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Up to 30% off Super Soft Bamboo Boxers, 15 Pairs $11.90 Each + Shipping @ Stepone



Qty Was % off Now
Buy 15 $17.00 ea 30% $11.90 ea
Buy 7 $22.00 ea 25% $16.50 ea
Buy 4 $25.00 ea 20% $20.00 ea
Buy 1 $29.00 ea 10% $26.10 ea

What's the first thing you put on everyday? We bet it's your underwear. Step One is now complete.

We have set out to design the most comfortable men’s underwear on the planet.

Our super soft bamboo boxer briefs and trunks are the most luxurious underwear that you will wrap your behind in.

Guys love boxer briefs and trunks, but hate that they ride up between your legs when walking. We solved this by adding our Ultra Glide Lycra panel to the inner thighs. Men around the world are now walking around in complete freedom without picking at their underwear.

We stand by our claim of making the best underwear in the world, and if you aren’t happy with your purchase we will refund them free within the first 30 days.

Step One

Designed in Australia

Worn by the World

We are so confident you'll find these the best underwear you've ever worn that you can keep your first pair if you don't like them!

We will either send you a different size or give you a full refund on your FIRST pair only. Obviously, we're cool for you to keep the pair you've tried on, no need to send those back :) Unfortunately we cannot exchange them for a different colour.

If you purchase a multi-pack, please just try 1 pair before opening the remaining pairs. The First Pair Guarantee only applies to unopened and unworn pairs. If you find the first pair doesn't fit, or you'd like to try another style, please contact us at [email protected] and we will provide you the address to send the unopened and unworn back to us so we can send you out replacements.

Please Note: During Black Friday/Cyber Monday (28th Nov - 2nd Dec) we expect much higher order volumes than usual. We have updated our expected shipping times and have put on extra staff to ensure parcels are dispatched as quickly as possible. Please note Australia Post will also receive increased volumes and their shipping times may be slightly delayed

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Step One

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  • It helps to list what the shop is selling and some example bargains.

  • Still think $29 for a pair of boxers is getting close to the side of Calvin Klein ridiculous.

  • I'm a 7 days in Rio kinda guy for around $15… but maybe I should break the tradition and up my game for that special occasion.

  • For those interested, the deal has already started.
    OP can you update the start time?

  • I was RIO but thought their quality went down hill in the last few years. Happy with Tradie's now.

    Please note: I'm not ragging on and am sure StepOne boxers are great. (and I think their ads with the big Kiwi fella are a good laugh)

  • I wonder if these would help with PPT when bike riding?

  • Can confirm their boxers are a cut above the rest. Always had issues with boxers riding up and annoyed the shit out of me.

    These have been great, do everything they claim and are lasting better than a few other boxers I've had.

  • After trying numerous other brands I can absolutely vouch for step one. Best I've found. My biggest gripe is that they bring out "limited edition" colours every so often so if you take advantage of a deal like this you end up paying full price for the new colour when it comes out.

  • Rayon from bamboo cellulose is not bamboo. Can pretty much guarantee you're not using a mechanical machine to prepare your product, which is the only way to keep it as bamboo. So, don't lie about what you're selling.

    Might be a good product, might be worth the price, but isn't bamboo.

  • thanks OP, been waiting for this one, super comfy, bought 15

  • Was waiting for another sale on these. They are insanely comfortable and have held up well so far…

    Bought another 15 to go with the 7 I already have because… well… OzBargain…

  • are these more comfy than Boody?

    cos i can get a 7 pack of trunks for $106.80 at the iconic

    vs $115.50 delivered at stepone

  • Happy to split an order for 15 with one or two people in Melbourne. Anyone keen?

  • I bought these a year ago, very similar deal.

    One pair arrived with a hole in it. The company sent a replacement as part of the "first pair guarantee", which doesn't seem right. It was faulty and should've been replaced without using my guarantee, though it doesn't really make a difference, it's just the words being used really.

    I haven't kept close track but in the past year, 4-7 of the 15 pairs have holes in them, some after a few months, some more recently.

    They're not getting loose yet, like some brands have become (though I'm unsure if others got loose after only a year or longer).

    I think most other brands I've had have lasted longer than 6 months before starting to show holes.

    I kind of expect all of them will have holes within another 8 months max.

    • I bought 8 a couple of years ago, had no holes and they're holding up fine. Strange yours did.