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$500 Gift Card with Telstra 12 Month $65 Per Month 60GB Plan (Port-Ins / New Customers) @ The Good Guys


Good Guys have brought back the $500 gift card deal now for anything in store rather than phone credit.
Offer is only available in store.

Promotion running until December 2

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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  • As an FYI - JB are running the exact same promo. So you can pick where you want your gift card.

  • Nice find, wonder if JB Hi-Fi would follow suit too

  • For those in the know - Would I be able to add a phone MRO onto this at a later date without incurring ETC?

    • Read the other fifty threads that cover this and report back please.

      Here’s one:

      • Cheers for that, but my question is a little bit different to what I think is being discussed in there (I've been reading through multiple posts to try find the exact answer) I couldn't get a straight answer from a Telco worker at Good Guys either, hence why I'm asking here.

        I understand changing the plan to month to month will incur a fee and similar changes like that, but my question is if it's possible to add a Mobile Repayment Option to the JB Hi Fi/Good Guys plan itself, or will it change to a Telstra Mobile Plan and as such incur an early termination charge for the JB/GG plan, which from what I've read in multiple threads before posing the question there hasn't really been a solid answer on it.

  • $65 a month tho

  • Do they have phone repayment plans? Would JB match the current telstra S10 discount? $30/24 months

  • I would go for this deal if it weren't for another 3 months free with circle.life.

  • FYI, good guys is owned by JB and this is in fact through JB but with their own gift card.

  • I am currently having 2 months left on the $65/month optus plan.I have checked with them if i want to port my number to telstra i have to pay $153 payout fee. I want to get this deal to get the gift card to buy the new iphone 11 pro max 256gb and i will be travel to oversea next month as well so will be getting TSR at the airport. Is it worth to cancel the optus contract and port my number to telstra for this deal?

  • Hey have anyone noticed in the Critical summary that a $300 phone credit is eligible for existing Telstra customers??

    Does that mean you get a $300 phone credit plus this $500 gift card or either one?

    "JB Hi-Fi Phone Credit (only available on $65 JB Hi-Fi Mobile Plan) For new and existing Telstra customers signing up to a $65 JB Hi-Fi Mobile Plan, you may be eligible to recieve a credit to put towards the purchase of an eligible JB Hi-Fi handset (Phone Credit Amount). The applicable Phone Credit Amount will be applied to the purchase price of your eligible handset at the point of sale within the JB Hi-Fi store. This Phone Credit Amount must be used at the time you sign up to the plan and is not transferable or redeemable for cash (including any unused part). "


    • Good find but I think they might of forgotten to update for the $500 GC.
      Worth a try though.

    • This phone credit is only on the 24 month plans. This gift card deal is on 12 month plan.

  • As an existing telstra customer, I would have to go somewhere else for 30 days to become eligible?

    • Yep, look into Kogan or any of the other cheap prepaid carriers. I hopped on a 3/month 20gb per month Kogan deal that was about $10. Stayed on that for 30 days and then ported straight back into Telstra through this deal.

  • I got this today, was going to get 2x done but the second one they rejected on the basis it wasn't ported out for 30 days (but the first one went through fine). Also confirmed I spoke to 24x7 chat and simply asked for a $10 port in credit, which they did so I'm paying $55 per month.

    • you asked for the port in credit AFTER your had ported and had the new device in hand??

      if yes, why would they want to give you credit if they have secured your business already?

  • Do you know if TGG price match with say Kogan? I tried looking at their website (FAQ), they only mentioned "We do – against a list of approved competitors. Head in store to discuss your pre-purchase price match. " Any idea what the list is?

    • they should do, if it's Australian stock (mentioned on website). they'll include shipping though

  • Can someone please clarify, if I port in my number for a 12 month contract on the $65 plan I will recieve the $500 gift card to use for an iPhone 11 pro?