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CTEK Battery Charger 12v 5a with Bonus Cooler Bag $89 @ Repco (Free Membership Required)


Ctek msx 5 amp battery charger with a bonus cooler bag for $89 on the repco website for their Black Friday sale. Looks like it’s early access to ignition club or VIP I think. The price didn’t show for me until I put my VIP club card in at the check out. Also, I think they’ve changed to Ignition club instead of VIP. This battery charger by itself on their website is $183 so $89 for the part with a bonus is an even better saving. I have a feeling it’s because they’re clearing them out.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2019

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  • Excellent price

  • awesome price

  • Not many places with stock in WA…. only Banksia Grove I found (way up north).

    • Depends where you live….

      Welcome to tha hood

    • Dam sold out in WA,
      can I get one if you have bought 2 ? Lol

    • Balcatta has stock of the ones with power bank.

      No cooler bag but will be coming in, as others have said it is the same price.

      Picked it up and grabbed a bars bug for $1

      Called the store to check for stock and price

  • Good discussion in last months $85 Deal (no cooler)

    Price drops at checkout after entering Ignition email address.

  • No stock close by. Rang store down the road - ordered in stock for tomorrow!
    Otherwise $9.90 delivery.

  • This Charger is pretty good. I bought it like 10 years ago from Repco. Still works fine.

    • How long does it take to charge a flat battery?

      • +1

        For me, it takes approximately 24 hours to fully charge a flat battery. I usually remove the battery when I charge, but you can leave it in the vehicle and charge as well.
        Note that my charger is almost ten years old. The new one might have better charging times.

  • Got one thanks

  • how's this compare to the aldi auto XS battery charger?

  • Other benefits of being member?

    • Its free unless you charge yourself time it takes to sign up

  • Does this work with stop start batteries? I think it’s agm type

  • Thanks StreetStatik

  • So, chargers, voltage and amps confuse the hell out of me…. I have 2l engines and one modern car with lots of electrics
    AM I better off with this or the Projecta one on special at supercheap?

  • This charger looks good but I'm wondering how it might compare to this one below that I've been thinking about getting? It's a bit more expensive but it says it's 12 amp so I think that means it can charge batteries quite a bit faster. Other than that it seems pretty similar to the Chem one in this post. Anyone have an idea on which would be better?


    Thanks :)

  • Just a heads up for those wanting this and can't get it online, call your local store and there is a fair chance it's in stock, mine was showing none in stock anywhere near me and I called them and they said that the site hadn't been updated to reflect the new stock that they got in for the sale.

    • That's what I did above - rang store.
      No stock but arrived today ready for sale. Still not showing as in stock though.

      Yesterday ordered Bars Bugs for $1 - no stock but got order ready SMS a few hours later.

  • +2

    Update: as stock of these with a small cooler bag are limited (bonus $65 value), an email went out this morning to sell the same pack bit with 5000mAh PowerBank for same $89 price!

    So includes
    Bumper Cover
    Charge Indicator wired onto battery
    & either a small cooler bag (probably takes 2 x 6pack) **or 5000mAh PowerBank*.

    Was $99.75 on 27/9!

    Didn't find this out until after I paid! Rang next store - has stock, will refund & charge same price.

    • Yea was offered the power bank one Which I ended up getting anyway. Good job!

      • I placed an order with store yesterday to get this deal in for me. As I had asked for cooler bag - got the cooler bag. PowerBank apparently wasn't offered until this morning.

        When I picked it up, the 3 PowerBank ones at local store were sold out.

        Now have the PowerBank one. Nicer box (better if a gift), & PowerBank might have more use than another cooler bag😉

        • Powerbank was actually pretty cool item. I liked it!

          • @Pandaboss: Yes. CTEK battery charger themed PowerBank.
            The cooler bag looks like a big car battery! CTEK are obsessed😉

            Yet to use charger & install Battery Condition Indicator / charger connector.

            Pretty pleased with Deal - cheaper than when this pack was last offered @$99.75👍

  • Same deal for me. Box Hill store out of stock for them kit with cooler bag, but power bank option at same price.
    Great deal!

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