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Trading Post online - 50+ Free Insertion Fees on Auctions/Buy Now per month until 30 September.


List your ads FREE on Tradingpost.com.au

List as many ads as you like between now and 30th September 2008 and you won't pay any listing fees.

What is the Free Listing Quota?
Each month you can place up to 50 ads, or 5 times the number of items you sold in the previous month – which ever is the highest number of ads – free!
After you have reached your monthly quota you only pay a listing (insertion) fee of $0.30 for each Auction or Buy Now ad.

What is a basic listing?

  • When you list your ad you get a title in the search results, 1 image on your ad detail page, a short description on your ad detail page and an unlimited number of words in your item description, including html. The listing fee for your base ad is free until you reach your free listing quota.

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  • Nice - not only for the bargain, and even though it is run by Telstra, its an alternative to eBay and given their past and now most recent attitude to customers we need this alternative.

    While there are other auction sites, they just don't have the momentum. at this point Trading post at least has buyer appeal and as such has a greater market presence for sellers.

    If eBay's monopoly goes then this is got to be a good thing for us bargain hunters

  • Looks good - didn't know the Trading Post were pushing so much into the online territory. Good on em.

  • Totally agree.

    GreediBay, FeeBay, eBay is just sux big time now. They don't give a rats for people that already contributed so many hundred of thousand dollars in commissions to them and they squeeze more and more money out of you in the sake of "security" yeah right!

    In fact, trading post are excellent in value.

    Look at this comparison:

    $2000 laptop for sell

    Insertion fees $3.50, Gallery + Subtitle $0.99, 5 Pictures $1.00, eBay Final Value fee $44.38 and doubly whammy paypal fee $48.40,
    Total eBay fee: $98.27

    Trading Post:
    Listing is $24.95 for classified ads with 5 pictures with NO commission
    Listing is FREE for online buy it now but commission is $27.50 + 1.25% over $1000 (total for $2000 is $40).

    It is clear where I go now.

  • The post makes it look like its 100% free, but upon looking at the site, its like ebay, so there are feature and success fees also :( a little misleading

  • Trading Post vs OZtion, which one is cheaper & have more potential buyer?

    • Both Trading Post and Oztion still has a lot of work to do

      Trading post, as quoted by SMH yesterday, only has 2.24% online market compared to 44.80% eBay. While I have no data about oztion but, oztion site claim to have 650,000 items for sale/auction compared to 1.2 millions eBay has. Based on this claim, oztion may have around 10-20% market.

      If people start to use more trading post & Oztion, surely it will give some competition to eBay. Thanks to eBay's sux rule, more and more people are now looking for alternative place and this is the opportunity that Trading Post and Oztion cannot miss.

      It will start slowly, but both Oztion and Trading Post will have a good chance in the long term.

  • They (ie. oztion or trading post) will eventually become the same as Ebay once they become giant big. Therefore, charge more fees in the end. Just a matter of time. It's all about getting members and traffics to their site. After all, there is no free lunch in the world. For sure, the more competitions, the better for us.

  • Oh I just heard through a friend who works at Trading post about a staff deal where you can list and sell for free.

    The promo code is - Aka Barney Stinsen style wait for it…………………………… staff08

    it give you the option to list a buy now and auction ad thats pretty basic for free.

    Get selling Australia

  • Trading post has always been good. I agree. Something Australian (for now anyways). Better value. Lets keep competition.

  • I just signed up but they send me empty email with no text or activation code so how the h3ll I activate my account. Wondering have anyone got the same problem?

  • Trading Post in my opinion does not belong in the auction market.

    Whats funny is it's publically know that eBay is laughing at all their Power Sellers because despite people disliking their changes all the Power Sellers are not moving away from eBay.

    If your really looking for an alternative site, there are a few but they all need support.

    One site for example is www.razorbid.com.au, it has NO LISTING FEE's, a FIXED 1-3% FVF.

    Again eBay will laugh until people properly "leave" for other sites.