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PS4 Dual Shock Wireless Controller $49 (Was $79-$99) @ JB Hi-Fi


Playstation Dualshock 4 wireless controller $49 during JB Hifi 4 day Black Friday sale. Currently $79-$99.

JB Hi-Fi PS4 controller products

Playstation Dualshock 4 wireless controller products page

Thanks to SpamMeNotInOz for scanning the JB catalogue.

Mod - Extra Info/Alternative Deals: $44 Amazon AU, $49 Big W, $25 with Trade in EB Games

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2019

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  • +1

    Can you charge them with normal USB charger? Want new controller for my shield.

    • +3

      Yes. For fastest charge, make sure the USB charger can deliver the required 800mA or 0.8A current at 5 volts. It takes approximately 2 hours to fully charge a completely flat PS4 Dual shock controller battery.

      • +2

        So this is different to the PS3 where controllers wouldn't charge from dumb chargers.

        • +1

          Check out this good article on PS4 Controller charging. Just don't use a quick/fast charger.

        • Yes that was what I was wondering.

        • Some chargers still don't work, but I use my Samsung Galaxy S10+ charger and it works fine.

  • Nice, cheers OP. That black steel version will be mine.

    • -1

      Not the titanium blue?

      • Both the steel black and titanium blue taken down from JB's site now :(

  • -2

    Trickle trickle trickle

  • Keep an eye on Amazon as well, they usually do it cheaper at least on the regular colours.

  • +2

    Wish they'd do some wireless XB1 controller deals, prefer them for PC games and just got myself a Steam Link

    • where did you get the steam link?

      • Got it off some bloke on FB Marketplace, paid way more than the $10 they were selling them for towards the end…feel kinda dumb about it but it works well!

  • $429 Xbox One X….. I wonder if EB Games will do something similar again and offer the tradein deals on Xbox One S like a few weeks back.

    • I have to admit, given where we are in the lifecycle of the product, I don't know if I'd bother trading in an S for an X.

      I sold my OG Xbox One and bought the Xbox One X around early 2018 because I got a 4K TV but I've found that I haven't really used it as much as I thought I would. Sure it makes some games better, but at this point you may as well just wait for the next Xbox or put the money towards a gaming PC which will last more generations.

      • Yeah I hear you, it's just that I have a spare Xbox One S that I bought secondhand S fairly cheap purely to grab a few included games and a second Controller that came with it.

        I don't even have a 4K TV yet… although the X also improves 1080p games.

        Next Gen is still a year away, I'm hoping that they announce VR support for it or else I don't think I'll be interested in upgrading.

        • Fair enough, if you have an S that's doing nothing, then it's not like it's going to go up in value anytime soon.

    • Trade deals there is the worse thing I have ever seen. Private is still the best call.

      I am selling my Xbox One S 1TB with 2 original controllers, 2 rechargeable batteries — 1100 or 1400mAh I guess —-, and 2y warranty since I bought it with extended warranty, boxes, cables, everything like brand new and they offered me $120 on everything —'

      A new one during Black Friday is basically the price I am asking but there you only get 1y warranty and 1 controller with one-time batteries.

      • Yeah… but they did do a very interesting deal back a few weeks ago where they offered upgrade to Xbox one X when you traded an S and two games. The upgrade price was $249. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/491721

        Given that my S is only a 500GB model and the controller is a bit ratty it was probably not a bad way to get rid of it(but I thought about if for too long and missed the deal).

        • Yep, I went there to check it out and $249 plus what I was offering was too off. My 2y+ warranty was going to be bin.

          I am hoping to sell mine this Wed which is better than the BF deal for now, upgrade to X and see if it is what the reviews say.
          I already have a QLED 4K and it feels like I am playing a movie with One S such as Gears, CODs, Forza, etc.

  • +2

    These are great for iPhone, been using one to play Arcade games and connect to TV with HDMI out

  • +1

    $39 for Fifa 20 💯💯💯💯

    • -2

      fifa is shit. wouldnt pay me to play that garbage.

  • +1

    BLueberry here i come!

  • Do PS4 controllers come with the USB cable?

    • No. It's just a standard micro-USB connection though.

  • Aren't these controllers already $49 on Amazon?

    • No $64.95.

  • It's online now…..got berry blue colour thanks OP

  • Just got the Berry Blue. Thanks OP!

  • Picked up Sunset Orange, and they price matched Amazon's $44.

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