usd a yr for 5 cameras.

    But still these cameras are cheaper than Uniden solo+, just need to factor in cloud recording



    It doesn't need a base station. I have the solar panel so no need to worry about charging the battery.


    Anyone got feedback on the C1 Pro or E1 Pro? Thinking of grabbing one for the kitchen and one for the covered patio area. Can anyone confirm they use the same mobile APP as the Argus 2?


      Yes same app. I got a couple of Argus 2s, C1 Pros and RLC410s all available for configuration and view in mobile app. The C1 Pros are kind of cute. When they power on they make this nice smooth whirring sound, remind me of R2D2. You can connect it to a power bank so it's pretty much like an indoor Argus, better video quality but not weatherproof.


        Clever! I actually have power point so all good on that front. Was thinking maybe the E1 Pro might be better since it seems to come with 7 days cloud storage unlike the C1 Pro if im not mistaken? And 2 or 3 x Argus 2's for outside along gutters/similar. Any advice you can share mate?

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          Yeah E1 has lower max frame rate but it has cloud and google assistant, I think I'd choose E1.

          Right now I have one Argus on either side of the house. They can be placed anywhere, as long as you get good wifi reception. Below -60 dBm (Wifi Analyzer app) my app would prompt for lower quality mode. Better than -50 I get good consistent 1080 mode.


            @nfr: Thanks mate i was doing just that this morning. Suspect wifi at back door might not cut it but we'll see.


    Hi all. Am looking to get a full security system. What do you recommend? Wireless would be preferred. I have used Arlo and various others but after a full system where I can have like 6+ cameras all setup without too much trouble. Was looking at 4k Reolink but then it says I need cables etc.
    Thanks in advance

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    A couple of Argus 2 or a fixed 2tb system for under $400 from the same deal?



    any chance these will be even cheaper on black friday?

    edit - actually just realised this WAS black friday pricing. a bit the bullet and bought them.
    read a number of reviewss and watch some youtube reviews also. bang for your buck, this is a good option

    for those who were considering but had read/watched the old reviews, reolink now support cloud storage to match arlo, with 1 week free cloud storage on the basic plan. however it only supports 1 camera and max 1GB. (upgrade plan to support more cameras and more storage)

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    For anyone wondering if you can use (most of) the wired Reolink cameras (like the RLC-420-5MP) on a 3rd party NVR like Hikvision or Dahua, the answer is yes.

    The Reolink RLC-420-5MP is working on my Hivksion NVR via the ONVIF protocol.

    You can also use Reolink cameras on a Hikvision NVR via the "custom protocol" and record the RTSP streams (main and sub streams) on port 554.
    I currently have the same Reolink camera configured as 2 different cams at the same time, one as ONVIF and one as RTSP, to see if there is any quality difference.

    To set up as an RTSP camera on a Hikvision NVR:
    - in NVR go to Configuration -> System -> Camera Management
    - click Custom Protocol button
    - rename Custom 1 to something like "Reolink RTSP"
    - for the Main stream path paste in "//h264Preview_01_main"
    - for the Sub stream path paste in "//h264Preview_01_sub"
    - click OK to save this custom protocol

    • on the same Camera Management screen, click Add (to add a new camera)
    • type in the IP address of the Reolink camera
    • from the dropdown menu choose Reolink RTSP (or whatever you renamed Custom 1)
    • enter the Reolink username and password
    • click OK to save the camera

    This deal is still active, basically the same. The new10off does not work but the base price is lower. Argus 2 for about $95 or with solar for $115 (i just bought the latter).

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