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Sony WH-1000XM3 Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones $289 Delivered @ Amazon AU


update: Deal is fully claimed, however you can still join the waitlist and have the opportunity to purchase the item.

You will need to keep the window open and check it periodically as you won't receive a notification.

Save up to 17% on Sony WH1000XM3 wireless noise canc…

Starts at 8:59am (AEDT) for Prime, 9:29 (AEDT) for non Prime accounts.

Edit: Here's the link for Amazon's all upcoming lighting deals for these who cannot find it.

Mod Note: Deal available as of 9am. Stock going fast.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2019

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  • Eastern States Time?

  • This is so tempting, I must resist…

    • resist if you want them for handsfree calls…

      My Bose QC35 are way better and even thinking of going back to them….

      • interesting, I've heard that these have better sound quality (especially bass) but the QC35 are more comfortable

        • IMHO Sony have better sound and NC. The Bose have are more comfortable, probably because they're lighter..

        • I've read these have better sound quality and noise cancellation (which are both pretty subjective anyway imo), but worse microphones.

          Honestly I've had 2 pairs of QC35 II's between 2 years now, and both of them are lemons - one had a crackle in one of the earcups after maybe 8 months, and was replaced. The plastic on my current pair creaks like mad and the audio drops in/out regularly frequently, but YMMV.

          Realistically, either way I don't think you can go wrong, unless you do get a lemon (or 2). No lemonade this time around unfortunately.

          • @igunth27: I'm not sure about the Bose, but the mic on the Sony is rubbish. If I'm out and about (ie anywhere that isn't silent) no one can hear me or I really need to speak loudly. It's quite frustrating. Given the chance again, I'd still pick up the Sony again because my primary use is music and I love them. Very subjective I know.

            • @jaymzrsa: Eh, I rarely use headphones microphones anyway - I generally use Galaxy Buds which also have awful microphones, so I'm pretty used to switching straight to handset when I get a call, even with my current Bose.

              I will be looking at these for sure, even to put aside until my Bose inevitably cork it.

          • @igunth27: Family have 3 QC35's no issues. You must have terrible luck.

            • @Viper8: Seems that way, my old man has a pair of QC25's that have lasted him years. Probably a case of third time's the charm, but at this point I think I'd rather try my luck elsewhere - can't hurt right?

        • Bought my XM3's on release day and haven't looked back, year+ later.

          The ANC on these is superb.
          Have worn 18+hours constant (flights between AU / US).
          I fly 3+ times a week and these are outstanding.

          If you want THE BEST ANC in the market, get these. If you want dual-bluetooth-connections (the only major flaw) + SLIGHTLY better call quality (which is, still crap), get the Boss QC35.

          Until an ANC headphones manufacturer allows Stereo Mic input & Audio Output simultaneously, bluetooth headset mics will remain shit, but story for another day.

      • The mic in the 550's is excellent, especially in USB headset mode.

      • had both.. Sony had slightly better NC but I personally found the Bose better in every other way. Plus the Sony wont connect to multiple devices at once like the Bose do. If you intend to use them on multiple devices, ie. an ipad and a phone, the Bose wins

  • Bingo. This is what I'm waiting for deal wise for Black Friday.

    Thanks OP!

  • OW Pricebeat for further savings

  • It would be sold out before non prime members had a chance

  • How much cashback?

  • Just below the TRS claim amount. Might just buy the QC35 instead

  • I have the Sony's my Mrs has the bose. Don't get the Sony's if you're planning on using them for calls as they are terrible for that. Also, the bose form factor is a little smaller if you have a smaller head. Apart from that they are awesome.
    Another thing to note is that you can claim these off tax if you use them for teleconferencing if you're able to in your line of work. If they are under 300 you can claim the full amount, if over you can only claim depreciation.

  • Best headphones ive ever owned, would be a bargain at twice the price. I wear them 10hr plus a day and have no problems.

  • Sorry if this is dumb but how did you find out details of lightning deals for tomorrow?

  • God I’m too broke for this

  • I wish some deal for Bose 700 too..

  • WOWSER thats a good deal

  • dont even see this in the upcoming lighting deals :s

  • Excellent deal. Amazon is indicating a 9:29am start for me, and I'm in Melbourne, one hour ahead of AEST. Is the OP sure of the start time?

  • I have the Sony WH-1000XM2 model, chose it after spending hours in many shops listening to it and the Bose QC 35-II back to back. It has amazing NC and is more advanced. I am waiting for the Sony WH-1000XM4 to upgrade. If I didn't have one already, I'd grab this deal in a heartbeat.

    Please don't compare this to a Bose. I have an reasonably decent Bose home audio system and it's filled with buyer remorse - the sound quality is so so. My $50k car comes standard with Bose speakers - they are rubbish.

    • It's only compared to Bose (specifically the QC range) due to the fact that there are no other comparable wireless noise cancelling headphones at this price point. It's not necessarily because they sound the same.

      • At stock they will be very different. The Sony's in my case need more treble which I adjusted with the EQ app, default is too bassy and muddy, were as I've heard the Bose is not bassy out of the box

    • That's what people said this year, and the upgrade never came xD.

  • This sold out within 20mins during prime day few months ago and I actually got one, had being eye balling them for a year. Fallen in love since, this is the same price too. Can't go back to wires on my PC. Great for movies phone call quality is fine.

    If this one is prepared for by already 300 upvotes I'm going to be watching ready for it to sell out much quicker, I'll give it 3-8mins?

  • How do they compare to Bose 700? Anybody used both? Cheers.

    • Yes, I owned/own all of them - Bose QC35, Bose700 and XM3.

      Still have both Bose (wife using QC35), sold XM3 due to poor microphone quality - I use my headset a lot at work for phone calls, and the mic was bad, if not terrible - reasonably OK indoors, however try to make a phone call outside when there's bit of wind, and XM3 are simply not usable - like, literally, people can't hear you as they pick up even light wind noise easily, unlike Bose that cope quite well (700 in particular - excellent). If you don't use mic/make phone calls, any should be OK.

      Sound wise, I'm a bit demanding customer and I do prefer more flat response curve of Bose (XM3 have slight bass boost).
      Controls - XM3 have better controls than QC35, despite I use 700 now, can't still get used to it.

      ANC - Bose 700 is the definitely the best, although differences between XM3 and QC35 and barely noticeable.

  • Get the new momentums if you can stretch your budget

  • Can anyone who is a prime user confirm they can sill see this active?

  • I can't see it there either

  • Even though I have Prime, I cannot find the deal anywhere and I checked the up-coming deal many times now.

  • Can anybody still see it? Or has Amazon removed it?

    • I can't see it either

      • I found it on the main Black Friday 2019 deals page. If you see a PS4 Console deal on the top of the page, just click on the > arrow button to view next and it should show this deal.

  • I can't see it either. I've got a screenshot of it in there last night though. Guess we will see what happens. Definitely keen to grab a set if they go on sale.

  • I have the Sony MDR-1000X, are these worth the upgrade?

  • Yeah I have done a lengthy search both in app and web and even in incognito incase it's blocking and cannot see them anywhere. Strange

    • When i saw it last night i put it in my watch list. And it's still there via the app. Says it starts in 26 minutes.

  • IT'S BACK!

  • yeah me too now

  • Amazon newbie here. If I add it to my cart now, will the total price end up being the discounted price after 9:29am?

  • What are the odds of eBay have a deal to?