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10% off Nintendo eShop Currency Cards | 15% off iTunes Gift Cards @ Target


On sale for one week only starting 4/12.

15% off iTunes gift cards applies to $30, $50 and $100 cards. Limit of 5 cards per transaction.

Does not apply to Nintendo Switch online subscription cards.

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Target Australia
Target Australia

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  • Good for those who need it and miss out on the current EB Games 10% offer that i assume ends midnight tomorrow. -

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      I think the EB ones is better because you can pay with discounted EB giftcards.

      • Have you tried?

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          Definitely can purchase eShop gift cards with gift cards at EB, I did it yesterday.

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        Where can you buy discounted EB gift cards?

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    eShop credit can be used to pay for Nintendo Online subscriptions I believe

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      Can confirm, can be used to pay for Nintendo Online Membership (including family plan).

      • Thank you, I was just wondering this very thing!

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    Hmmm we could combine this with the Amex $40 off $200 spend Myer offer by using it to buy a $200 Coles Myer gift card and then using the gift card to buy a $200 Nintendo eShop card. So effectively $200 eShop card with 10% discount = $180 - $40 = $140! Does anyone know whether Target allow you to use a Coles Myer giftcard to buy eShop gift cards like EB Games do?

    Update: Bah according to the Coles Myer terms of use it can't:
    No Gift Card can be used for:
    -purchases initiated by phone, email, post or fax;
    -Service ATMs;
    -bill payments, including credit card accounts and store accounts;
    - purchases at hotels owned by Coles Group companies;
    - and purchases of gift cards.

    • Can probably combine with PayPal's amex offer using PayPal gifts to buy the gift cards for EB games.

  • What do you use the online currency for

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      To buy digital games for the Nintendo Switch, as well as other digital goods such as subscription services and DLC.

  • Can you buy super smash bros game with these?

    • Yes, but there's no sale for the digital version at the moment.

      • I dont have the switch set up yet, what is the price online at moment for it compared to amazon etc

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          Check out for a great for eshop and amazon costs. It's awesome.

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            @Dan83: Thanks, Looks like a great site

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    Just a heads up, you can’t add more than $300 to your eshop wallet

    • Surely these are covered by the Australian Consumer Laws guaranteeing at least three years before expiry?

      Which means you have three years to spend up some points and load some more.

      • I remember reading the T&C of the giftcard at the back, it said the giftcard does not expiry tho.

        • Well, “never” beats three years, so there’s no harm stocking up with as many as you can.

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    Will officeworks price beat the target deal on itunes card?

    • Yes, Just did

  • Anyone know if Target gift cards can be used to purchase the Nintendo eshop gift cards?

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      Usually they don't work @ Target but I didn't try with eshop specifically.

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    With these gift cards at 10% off, it’ll bring that “2 game vouchers for $134.95” offer down to $121.50 - or $60.75 per game.

    I’m tempted to dive in and get Super Smash with this, but the OzBargainer in me says to hold off, despite the minimal savings. Choices, choices…

    • You've already waited like a year on getting the game though, how long is too long? At this stage it's not even as relevant as near release in terms of how many close friends still play it.

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        Funnily enough, I only got the switch last Friday and only waited this long because I’ve been playing smash at mates’ houses ever since release and decided “I should dive into more Switch games during my break this year”.

    • Plus the gold points you get for the buying the vouchers, while you don't then get gold points for buying the game you do get launch bonus gold points with vouchers with the games that have the launch bonus..

  • Can you use AGL target gift cards to buy these eshop cards?

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