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15% off Huawei (P30 $721 / Pro $976 / Lite $379, Y9 Prime $279, Nova 5T $593, P20 $457, Freebuds 3 $253) @ Mobileciti eBay


100% AU stock, GST tax invoice with ABN, TRS if eligible, Huawei AU warranty.

Original 15% off Eligible Tech Items (No Min Spend, Max Discount $500) @ eBay Coupon Deal

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2019

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    Best camera phone on the market for under $1000aud? That's a great deal.

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    929 with 60SB cashback was the best deal ever. Love the phone and already cashed $60.

    • Yeah $929 was the best price so far for P30 pro.

      • how did you get $60sb?

    • How did you get $60sn?

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    Does everything still work on the p30 pro? Like google service, youtube etc?

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      works like a charm. But not mate30 that's why i bought p30

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        I heard even with mate30 you can download google play service and other google stuff yourself, its just not preinstalled for you anymore.

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          Do NOT side load Google with that dodgy service. It requires you to install mystery software and set an unknown random Chinese website as your phone administrator, which means they can access and spy on your phone any time they want.


          If you still insist on Huawei, pick any other phone which has Google Services installed.

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            @Blitzfx: I just worry about NFC and Google pay.
            So I will go P30PRO to be safe.

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              @DisabledUser186043: If you use Google pay a lot, or any sort of banking etc. then definitely stay away.

              Also if something goes wrong, and the bank finds out you deliberately did something to compromise security, then you might not be protected from fraud.

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    I want LG V40. Can I get Black Friday Price?

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    Amazing price for P30 Pro

  • I was waiting for the P30 Pro to drop back under $1K, then went and bought A Nexus 6P over the weekend. If I had known this was going to go on sale I would've waited :-(

    • how much did you pay for the 6p?

      • $299 from JB Hifi online.

        • -1

          Yikes. What made you decide from a $1K phone to an older generation phone?

          Not trying to make you feel bad or anything but I mean, there are other decent current generation phones for around that price range as well I believe.

          • +1

            @aemaethx: The 6P truly was the best phone I ever owned, it looked awesome, had dual front firing speakers and a great screen and camera. I was going to buy the new Pixel 4XL this year, but after seeing how they limited storage capacities on it, along with no free google photos and a small battery, I chose not to buy it. I wasn't 100% happy with any other phone on the market either (P30 Pro comes a pretty close 2nd though), each of them having something that annoyed me, so choose to go back to a phone that made me happy for $300 and wait it out for the next year or so to see what 2020 delivers from each company and then decide.

        • +1

          I had a 6P and now it bootloops. Seems like a common issue that will occur after your warranty is up. Would consider returning.

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    Great, been waiting for this to go on sale again. Thank you op for posting the deal.

  • Is p30 pro stock version or carrier branded?

  • Is it possible to upgrade Android 9 to 10 on P30 Pro?

    • +1

      Yes, it has arrived in many other countries, but Australia would have to wait till mid-Dec.

      • Not really, chat with their customer services, it will be available on mid of January 2020. Really disappointed.

        • Are they filtering spyware or something? The countries haven't got the updates are happening to be the UK, CAN, AU and the US… Who are always suspicious but found nothing in the past…

  • Finally bought. $887 after TRS refund.. Not bad

    • +1

      no, actually, the GST amount is before the 15% discount, which is 105.81.
      so eventually, it's lower than $887, should be around $870…=) enjoy.

  • Can anyone confirm whether it is covered by Amex Smartphone Screen Cover if paying full amount with Amex on ebay?

  • Thumbnail looks so good, grabbed my attention, made me wanna ditch my iPhone.
    Wallet says NO.

  • +1

    P30 pro great camera let down by its OS skin

  • Have a P20 pro and am not the kinda person who updates their phone often but damn, so tempting.

  • +1

    I have the p30 pro. I don't mind tech companies intruding on my privacy for a better experience, but the only negative is that you need to be mindful where in the world your data is going to as certain countries could just access data that belongs to private companies

  • Y9 Prime or Xiaomi Redmi Note 8T?

  • Would JBHifi price match this deal since it is AU stock?

  • How this compare to Note 10 + for $1189 (Samsung Student Portal)
    Is note 10 + worth $200 extra than P30 Pro?

  • Was thinking about getting the P30 Pro until I saw it had proprietary NM card instead of a micro SD. Think that's enough to curb my enthusiasm on the product. The cards are currently at least double the price of a standard micro SD Card, and unless they become the standard for storage (at this stage it looks like a Huawei only), they are going to stay expensive.

  • Can anyone provide some feedback regarding the OS? I am currently using OnePlus 5 and I love the Oxygen OS because it feels like stock android with minimal bloatware. How does it compare with the OS on Huawei P30 Pro? Reason why I am not going to a Pixel is because I am keen on the camera.

    Edit: Also, I have tried it in store but they are loaded with Demo stuff and its difficult to gauge what it feels like because it reverts back to demo mode while I'm playing with it

    • +4

      I have a Mate 20 pro, and its processor is identical with the P30Pro - Kirin 980 chip.

      It's very fast, very capable. I'd buy a mate20pro again (or a p30pro). I've never had any random shutdowns or any major issues with the the mate20pro or the mate9 which I had prior.

      Having said that, I ditched the default launcher for Nova Launcher. I have been using Nova for the past 4-5 years and have just gotten to the look/feel. I probably spent 10mins on EMUI before installing Nova :)

      Regarding the bloat, most of it can be uninstalled via the HiSuite (similar to Samsung Kies).

      One minor annoyance is the OS's aggressive battery optimisation. You need to configure your apps to run in the background so you get messages/updates etc.

      I'm actually quite tempted to get the p30pro for the missus, and I would have gladly bought the mate30pro if it weren't for the Trump/Google services ban.

      (used to be a samsung fanboy, switched to huawei cause their cameras are amazing)

  • Anyone uses Huawei freedbuds 3? Any thoughts? Are they worth that much money?

  • Jbhifi will have p30 for $799

  • Hmmm decisions… Do i go for the P30 Pro or Samsung S10+… Currently using a Galaxy S9

  • Pull the trigger?? Or is there more to black friday sales to come….

    • That's the question. Black Friday has been disappointing so far for P30 Pro deals. I really expected sub $900 today.

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