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[eBay Plus] Black Friday Sale: Apple Watch Series 3 - $299, Dyson V8 Origin - $399, Apple AirPods 2 $99, G. Home Mini $19 & More


Starts 10am AEDT on Friday 29 November and follows the schedule below. Some items will be up to 60% off.

Click the link for the landing page where the deals will appear.

Each coupon code can only be used once per account. e.g. if you use PBB38 to get the quadcopter drone, you wouldn't be able to use it again to get the Google Home Mini.

Now that all the excitement is over, any remaining available deals will be valid until sold out or 2 December 2019, whichever happens first. I won't be updating the table anymore. Have a great weekend!

Item eBay's "RRP" BF Price Availability Coupon Code
From 9am
Ring Video Doorbell Pro with Chime Pro $399 $199 300 units PRG87
Parlux 385 Power Light Ionic 2150W Salon Professional Hair Dryer $272.95 $199 500 units PRG87
Wolstead Superior+ 5pc Cookware Set $299.95 $100.95 100 units PRG87
From 10am
Apple Watch Series 3 42mm GPS+Cellular $505 $295 300 units @ 10am PSM26
Apple AirPods 2nd Gen $249 $99 100 units @ 10am PSM26
R.M Williams Adelaide Boot (Women) $520 $399 150 units PSM26
R.M Williams Dynamic Flex Craftsman Boot (Men) $540 $399 300 units PSM26
Dyson V8 Origin $749 $399 2400 units PDYV8
Antler Luggage Viva Hard Case $199.5 $149 300 units PPD13
From 11am
Timberland Boots $180 $129 400 units PMS14
Zinus Metal Bed Frame $199 $129 200 units PMS14
From 12pm
Bullet TRZ Electric Scooter $169 $99 100 units PJW28
Oral B Genius Electric Toothbrush $179 $129 500 units PJW28
From 1pm
Peter's Charlton Christmas tree with LED $99 $79 150 units PPC23
Kathmandu Heli Women's Jacket $110 $79 500 units PPC23
Fossil BQ2311 Mens Brown Watch $99 $79 300 units PPC23
ASICS MEN'S DYNAFLYTE 2 Shoe $110 $79 400 units PPC23
Matrix 20V Cordless Drill $149 $79 250 units PPC23
From 2pm
Apple Watch Series 3 42mm GPS+Cellular $505 $295 50 units @ 2pm PSM26
Apple AirPods 2nd Gen $249 $99 100 units @ 2pm PSM26
Lorna Jane Amy Tights $106 $49 120 units PJM16
AbsoluteHeat Professional Curling Iron $90 $49 500 units PJM16
Chuck Taylor All Star Converse $80 $49 500 units PJM16
From 3pm
Marley Chant Portable Speaker $69 $39 800 units PSG24
Healthy Choice 3.5L Airfryer/Air Fryer $89 $39 500 units PSG24
The Ordinary "Buffet" + Copper Peptides 1% Double Pack $88 $39 100 units PSG24
From 4pm
Google Home Mini $55 $19 ? units PBB38
SYMA Mini Quadcopter Drone $31 $19 150 units PBB38
Portable Stainless Steel BBQ $45 $19 220 units PBB38
Strongbow Blossom Rosè - Sparkling Apple Cider 6 X 750mL $56.25 $29 1000 units PBB38
adidas Unisex Adilette Slides $45 $19 1500 units PBB38
AbsoluteHeat IPS Mini Travel Ceramic Ionic Hair Straightener Pink $29.95 $19 500 units PBB38
From 5pm
Blindfolded Twister $39.99 $9 160 units PBB32
Babyliss Duo 700 Epilator $49.95 $9 500 units PBB32
Havaianas Black $14.99 $9 + Delivery 500 units PBB32
Disney Princess Swimming Ariel $39.99 $9 175 units PBB32
Zagg Ignition 12000mAh Power Bank $26.17 $9 500 units PBB32
Maverick BBQ Tool Set 3pc $29.95 $9 300 units PBB32
From 6pm
Apple Watch Series 3 42mm GPS+Cellular $505 $295 50? units @ 6pm PSM26
Apple AirPods 2nd Gen $249 $99 100? units @ 6pm PSM26

T&Cs Apply.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2019

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        • Kogan has the Dyson v10 @ 599/699 for animal and absolute+.

          • +1

            @Piesy001: Hah thanks mate, that’s what I went with in the end! I posted the deal here as well 😛

      • Any of you got corded vac, my kmart GOAT just died yesterday

  • +2

    You can already purchase Apple Watch Series 3 directly from Apple for $319, which includes free shipping AND excludes the hassle of these deals, which are not fun. https://www.apple.com/au/shop/buy-watch/apple-watch-series-3

    • +2

      Or $297 at HN..

      • Get it price matched at Apple..

        • Apple do price matching??

          • @pennypincher98: The genius did instore when I bought an iPhone 5 years ago!

            • @capslock janitor: That was 5 years ago lol but I have doubts that they would price match. Too many sheep are willing to pay full price.
              You might get the occasional one but I doubt that's company policy.

              • @pennypincher98: You can always buy and then return if you find it cheaper elsewhere. They usually credit the difference when I tell them why I'm returning it. However, ymmv.

    • +1

      Depends if it is cellular or GPS only. $319 would be a great price for Cellular.

    • As pointed out by Richmon Tigers, $319 is for the GPS only model. The cellular model is $469.

  • +1

    Yawn. Okay Amazon, your turn.

  • +8

    Apple Watch 3 current price $505. Wtf? It’s like $319 on the Apple store. Another day, another crap ebay promo. Just waiting for the negative votes to roll in after it kicks off 👎🏼

    • Well spotted. Here is an upvote from me

    • Probably the cellular version

    • +1

      That $319 price is for the 38mm non cellular model. The $505 model is the 42mm cellular model.

  • Nothing for me

  • +3

    Some of those RRPs are so over-inflated.

  • +2

    I get the feeling my wallet will be closed this BF.

  • +4

    Lol @ airpods 2nd gen. Everyones paying attention to these. More likely to win the lotto me thinks.

  • +6

    Oh wow, I can't wait……to NOT get these "deals". Normally I love eBay but these timed and super limited sales are a straight up time wasting sham.

  • All these negative comments above, but only 2 negative votes : )

  • +9

    Learnt my lesson the last two times eBay ran these "deals". They're not a deal.. they're a competition. Quantities of some of these items will be so low they will be literally sold out within 10 seconds.

    • Managed to snag 3 sodastreams last time… for $1 each, and 1x Oral B toothbrush. You got to be in it to win it.

      I wished more people thought like you, so it ups my chances.

      • +1

        Exactly this, I got the Bose and the 1TB HDD from the last deals, wasn't chasing anything else. So was all wins

      • Yeah I got a Samsung T5. By far the best price ever.

      • Shhhhush…

    • +1

      Agree. Pretty much unobtainable - is a competition not a deal. Negged.

  • +4

    Here's a reality check for anyone excited about $99 airpods: they will get sold out in 2 secs and 99.5% of people will miss out on them and be disappointed. May as well just buy a lottery ticket for the same excitement

    • yeah **** ebay

    • -3

      Maybe get good and you won't miss out

  • Everyone who's ignoring the other products(airpods excluded), do not think they'll last. I've never seen towels sell so fast in the last sale.

    As with the other limited time deals, almost everything sold out quickly.

  • Thanks for sharing! Now I don't have to worry about checking out eBay this Friday.

  • Wasn't the Apple Watch listed at lower than this price earlier today?

    • +1

      Just a note that all this info is what eBay provided to media for free advertising to be run tomorrow.

      • +3

        Waiting for the news.com.au article creaming themselves over these amazing deals that apparently every person in Australia can simply grab on Friday, just by clicking on the eBay. Too easy.

      • Are you directly involved with those "media"? eBay is a bit annoyed that some media outlet is breaking the embargo and leaked their PR on OzBargain, and directed their wrath on OzBargain. Leaking these are not doing anything good to the media outlet nor OzBargain.

        • +1

          No, I'm not directly involved, it was passed on by a naive colleague. Didn't realise the impact of sharing it early, and I apologise for the inconvenience I've caused you and Ozbargain, scotty.

  • +6

    I need to get the airpods for my little sister's birthday. Wish me luck xD

    • +9

      Good luck mate. Hope you get it. Happy birthday to your sis too.

  • "Lorna Jane May Tights" Loving it!

    • +1

      The Ordinary "Buffet" + Copper Peptides 1% Double Pack

      UH Wat dis?

      • Skin care. Super popular with the ladies.

        • I've been called snack and meal, but never a buffet before

  • +5

    joke price + mystery stock = down vote

    • +4

      Depends, will the Tigers be buying roadside bashings?

  • Reading the comments apparently this is a dream

  • anyone knows how that air fryer is?

  • +12

    This trend needs to go away.

  • Is the Dyson V8 Origin the same as the Dysaon V8 Animal?

  • +2

    Mystery stock levels are like other Ozb members posting what they believe is a deal (supposedly good for lots of people) that includes local clearance stock at 1 store. I don't buy into this…one of the reasons I learned my lesson paying good money for a fake 'ebay plus' membership. Gets you nothing good. Should have 4 or 5 dales a year wioth 20% off and not just between a handful of "select" stores.

  • Please don't up vote until you see the prices on the day. What you see now isn't what you will get

  • Nothing for me

  • I know its a long shot …but do we know if the airpods 2 is gonna be the wireless charging ones or the wired?

  • Any tips on how to get the AirPods? Do I add them to cart before hand?

    • +6

      Yup. Head to your local Apple Store instead.

  • Can we move this post to the competitions section? Better chance of winning powerball than scoring some AirPods.

  • Looks like the price is pretty inflated. Apple Watch series 3 is $319 in Apple store.

  • Eh, these items are boring. Probably old stock too.

  • +1

    I'm still trying to work out what black Friday is.

  • Terrible sale from eBay, negged

  • some good deals just add to cart and buy when time hits yawn

  • Is it just me? Meh?

  • This sort of so called "deal" from jacked up price to no stock items is an insult to people and should be despised.

  • These prices/products will not be available to everyone. Not a bargain if it’s limited quantity.

  • Item quantities will be 50 is my guess.

  • More of a lottery same bs as last time

  • Not this again

  • -1

    Prices hiked, sham deals.

  • +1

    Nibba Don't

  • If ebay is hoping to distract people from Amazon on Friday, it won't happen with these offerings.

    With the exception of the airpods and the mini there is nothing here.

    I hope the marketing department is reading these comments and get cracking to bring something decent into the fold.

  • +1

    Ebay thinks ebay plus members are mad. Its not a deal its just a crap to make us fool. Its not a bargain its just a competition to do or disappoint.

  • +4

    These aren't deals, these are lotteries.

    • Technically speaking all bargains are lotteries, as you have >50,000 ozbargain users and a store with limited stock, you should see some of the deals posted on here (which isn't ebay) where the deal expired within 1 minute of posting.

  • These Click Frenzy-esque deals are competitions not deals

  • +3

    Dyson V8 Origin = $395 at Kogan

  • 10am AEST? AEDT? Anyone confirm?

    • I'd dare say AEDT seeing as most of the country is on that (not us Qlders). Best to check at 9am (if in QLD) just to be sure.

  • 10am at which timezone?

    • AEST. If you have been paying attention to all the previous eBay sales and promotions.. Also, their head office is in NSW.

      • It's in AEDT

        Starts 10am AEDT on Friday 29 November and follows the schedule below. Some items will be up to 60% off.

  • Belongs in the forum, this is pretty much the same type of Click Frenzy competition.

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