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FREE online auctions (no listing or success fees) at Trading Post for staff, family and friends


While feeBay is raising fees and eliminating payment methods they don't get commission on, our own Trading Post is trying to get into the online auction game. In addition to the deal mentioned on http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/4719 regarding free listings until 30/09/2008, they also have a staff, family and friends special until 30/06/2008 as mentioned by insedertrader on the same page.

With this discount you do not pay any listing or success fees* and can get $4.40 worth of enhancements for your listing for free*. You'll have to be patient with the site though, clear your cookies and disable cookie blockers, save all the information in another file before submitting and did I mention that you need to be patient? Create an account (might need a credit card to sell, similar as eBay) and follow these steps:

1 Visit tradingpost.com.au and click on the ‘Sell’ tab

2 Follow the steps to list your item for Auction

3 Under this offer you may select the following ad features for free:

  • Short Description

  • Bold Title

  • Yellow Highlight

4 see graphic http://upload.ozbargain.com/2008/06/12/558_tradingpostau.gif

5 make sure to type in STAFF08 and clicking "Apply" button before submitting the information

It will still say on the page that you have to pay the success fee, though using the discount code that shouldn't be the case. However, I am just a messenger and haven't tested it, I can only pass on the information given, but since it's free, you can't or rather shouldn't complain ;)

*Basic auction listing plus Short Description, Bold Title and Yellow Highlight are free (this offer does not include Priority Positioning or Hot Deals, charges apply). No success fee. The selected free enhancements and no success fee are only available in conjunction with this promotion. Offer ends 30/06/2008 and applies to standard auction listings (including ad enhancements). Excludes Priority and Feature listings.

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  • Good one! :)

  • I'll support anyone but feebay!!

    • i support feebay haha


      becuase it actually gets ur items sold! :P

      I always list my junk on smaller forums and it never gets sold, put it on ebay and someone always grabs it LOL!

      and other places are full of scammers! ebay is very safe if u know how to shop!

      • i recently had an item sold and the person that bought it said she'd pay twice as much to post it to her son in Nigeria….

        sounded very fishy to me, and ebay followed up by giving me an alert saying this was a suspicious bidder and to avoid at all costs! eBay has it's fair share of scammers… buyers and sellers…

        But I agree, much bigger market, more people see your item, and there is a better chance it will actually get sold.

        I don't know, but with some people, they don't factor in all the fees, and just sell their item with the cost they want. I suggest you work out how much the fees are, and change your price accordingly!

      • @neosin:

        You sounded just like the guy from feebay - blurping the sickening mantra of "making ebay safer" but sadly, no one
        belives them (even ACCC - http://www.smh.com.au/articles/2008/06/12/1212863822348.html).

        Ebay is not full of scammers? Try to search few popular brand names (ipod, nike, etc, even 32gb usb stick for 99c.., almost half of ebay listing is from HK or China nowadays.

        In fact, feebay is fined for $20,000 for selling counterfeit goods (http://www.theage.com.au/news/web/ebay-fined-over-counterfei...) and Louis Vuitton and Dior is also filing lawsuit againts eBay for a record of 47 millon euro (http://afp.google.com/article/ALeqM5ieVhlM9xNEzcmDtrdw6ToFLt...).

        • @elcheapo:

          um dude, i've got over 150+ feedback on my ebay account and have been on ebay since it was launched.

          scammers r so easily avoided.

          1. if they have over 100 positive feedback, chances r they're not scammers.
          2. use paypal, you will be covered upto 400$ if u get scammed. All you need is proof that you paid and you never got the item. Easy way to give them proof is ask for registered mail when you get your item sent. That way when paypal asks the seller for proof of delivery, they won't be able to prove it.
          3. Never buy from person under 5-10feedback, if you're desperate becuase it's a cheap deal then i always try meet up with them.

          1.when selling, only send items when you get the money first.

          using ebay is as safe and easy as 1,2,3. You just need to use your head :P. And also, all those $1 ipods and stuff are easily spoted as fakes, i can guarantee u the seller will have 0 feedback and or the auction will say in the fine print that you are not getting an actual ipod.

          I challenge you to test my methods out :P

          • @neosin: @neosin,

            It is easier if anything is black and white as you said above.

            I bought a supposedly original sandisk 2gb mini-sd for my phone about a year ago from a 2000+ pos feedback powerseller which told me that the item would be shipped locally from Australia.

            What I got, 4 weeks of delivery from China, in a crumpled and badly shaped envelope. The mini-sd turned out to be fake, the 2gb was only capable writing only the first 512mb, and anything above crashed and froze my comp badly.

            Mailed the seller, and told them it was fake, and he wouldnt budge, saying he got over 2000+ good feedback from the customers.

            and feeBay would not do a jack sh-t

            I neg- him and he neg- me.

            I lost $25, a fake card and a neg-

            the moral of the story,

            it is not always 0 feedback that will scam ya..

            • @elcheapo: Likewise I got the same treatment from a 1500+ aussie seller and eBay did do something - I think, as they are no longer a seller. BUT that was 6 months later and I never got a refund. So ebay will act BUT only after many get ripped off. So much for protection!!!!

  • It's good that tradingpost is lower cost than ebay. You get what you pay for! Their infrastructure needs a lot of work until it's comparable to ebay.

    My item recently sold on the Tradingpost website. The buyer's details were all empty fields (ie no name, address or phone number). I've tried to contact Tradingpost both online and by phone and all to no avail. They've ignored my online issue post and when I call the help centre (after 45min waiting in the queue) I'm told that the person who can help me is never there and they'll call me back. So far no return call.

    And to boot my sold item has now been removed from the MyTradingPost page and I can't see it at all. That's pretty poor service for a site who's trying to out-compete eBay.

    • Yes it is a good bargain, but as of supporting tradingpost, I would rather support another independent online auction house like OZtion. Oh wait, they have sold themselves to Jumbuck Entertainment which is a listed company. Never mind…

      Listing on TradingPost (not auction, but just to be listed on their classified section) used to be quite expensive — after all they have to bow down to the pressure from the Telstra share holders. If they do increase in market share, they'll just become another eBay (or maybe even worse) IMHO.

      • Yeah don't you love globalization and the large corporations that only go after max profit no matter what, but hey like you said the bargain is good ie you can't lose anything if it's free, only your time but then again that's your choice ;)

  • Oh dear, mad__llama. I hope it gets sorted out soon. :/

    I do have the same issue as neosin when it comes to ebay vs tradingpost. I admit, my item didn't get much interest on ebay (two bids lol, lucky I didn't price it too low >.>) — but I guess it's partly cos I'm far from an established seller.

    The main barrier at the moment, I think with tradingpost, etsy, and I think Oztion, is they require a credit card. And I don't have a credit card, nor am I getting one any time soon. -_- Don't believe in going into CC debt, and no reason to, at the moment, either.

    Plus tradingpost seems to have a major lack of items. (Tried searching for some related to what I'm gonna sell, and no hits..) And their search function could be streamlined to show all items when there're only like 8……

    • jennkei… you could get a debit card which has a credit card thing on it. Then you can use your card for creidt card things, but the money coes out of your account like a debit card… thus you get the advantages of a credit card without actually having one. Every bank and credit union offers this. That way, you can;t go into debt, and you don’t pay fees for a creidt card, but still have a visa/matercard to use.

  • Staff08 didn't work for me…

    • More info? Did you type it in as a single string ie no spaces and pressed the apply button before submitting the auction and it didn't work?