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Ownboard Electric Skateboard M1 $449 USD ($662 AUD), Ownboard W2 $549 USD ($809 AUD) Delivered @


For those who aren't aware, Ownboard sits firmly in the middle of the price/performance/distance triangle.
They are very maintainable and modifiable. Making for what should be an ozBargain favourite.

This is an awesome deal.
I'm the happy owner of 2 Ownboard W2's so feel free to ask me anything about that model. One was a kit the other a complete. These prices are more than worth it.
The M1 is more affordable still for a neater form factor and only slightly lower range.

Here's 4 personal reasons why they rock:

  • Everyday I skate down the coast 10km to work on one of these things.
  • I just took my car to be serviced and skated home then back for collection.
  • Every time I go to a local community event, I drop my family off at the site and then drive to a safe/available carpark and skate back to them.
  • The feeling of carving up-hill is just (profanity) delicious.

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  • Do I smell a puppet?

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      nah just a fan who has doubled down on this particular vendor.

      Check my ozbargain history, i'm a dude in Noosa working for a tech company.

      Also own an evolve gen2 (which the w2 smokes) and have owned a m365 which I modded the hell out of.
      Last mile stuff is my jam.

      Also love when minor mods get more value.
      Like the delonghi dedica pump espresso machine (ozb favourite) modded with a rancilio silvia steam wand . low-end price > high-end yieldis my shit

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        Fair enough :)

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          the boot of my x-trail has an hidden floor type thing which the W2 fits in perfectly. It's mostly why this thing gets so much use as a last-mile. saves me a (profanity) when doing free parking in brisbane.

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    Belt or Hub motor?

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      belt, comes with spare belts too (I own 2 so I now have 4 spare belts)

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    One thing on shipping time,

    I ordered the w2 complete and it took 30 days to arrive to my door in regional QLD
    I ordered the w2 kit more recently and it took 12 days to arrive at the same place.

    Not sure if the kit is on special but that's my experience FWIW

    Also this deal came in just after I had convinced 2 local mates to buy a W2. So posting it here is my attempt to correct the universe ;-)

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    Also have a w2. Can vouch. Great board. Great price.

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    We need the Onewheel better represented in Australia.

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      2.5k is always gonna be too steep for something you faceplant on when you max it out and that turns into a dead weight when out of juice.

      Still, onewheels are so damned fun aren't they !!

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    Looks like the W2 can also be ordered for only $499USD if you option to the smaller battery. Great for some needing less range and preferring less weight.

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      You can also get the w2 belt motor kit for the US$449.99 with the full 9AH battery - this is what I did for my second one .
      Chucked it on a longboard I already had, now I can go on rides with mates and only need to take one charger etc

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    hate shop puppets and love genuine enthusiasts on ozbargain - thanks for the post ndftz.

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    I thought this type of skateboard is ilegal to use in AU other than in Private Property?

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    It's legal in QLD, oohyea

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    Hi OP, I've pmed you some questions on the W2, thanks

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