This was posted 2 years 3 months 7 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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CTEK 5A Battery Charger - $85 (Save $88) + More @ Repco


1000 minute sale on at the moment.

5 products on offer:

Ctek Battery Charger - $85
148pc Tool Kit - $69
4hp Petrol Pressure Washer -$249
Projecta Jump Starter - $99
Sheepskin Seat Covers -$129

Sale ends midnight tonight (13th Oct)
T&C’s apply

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    Anyone got any thoughts on that projecta jump starter? It’s $160 off.

    Edit: never mind just saw it’s not recommended for diesels

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      Have a look at NOCO stuff when on eBay sale.

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      One review states that the jump starter has no 12v outlet to run small appliances..

      • In the pic next to the torch, there's a rubber cover saying 12v out. It looks like that's what the jump clips plug into.

        • Yeah, but no 12v cigarette plug output for small appliances. Eg tyre inflator

    • +3

      Yeah despite the $260 RRP, it's too small to start diesels. Better off going Gooloo or NOCO on amazon.

    • I’m interested in this too. Looks nice and compact to keep in the car. Wonder how long it stays charged for with no use.

    • +1

      I have used 2 of them to start a diesel

      • One at a time, or both at once?

        • Both connected at once.

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    This charger is excellent. Great price too

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      I bought a ctek start/stop jump starter from Repco for less than the one here. The save $88 shown is inflated by a mile to say the least.

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        Everything is inflated beyond a joke sometimes.
        I purchased my one for $120 some 4 years ago and and I'm very happy with it.
        I find theres no point in thinking about what I paid and better to think about what I got out of it.

      • The CT5 start stop is a cheaper product than the MXS 5.0. $85 is awesome price. No idea what you going on about mate.

  • Can the pressure washers suck water out of a bucket, or do they need a pressurised water supply?

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      You need head flow to the pressure washer. I use my tanks with pumps to my pressure washer so I am not using mains water

  • With these CTEK chargers, do they tell you when the battery needs to be replaced? ie some test functionality?

    Or do you need to go with the much more expensive CTEK MXS 5.0 Test&Charge model?

    • +1

      It goes through a checking process 1 to 7. Step 1 detects sulphated batteries. Step 2 tests if battery can accept charge. If defective battery it wont charge it. 5 year warranty. I only have the MXS 3.8. I think they are all similar, but the capacity to charge is higher.

    • +1

      You need the Test and Charge model, but I have not had much luck with that model due to the mode button being weaker somehow compared to this mxs 5.0. Instead, you can get a battery tester for quite cheap off ebay.

  • +4
    • -3

      No it isn't

      Save $270

      • Both $249 for me. 7HP looks like an older design, possibly.

      • What?

    • This needs to be its own deal. Cracking price.

  • does anyone know if this charger will charge a boat battery?

    • It will charge 12V batteries, ranging from 1.2 Ah to 160 Ah. So you need to check your boat batteries.

      • thanks. went to repco and had a look. it has a picture of a boat on the packaging. got one and charging now. would have been better if the comfort connect was a m8 instead of a m6.

        and thanks op.

  • Grab the CTEK charger if you don’t have one its awesome - also have a NOCO, both great but that is a fantastic price.

  • Will this charge a battery in really low voltage? So say you have a 12v which has run to below 7 or 8 volts? The other electronic chargers my old man has won't charge a 12v battery below about 9 I think and he wants one which might restore a battery from low charge if it's not too damaged.

    • +1

      If my MXS 3.8 is any indication then nope, needed a dumb charger to put some juice back in there before swapping over to the CTEK to complete the job.

      • Thanks mate.

      • Same as my experience.

    • +1

      It's pretty dodgy, but to charge a very low volt battery once I used jumper leads to connect the dead battery to a good one first (not in a car)(plus i had a little spark when connecting the second lead) then the charger started charging.. I left like that for an hour before removing jumper leads and charging just the dodgy battery. Got another 3 - 6 months use before needing to replace it, at least.
      Any battery that's gone that low in volts is permanently damaged and won't last for too much longer, and cars don't like shit volts, especially diesels.

    • +1

      I had this issue once with my Optima Yellow Top which I had let get down to 3.5v, but my charger wouldn't charge it because it detected it as dead. So all I did is grabbed a computer PSU which I had repurposed to run a portable sound system and touched the 12v cables to the batteries, the charger sensed 12v for that second and started the charge.

      Would also work with jumper cables from another battery.

    • +1

      I used on of these in "RECOND" mode after my 'auto stop-start' battery went dead flat in my 2017 Ford Escape (had surgery and couldn't drive the car for ages). Left it on over-night, and the car started fine in the morning. Has been working without an issue for over a year now.

  • Would this do the calcium battery on my ride on mower?

    • +1

      Yes. I checked the manual

      • Thanks, I'll pick one up tomorrow

  • Are Mechpro tools any good?

    • +3

      Only if you don't intend to finish the job. Not sure if the quality has improved since 2015

      • +1

        Haha… At least then I'll have an excuse.

  • Ok so I just grabbed the ctek charger, thanks op. Looks like I'll be returning the $30 aldi one I just bought, time to find that bloody receipt.

    • +1

      What are the main differences between this and the Aldi charger? I got the Aldi one mainly for trickle charge functionality while I do some firmware upgrades.

      • +4

        I also purchased the ALDI charger (3.8A versus 5.0A), which has worked really well and seems like much better value. I would also be interested to know if the CTEK charger offers any significant benefits because it is nearly triple the price.

        • +3

          Another aldi charger user, as a motorcyclist it is useful as you can set it for motorcycle batteries or car batteries (it may even detect this, haven't needed to use it for a while so can't remember). I picked up the cherger a few years ago for 15 bucks, one of the few things at Aldi that seems to be getting more expensive rather than less. It may not be as good as the ctek in some way, but it's been great so far and for the few times I use it if I can't tell what the difference is I would rather have the 50 bucks.

      • The Aldi charger is fine if you just want a regular charger that also includes trickle/float charging. I’ve been using one for several years on my diesel van. Some Aldi stores currently have them in stock for $30. From memory, the full price of mine was also $30 four years ago, but I only paid $15 because it was on the discount table. The ctek is top quality and includes a couple of extra features, and will probably charge a flat battery a little faster.

  • +1

    I use the MXS 5.0 as battery tender on two of my vehicles they are great, particularly on motorcycles etc where you can permanently leave the terminals attached and clip the charger on and off.

    Edit: Left on for months at a time year round.

    • +1

      and this one seems to include the plug to leave connected to your bike battery

  • Anyone know if there is anything wrong with leaving a ctek on full time?

    • Much appreciate if someone knows the answer.
      I'm thinking of leave it on full time charging while away for 4 weeks.
      Reason my start-stop battery is already old, not that strong, so to leave it draining for 4 weeks will likely be permanently damaged by the time I return.

      • +1

        See my reply above. I leave my two units on year round.

        • Thanks.
          Do you have to disconnect the battery from the car before putting on the MXS ? Or cam simply leave battery connected to car and just clip this on using the crocodile clips ?

          • +1

            @adventurer: Included is a quick connect to the terminals of the battery and you poke the connection slightly just under your hood/wipers and connect it to the charger without having the hood open.

            • @pegasusx: Thanks guys I have bought 1

              • @adventurer: No need to disconnect battery. No harm will be done to car electrics or computer system.

  • Thx OP..

    Bought 1..

  • Cheers OP…I have been needing to buy one for my motorcycle for a while now!

  • -1

    Anybody got the email "Your order (or items in your order) have been refunded"

    Looks like this crappy company that doesn't want to honor the price.

    • -1

      Same here, just saw the email now. what a bull$h!T

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