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[eBay Plus] Black Friday Sale: Apple Watch Series 3 - $299, Dyson V8 Origin - $399, Apple AirPods 2 $99, G. Home Mini $19 & More


Starts 10am AEDT on Friday 29 November and follows the schedule below. Some items will be up to 60% off.

Click the link for the landing page where the deals will appear.

Each coupon code can only be used once per account. e.g. if you use PBB38 to get the quadcopter drone, you wouldn't be able to use it again to get the Google Home Mini.

Now that all the excitement is over, any remaining available deals will be valid until sold out or 2 December 2019, whichever happens first. I won't be updating the table anymore. Have a great weekend!

Item eBay's "RRP" BF Price Availability Coupon Code
From 9am
Ring Video Doorbell Pro with Chime Pro $399 $199 300 units PRG87
Parlux 385 Power Light Ionic 2150W Salon Professional Hair Dryer $272.95 $199 500 units PRG87
Wolstead Superior+ 5pc Cookware Set $299.95 $100.95 100 units PRG87
From 10am
Apple Watch Series 3 42mm GPS+Cellular $505 $295 300 units @ 10am PSM26
Apple AirPods 2nd Gen $249 $99 100 units @ 10am PSM26
R.M Williams Adelaide Boot (Women) $520 $399 150 units PSM26
R.M Williams Dynamic Flex Craftsman Boot (Men) $540 $399 300 units PSM26
Dyson V8 Origin $749 $399 2400 units PDYV8
Antler Luggage Viva Hard Case $199.5 $149 300 units PPD13
From 11am
Timberland Boots $180 $129 400 units PMS14
Zinus Metal Bed Frame $199 $129 200 units PMS14
From 12pm
Bullet TRZ Electric Scooter $169 $99 100 units PJW28
Oral B Genius Electric Toothbrush $179 $129 500 units PJW28
From 1pm
Peter's Charlton Christmas tree with LED $99 $79 150 units PPC23
Kathmandu Heli Women's Jacket $110 $79 500 units PPC23
Fossil BQ2311 Mens Brown Watch $99 $79 300 units PPC23
ASICS MEN'S DYNAFLYTE 2 Shoe $110 $79 400 units PPC23
Matrix 20V Cordless Drill $149 $79 250 units PPC23
From 2pm
Apple Watch Series 3 42mm GPS+Cellular $505 $295 50 units @ 2pm PSM26
Apple AirPods 2nd Gen $249 $99 100 units @ 2pm PSM26
Lorna Jane Amy Tights $106 $49 120 units PJM16
AbsoluteHeat Professional Curling Iron $90 $49 500 units PJM16
Chuck Taylor All Star Converse $80 $49 500 units PJM16
From 3pm
Marley Chant Portable Speaker $69 $39 800 units PSG24
Healthy Choice 3.5L Airfryer/Air Fryer $89 $39 500 units PSG24
The Ordinary "Buffet" + Copper Peptides 1% Double Pack $88 $39 100 units PSG24
From 4pm
Google Home Mini $55 $19 ? units PBB38
SYMA Mini Quadcopter Drone $31 $19 150 units PBB38
Portable Stainless Steel BBQ $45 $19 220 units PBB38
Strongbow Blossom Rosè - Sparkling Apple Cider 6 X 750mL $56.25 $29 1000 units PBB38
adidas Unisex Adilette Slides $45 $19 1500 units PBB38
AbsoluteHeat IPS Mini Travel Ceramic Ionic Hair Straightener Pink $29.95 $19 500 units PBB38
From 5pm
Blindfolded Twister $39.99 $9 160 units PBB32
Babyliss Duo 700 Epilator $49.95 $9 500 units PBB32
Havaianas Black $14.99 $9 + Delivery 500 units PBB32
Disney Princess Swimming Ariel $39.99 $9 175 units PBB32
Zagg Ignition 12000mAh Power Bank $26.17 $9 500 units PBB32
Maverick BBQ Tool Set 3pc $29.95 $9 300 units PBB32
From 6pm
Apple Watch Series 3 42mm GPS+Cellular $505 $295 50? units @ 6pm PSM26
Apple AirPods 2nd Gen $249 $99 100? units @ 6pm PSM26

T&Cs Apply.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2019

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  • +2

    We need to pay $30 more for Bullet TRZ Electric Scooter on black Friday?

  • +31

    Looks like prices are increasing on Friday

    • +10

      yeah nothing to see here, don't get scammed by scummy tactics deployed by eBay

      • +5

        how is Apple AirPods 2nd Gen for $99 nothing to see and scummy tactics?

        • -4

          Do you believe there's enough stock and if they will really accept that price? Previous deal on airpods 2 were cancelled none of my colleagues got it.

          • +6

            @neonlight: Oh i'm aware there'll be limited stock and you've got to be quick and lucky but that still doesn't make it a "scam" or "scummy" tactics. That's the game they are playing, I accept that and I'll try my luck.

            • -3

              @traaxx: So you have 281 people to complete at minimum potential 118k good luck.

              Also price Jack on the day. I take it you are not experienced

            • @traaxx: How is that not scummy?

              • +1

                @Exorcist: It's a classic bait & switch, I had a successful transaction, where my payment was confirmed and the order processed, but the transaction didn't show up in my purchase history, lucky I screenshotted it with URL and successful transaction ID and it's with eBay to sort now.


                • +1

                  @leedan: To those who were successful on purchasing the Airpods, have you received shipping confirmation?

                  • +1

                    @jopiter69: I have received my shipping number for the AirPods.

                    • @Doovik: Ok cool, I haven't received shipping notification yet so I'm starting to get nervous LoL

                      • @jopiter69: Just wait it took a few days for me as well. Have you got your invoice yet?

    • tbh astivista seller from amazon will probably have better deals then ebay again :L

    • The real deal is that some of these coupons work on other, random items on eBay, to the point that some of them are 100% off.

      Im not posting the items I bought, to increase the chance they’re shipped, but happy hunting!

      Hint: use the app, and watch for things like “take $40 off this item”… on a $40 item.

      • haha fair enough man, good sniping though on finding them where ever they are hidden

      • hey ive been looking for the last 11 hours lol, is it possible to give anymore hints, just to anything that u didnt buy even

        • They surely fixed it on each item as they saw $0 orders come through. You needed to be quick as each code went live at the beginning of each hour.

          I mostly got free printer consumables. Ink, photo paper, etc.

  • +14


  • +1

    love how the Bullet TRZ Electric Scooter = $169 to $199 went up in price!

    • +11

      Sorry all, typo. Should be $99.

  • +2

    deleted..lots of folks posted the same comment above…

  • I guess the volume will be very limited… hope it's not.

    • +8

      going by past records of these dumb hourly ebay promo sales STUNT

      most items would be sold out in seconds
      and most probably bought by bots

  • +10

    Having a quick look, the only decent bargain is the Apple Airpods 2, and maybe the Google Home Mini.

    • +12

      Good chance very limited quantity of Airpods and be gone in the first few seconds

      • +3

        I also wasted my ebay plus free trial during the last hourly deal stunt similar to this… so no participation from me this time round as i am not spending $49 for a high chance of missing again

        • +3

          Why not just sign up with another email for another trial

    • +1


    • yep, and i think it'll be gone in seconds so.. can't be bothered trying. I guess you gotta be in it to win it though. Congrats to those who do get it!

  • Are any of these really great deals? Nothing really jumps out at me as worth chasing. Maybe the Airpods 2nd gen since my ones have sorta crappy battery now.

    • +9

      the airpods probably gone in 5 second, unless you add to cart and go through hoops and hurdles like previous sale.

  • I'm still glad I paid $40 for my Google Nest mini. That being said… the Home mini at $19 is an INSANE bargain (particularly if that includes postage)

    • +4

      Nest Mini trumps the Home in sound quality so don't worry… and given how many Home Minis were being flogged/given away/etc over the past year, it's unsurprising to see them pop up on Gumtree at very low prices for BNIB.

      • +1

        Even better quality than Max?

    • It's also potentially Google Home Mini - as in Gen 1?

      • yeah just from the naming convention, this would be gen 1

  • +1

    Just bought some of those heavily reduced Mickey Mouse beats, now I need airpods

  • +14
    • +3

      I received information from eBay that it's actually Series 3 42mm GPS + Cellular with RRP of $519.

      • Ok. Do you know which seller is it?

  • Nice one decently priced item : Apple AirPods 2nd Gen $249 $99.
    Don't think any fast finger battles on the rest :)

    • So is the trick that you add them to your cart ready to check out?

      • +9

        Trick is you buy it before and then claim price protection

        • With 28 Degrees? Will that work?

        • +1

          I thought price protection didn't cover when you need to use a coupon code? has anyone else claimed it on these sales?

          • +1

            @stirlo: With 28 Degrees Shopper's Protection or Coles Mastercard Account Cover, you can claim price reductions made possible by coupons as long as the coupon is available to everyone else, i.e. not targeted.

        • Nah mate…with latitude finance go MasterCard they would not do a price claim Protection.. due to the fact that the special price only apply to the people who have the ebay plus membership…is their any other credit card that you referring to???

      • +2

        But how do you know which vendor will it apply to?

  • +1

    Looks like 100 dropping every hour

  • SYMA Mini Quadcopter Drone. I wonder which model it is.

  • From what I've heard, there's more deals after 4pm…

    • Where he got this spreadsheet from 🥱

  • Maybe it's time I pickup a pair of airpods.

    • +6

      Good luck

  • +9

    That apple watch price is almost $200 higher than what Apple themselves sell it for! Difference is only $20 at best when it goes on sale

  • +9

    Upvotes, followed by angry comments when items are OOS after 15 seconds of being active.

    • +1

      more like a 1 second

      15 seconds is too generous

  • Does anyone have the Bullet TRZ Electric Scooter? Is it worth buying?

    • Maximum weight for rider is 80kg. That rules me out :(

      • Hit up that black friday sale on Ultraboosts, bro.

      • +2

        Buy 2!

        • +2

          am doing - 1 for each leg 🤔

    • +2

      Absolute waste, 0-3km/ph in about 30 seconds it seems… I bought the 'generic' version. Dangerous, unwieldy, best off getting a bicycle or walking

  • +49

    Just f!@# off ebay with these games and "eligible items" crap and give a decent 15% site-wide off already!

    • My guess was that it was abused by lowlifes buying their own goods. It would be hard to counter from eBay's point-of-view.
      What else could they do?

  • +4

    hahahahahaha nice try.

    Not a single actual deal yet. No idea how many of those items in stock. But this will get 500+ upvotes no doubt.

    Then queue the disappointment and onto the next eBay 'deal'.

  • +2

    interesting fact is the prices going down as the time gets later in the day … after 4pm the prices are just $19 - compared to hundreds $$$ in the morning hehe

  • Anyway to find Apple AirPods 2nd Gen seller?

    • +1

      Wait for the landing page to be updated. Then look in titles for the same spelling. Thats how its worked for the last few sales.

    • +1

      My bet is on Wireless1

  • +6

    Airpods will be gone in 10 sec if the last deal is anything to go by…

  • +15

    Meh Ebay's lost it's game, stopped buying and selling on there. They used to have promotions sidewide and decent listing prices. Also what good deals they have will have no stock like last sale!

  • +1

    does anyone know which store will be selling the discounted airpods yet?

    • would love to know too, so I can prepare..

      • How can one prepare for this sale?

  • +2

    They really don't look like deals.

  • +2

    Not exactly amazing bargains there….not sure there's anything worth ozbargain level there

  • +1

    Should need to post a comment before you can vote +ve on here

  • any idea which bed frame that one is?

  • Stuff eBay. Why Amazon cannot do better?

  • Can anyone comment on the V8 Dyson vs the V10? Was really keen on a V10 (absolute preferred, but will probably settle for the animal), but I seem to have missed all the sales for that, and I'm not sure if anymore will come :(

    • +1

      Night and day TBH the V10 blows it away(or sucks it away) I have both, moved the V8 to work and often take the V10 in to give it a good clean

      • Thanks mate, I reckon I'll stay strong and hold out for a V10 then (come on amazon…!)

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