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Minidisc's 2019 Black Friday Sale - 10% off Most Items + Further Discounts and Bundles


Good morning OzBargainers!

Minidisc's 2019 Black Friday sale has launched! This is our biggest Black Friday sale ever with 10% on most items, and further discounts and special bundles on some of our favourite headphones and digital audio players. Grab a deal in-store or online and let us know what you think!


  • 10% off, excluding existing specials and other Black Friday offers. Prices as displayed!
  • iBasso IT01 IEMs @ $99
  • Oppo PM3 (White) @ $299
  • Fiio X5III Android DAP @ $399
  • Dan Clark Audio (formerly MrSpeakers) Aeon Flow Closed or Open @ $899.
  • Focal Elear headphones @ $799, Utopia @ $3499
  • 15% off custom and 20% universal IEMs from Empire Ears
  • Audiofly AFT-1 True Wireless earphone @ $99
  • Shure SE425 and SE535 wired / wireless discounts
  • 20% off Effect Audio cables and adapters, or 25% off when you bundle with any IEM purchase. Please check compatibility before purchasing. Discounts will be applied to your cart automatically during checkout.
  • 20% off the original price of Dignis cases when bundled with selected Digital Audio Players. Selected models include A&K SR15, SE100, SP1000/M, SP2000, Chord Mojo. Discounts will be applied to your cart automatically during checkout.
    FREE Headsup headphone stand and a pair of Beyerdynamic Beat Byrd earphones with the purchase of ANY full sized Beyerdynamic headphone this Black Friday! Purchases of the T1 and T5P will also get a free Aventho wired headphone as per existing promotion. Free items will be added to your cart automatically.
  • Check out the website for all the Black Friday specials: https://www.minidisc.com.au/black-friday-2019

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    Prices on Shure SE535 and SE846 are exactly the same as they were last week.
    Hardly a "deal".

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      This is an interesting one! The SE425 and SE535 bundles that we are doing on special are actually new SKUs that include the universal remote cable (microphone / player controls). These SKUS have actually been introduced at a higher price than the standard SE425 and SE535, which, as you point out, are already on special. We would have liked to do this particular deal cleaner, but we promise you are getting a discount :)

      Fun fact: Shure now offers 4 versions of the SE425 and SE535 each, and that's not even including colours. Honestly, this is confusing even for us!


    Sorry, search button not working on my phone: do you sell (and have a sale!) on Fiio BTR5, Shanling UP4 or Sennheiser IEN BT?

    If not (couldn't find through google), do you know if/when you getting any of these in?


    I thought that said Ether Flow for a second and had a boner the size of the Great Dividing Range. The disappointment is real (especially since A2A has them for 690).

    Any chance of the Focal Clears joining their big & little brother in Impulse Buy territory?


      Haha, we applaud your enthusiasm for a bargain though … though your geographical metaphor worries us ;) The Focal Clear has bene in Impulse Buy territory for a while now - so no movement on that right now. But I can really recommend the Clear - it's one of my favourite headphones, even without $800 off. Happy to answer any questions about it.


        Fine. Hit me with your favourite closed over-ears under 1kish so I can get these 1000XM2s out of my life. Not worried about wireless.

        Currently using Beyer T1s and LCD2s (which I'm not into at all), so not exactly a bass-head :)


          If you prefer a brighter or closer to neutral sound, I think the Beyerdynamic T5P is a great choice. It's over $1k but comes with a free $499 headphone at the moment, along with a free pair of earphone and a headphone stand as part of our Black Friday sale. You may be able to find someone to take the freebies off your hand to keep everything in budget. https://www.minidisc.com.au/beyerdynamic-t5p-2nd-gen-tesla-a...

          Otherwise the Fostex TH610 is my favourite under $1k, but it will be hard to say how much you will like the bass. It is at least tighter bass than the XM2!


    Great prices on er4sr and er4xr. @OP, is there a big difference between them? Also curious about cable touch noise, heard it’s quite annoying when brushed against clothing or such. Hoping to use for commuting and flights. I like my Sony xm3’s but it gets quite hot and stuffy in this summer weather.


      Thanks! The SR is based on Etymotic's original reference sound, whereas the XR has an extra boost in the low sub-bass frequencies. It's noticeable in tracks that actually have information in those frequencies (particularly synth bass). Some people really wanted the extra bass, while other people feel it robs the sound of that classic Etymotic clarity. But both are still on the brighter side compared to most other earphones in the store. As far as cable noise goes, the cable noise can indeed be a bit intrusive unless you a) use the shirt clip to stop the cable moving / rubbing as much or b) wear them "cable down". Hope that helps, you are welcome to come in-store to compare if you can make it to Chatswood!


        Thank you for the detailed reply! I’d love to visit again but I’m overseas and the sale will end by the time I get back sadly, so will have to see if I can test here but buy there.
        On an unrelated note, do you have any headphones in stock that has a 3.5mm input female jack for replaceable cables? I have a V Moda boom pro mic cable that I used to plug in to a Philips X2 but it finally broke after all these years. Would like to try an alternative headphone.


    Hi Op. Those LCD-1's sure are tempting. If I pre-order, is my card charged now, or when they are shipped? Thanks…


    What! No Minidisc players?


      Went to a Black Sorrows concert last week. I met Joe after the show and told him I must be one of the few fans to have one of their albums on pre-recorded Minidisc. Might take it along and get it signed next time…


    Any chance you guys price match or come close for the focal elegia?


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