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AstiVita Coffee Grinder $8.70 | 500ml Premium Essential Oil Diffuser $9.75 + Delivery ($0 Prime/ $39 Spend) @ AstiVita Amazon AU


Another fabulous deal from Astivita. Plenty of stock available.

Don't forget cashback.

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【Perfectly Grinded Coffee】: For lovers of coffee everywhere, our grinder turns your beans into the finest coffee grinds however you like it - French press, pour over, drip, Aero Press and more
•【Manually Operated】: Don’t worry about annoying wires or constantly thinking if the batteries work! Our manual coffee grinder grinds easily so you can have perfectly ground coffee beans in seconds!
•【Conveniently Portable】: A sleek lightweight design allows you to easily carry it around wherever you need to have a quick pick me up just the way you need it. It fits in any bag, purse, or carry on!
•【Stainless Steel Construction】: A durable makeup of brushed stainless steel means it will last you a very long time so you not stress about it breaking or malfunctioning for a long-term purchase.
•【Premium Ceramic Burr Grinding】: Enjoy effortless grinding with a premium quality mechanism that is designed to last for years! Easily adjustable from course to fine, choose what you love. 【CUSTOMER Support】: 12 month Customer Support and Warranty No Matter Where You Are in Australia. Our Brisbane Team know the importance of customer satisfaction and Should Anything go Wrong, We Will Get a Replacement to You ASAP.

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    Thanks dealbot, bought one!

  • +9 votes

    "Perfectly Grinded Coffee" - isn't the past tense of "grind", "ground" and not "grinded" ?

    • +4 votes

      you grinded my gears


      "Grinded" is acceptable. (Shown in search)

        • -3 votes

          The use of a word can't be defined by 1 dictionary definition… Or what we might be used to.

          English is an international language with many variants. There are variants within Australia! My aboriginal students taught me many other meanings for words! So different words are used by different groups. It's a wonderful diversity!

          In general, the English are rather particular about the use of words. For example our commonly used word "Pants" has a quite different meaning there.

          Many would be aghast at my use of the word "pants"! They would correct me with "pants is a VULGAR American word" & "pants are worn UNDER trousers"!! "Pants" there - are what we call "underpants"! Such pedants😉

          Similarly, "grinded" is used more in the USA. Reports there are that it is becoming as common as "ground".

          I would use "ground" as in buying "ground coffee beans". But "ground" there describes the product - an adjective, rather than the past tense of grind - a verb.

          ground (adj.)
          "reduced to fine particles by grinding," past-participle adjective from grind (v.).

          But by construction, the past tense of grind (a verb) - the guidelines would say "grind-ed" is more correct.

          But "grind" is an irregular verb like "find" that becomes "found". Some would like to simplify these odd instances, making English more accessible. "Grinded" is an example of that simplified form. This will likely happen over time.

          "Ground" has so many meanings & uses.


            @Infidel: As for one dictionary definition feel free to check the Collins, Oxford and Merriam Webster dictionaries.

            Grinded is not correct just because people choose to use the term. If so then arsedick is a real word too. It is not in case you were uncertain. If we just accepted words that were used in common vernacular where would we be as a society? Oh, that's right, where we are now, alongside the half-wits, dullards and reprobates that would accuse me of being salty, despite my pH level being closer to 7.4 than 7. But I jest, after all the term salty has been around for some time, with reference to sailors being an "ornery" bunch.

            As for the "some" people that would like to simplify these "odd" instances, perhaps they should go back to school or limit themselves to words and phrases that they can apply correctly, like "c is for cat"? Mind you I find Hanzi too complicated, maybe we could just change it to a series of dots and dashes?

            I appreciate that you enjoy "learning" about the misuse of the English language across different ethnic groups. I too also enjoy a good laugh at people ordering flied lice at my local Chinese restaurant. Yes, it never stops being funny Col. Neither does your mullet.

            If however, the point you are trying to make is with regard to the differentiation of "Grinds" and "Grounds" then perhaps there is some merit. After all, it is commonly accepted that grinds refers to the coffee prior to use, and grounds refers the waste product. So it could be argued that using the word ground for pre-used coffee makes no sense; after all i comes before o.

            As an aside, Pants (underwear) and Pants (trousers) actually derive from the same common artefact (i.e. pantaloons). As such, pants (underwear) as an abbreviation for underpants, is actually an abbreviation for pants worn under trousers. Whereas Pants (trousers) has a closer approximation to an abbreviation of pants worn as trousers.

            Anyway, I hope you "finded" my comments somewhat amusing in the general, diverse approach to language in which they were intended.


              @Tiggrrrrr: Language evolves!

              "Grinded is not correct just because people choose to use the term."
              Strangely, that's how language changes over time. New words are officially added to dictionaries each year & meanings change.

              For example, "awful" had the original meaning of being awe-inspiring! The meaning completely changed over time, & with use.

              "Deadly" can have almost opposite meanings in different groups in Australia. But it's meaning is obvious from the context.

              That's the beauty of our language & why I love regional & other differences. Communication is a very creative process.

              My point was - why get upset about it? We all use language differently & seem to understand the meaning - usually from the context, often more than the words.


                @Infidel: Awful doesn't necessarily mean something bad or good. It is contextual. E.g. that is awfully good pizza.

                Similarly frightful.

                If people chose to not understand that, then that's their failing.

                And the moment Grinded hits the dictionary you can vault onto a high horse. Until that time (i.e. never) Grinded is incorrect.


                  @Tiggrrrrr: The challenges & changes to traditional English words & language will come from those who are not native speakers of English. That's has been a major influence over its history.

                  I'd guess that's where "grinded" is becoming popular.

                  About 20% of the world population speak English. But only 24% of them are native speakers.
                  So those new to English will introduce new variations & meanings to existing words.

                  With the force of over 1 billion non-native speakers of English & more wanting to learn, change will happen! They outnumber the very few (like you) who think language should be static, abiding by rules😉

                  The English language is changing every day! It is not just in Dictionaries, but in use by about 1.5 billion people - who will decide it's future😉


              @Tiggrrrrr: As for those pushing to remove the need to learn lists of irregular verbs…
              It seems the words were derived from other language systems & taken into the English language, keeping their strange system (eg changing the word rather than simply adding the usual suffix). That archaic system makes little sense any more.
              (It is a result of the Indo-European ablaut & and vowel gradation!)

              So pruning the complex system for use of those odd words may be beneficial, making English easier to learn & understand.

              It has well educated supporters who don't need to "go back to school or limit themselves to words and phrases that they can apply correctly"😉
              Little grammar is taught in school. Those most proficient in grammar are often those who are not native English speakers, learning a new system!

              As for your earlier offensive comment…
              "I too also enjoy a good laugh at people ordering flied lice at my local Chinese restaurant. Yes, it never stops being funny Col. Neither does your mullet."
              I travel to learn, not offend

              "Grinded is incorrect"
              (Grindr is different matter - soon to be found in a dictionary after Google?😉)
              Who says so? Language is a creative process - so if it's used, it's not against any rules!

              Imagine telling Shakespeare - you can't use all those words you've made up! Our language would be poorer if self appointed rule makers imposed their will, on Will! (I'm sure they tried!)

              As I said - we understand the meaning of the word more from its context / surrounding words.

              In your example…
              "awfully / frightfully good pizza" = great

              Awfully has a very different meaning & use to awful! (It means very), & only gives emphasises to the following word, good, or bad!

              Whereas, "awful / frightful pizza" is not one I would eat!

              So how is awful not a negative comment? It's use has changed so much with use.


                @Infidel: "I'm feeling an awful lot better, thanks" - source: Cambridge English Dictionary.

                Yes. Definitely negative.


                  @Tiggrrrrr: I've leant an awful lot from this discussion!
                  Adj: an "awful" lot (= very much) CED

                  Similar use to your previous example of "awfully" - used to give emphasis to the noun.
                  How very English! How awful ;-)

                  Another example of the meaning of the word being defined by its context!

                  Somehow we cope with words used in very different ways or even new words.

                  But use an irregular verb as a regular verb, resulting in "grinded" - and it is somehow not right!! People get upset! You can't say that!

                  That's because children have to learn lists of irregular verbs & are criticised if they don't change the word, instead of adding -ed, when used in the past tense.

                  Adults correct them - as was forced on them when they made "mistakes". So they perpetuate this process😣

                  Using irregular verbs as regular verbs makes English simpler. It just takes seeing this use as possible - not as an abomination.
                  Accepting these as alterative words (endings in -ed), rather than memorising about 200 irregular verbs to avoid being criticised, makes communication easier.
                  Over time, learning how to change a whole word when changing tense will likely be dropped & words like "grinded" will likely be preferable.

                  After all words like "programme" used to be insisted upon, rather than the American version "program" - not that long ago. Some may still tut-tut the use of "program", but they are now few.
                  American English was simplified by Webster & others (eg dropping of "u" from "colour"), as the spelling of many words made no sense. We still understand the words. For us, these are alternative words - we mainly choose not to use here.

                  The English language is complex & dynamic!


                    @Infidel: A programme is something one would find at the theatre (not theater), a program is something one would find on a computer. How is that difficult?

                    I won't be taking advice in the correct use of English from the Americas.
                    Personally I find the decay of language a reflection on us as a society, innit?

                    Anyway, I think this has gone beyond the simple correction that GreenLego intended.

                    So Tally-ho, and away we go.


  • +1 vote

    Thanks got one…. now just to find a decent coffee bean deal

  • +12 votes

    The coffee grinders like this are good for getting a consistent grind but slow when doing it by hand. The lid at the top comes off to open up the chamber for the coffee beans, but the shaft extends a bit further. If you have a handheld drill you can just attach the chuck to the shaft whizz away. A word of warning though don't go turbo speed, you can heat up the shaft and melt the plastic around it.

  • +34 votes

    As always here to answer any questions!*
    *except for why just jeans sells shirts

  • +1 vote

    Bought! Thanks!

  • +1 vote

    Waiting for someone to ask "this or the Smart Grinder?"

  • +1 vote

    Thanks, will try the grinder when camping.

  • +1 vote

    Thanks! Got one more of the diffuser.

  • +1 vote

    Would the coffee grinder be good for black/white pepper?

  • +1 vote

    Good scale, I highly recommend it :-)


    I have too many bluetooth speakers already!


    Hi rep,

    What is the dimension of the soundbar which is $15.99…? Thinking of putting it in the microwave shelf on top of microwave, height is not a problem but would like to know width to make sure it will fit..


    why am i not gwtting the discount on the astivita stuff in my cart?

    • +1 vote

      The discount price only shows up after the confirmed address step.


        Thanks, worked it out, was hoping to pick up James Noir for the 3DS to get free shipping but wasn't being provided by Amazon Commercial Services

  • +1 vote

    I wonder what the soundbar sound quality is like…


    Does this work well with grinding …. herbs …. dried oregano, perhaps?

  • +1 vote

    Picking the grinder up. Any recommendations on a decent coffee machine - sub $100? Am a starter to coffee and was happy with the kmart $89 one till it conked off…


      Nanopresso. They are fantastic, take anywhere.Had one for a couple of years, and couldn't live without it. Makes a very decent shot- almost as good as my Rancilio https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/NANOPRESSO-Wacaco-Espresso-Coffee-Machine-CASE-Portable-18-Bar-Pressure/183109585074?hash=item2aa22e88b2:g:1csAAOSweehanP3h:sc:AU_PrePaidParcelPostSatchels500g!2452!AU!-1&frcectupt=true


      How long did the kmart one last? Heard good things, so I grabbed one yesterday. Feels very flimsy.


        It is flimsy. Decent machine though I felt I was getting less crema after a few months. The steam wand stopped working under 6 months so returned for a refund.

  • +1 vote

    Christmas presents sorted! Thanks!

  • +3 votes

    We also have a new 2K Curved 31.5" 75hz monitor coming into stock soon, pm me if you would like to be one of the first to try it at a discount!


    Anybody know if the coffee grinder will fit inside the handle of an Aeropress?


    Do you get any oils with the Oil Diffuser?


    I bought the scale around a week or so ago for $14.99. Is there a way to claw back the difference…?


    Anyone know if the scale has any accuracy as to the non-weight data, is it useful?

    "not only shows body weight, but also syncs data to your APP including Body Fat, Water, Muscle Mass, BMI, BMR, Bone Mass, Protein, Skeletal Muscle and other data"


      would just apply some sort of imputation based off a normalised scale i reckon.

    • +2 votes

      I don't know how accurate it is but I've found the Body Fat measurements to at least be consistent. I've been cutting for 3 weeks and the fat percentage has dropped at a rate that was predicted by my trainer


    How does your Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker compare to your Bluetooth Sound Bar Speaker with Remote Control? Cheers

  • +1 vote

    Ta OP and Astivita bought grinder and scale which I needed and Bluetooth speaker that I didn't, keen to try them all out.

  • +1 vote

    Thank u. Bought another sleep mask. Will keep an eye out for next sale, they are so good!

  • +5 votes

    Just a quick tip to pet owners who purchased diffuser. Some essential oils are toxic to dogs & cats. Even though they are not being applied directly, I would use caution in case it makes pet feel sick to inhale. ( from Google) Some essential oils are poisonous to dogs. This includes oil of cinnamon, citrus, pennyroyal, peppermint, pine, sweet birch, tea tree (melaleuca), wintergreen, and ylang ylang. These oils are toxic whether ingested by mouth or spread on the skin.

    • +1 vote

      Did not know that, and have a dog. So thanks! Would never have thought. I'll be sure to keep doggo outside when in use.

    • +1 vote

      I don’t think that a few drops in a cup of water in a diffuser are going to affect the doggies and kitties. However, it is a reminder to make sure the oil bottles, and diffuser, are kept out of reach.


    Any chance for 2 dollar Bluetooth speakers like before? :)


    Just added a laptop table, soundbar and diffuser to my collection from Astivita


    Does the grinder work for nuts??


    Thanks mate. Work Kris Kringle gifts sorted!


    The waterproof Bluetooth speaker is coming up as $19.98 not $8


    Thanks got one


    Damn missed out on the diffuser

  • +2 votes

    Just received the soundbar today very good quality and sound really great thanks


      The trouble with reading reviews AFTER Deal has finished… Regret!
      Should have bought, but have a few disappointing BT speakers from previous random Deals.

  • +2 votes

    Grinder & Diffuser received in Brisbane👍 Nice!

    Diffuser is powerful - turned on without cover & water splashed out. Strong jet of water vapour with cover on. Essential oils smell spread quickly throughout room.

    Can hear water moving inside - quite soothing white noise! So will go nicely beside bed.
    Will go through water quickly - good it has large tank.

    Bought 2 (in 2 Deals) as use 2 Perfect Potion (not cheap) essential oil blends (Sweet Dreams, Relax). Easier as can top up without affecting each smell.

    Very happy as previous smaller, lower powered, dearer Diffuser clogged up after a few months.

    Grinder looks great - would make a nice present. Need a strong grip of unit to work smoothly. Not an experienced coffee grinder, but seems a good result.
    Had recently realised I needed a grinder for occasional use - perfect timing👍

    • +1 vote

      But strangely interferes with DAB+ radio reception a few rooms away!
      Pressing ON - radio goes silent, press OFF - comes back on. Thought radio had stopped working, but affects the other DAB+ radio😣

      As for operation…
      Timer works for 60/120/180 min by pressing Mist button. Long press to turn on.
      High/Low button - can't see any difference in mist or operating sound.
      Lights cycle or set to 1 colour by pressing light button.


        Waiting for other Diffuser to be delivered to see if this is an issue only with this unit. Will then contact Rep.

  • +1 vote

    Electrical interference from Diifuser!!

    With Diffuser on…
    ABC & TEN TV shows "no service" or breaks up on all TVs in house!
    DAB+ Radio (ABC & SBS) has no recption!
    Turn Diffuser off - DAB+ & TV reception resumes😣

    Not in a strong signal area.

    I'm not going to be very popular in my house😒


      That sucks, still waiting for mine (also bought 2 in 2 deals), hope mine doesn't do this.

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