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Sennheiser HD 4.30i and Sennheiser HD 4.30g $69 Each @ Harvey Norman


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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • Nice deal. Limited stock at both HN and JB for price match. 4.30i model is for apple, 4.30g model is for galaxy/android. I'd buy if there was local stock. Cheers anyway

  • thanks.
    got black ones

  • I bought these on a similar jb hifi deal about 6 months ago. They are pretty good. I think I'd feel a bit ripped off if i was paying full price, but at $70 they're pretty decent. I find they're not that loud compared to ear buds. The ear pads are comfortable. I don't know if i just have big ears, but these are definitely on-ear, not over-ear. I wish the spring had a bit more tension and pushed the pads into my ears a little more firmly but that's probably a personal preference thing. The mic works well. I like that the cable is replaceable of its damaged etc.

    So like i said, they're good value at this price.

  • JB had it for 59$ on the sale last time

  • picked mine up today.

    pretty average, and the cord is short.

    agree with wombat81 i'd feel ripped off it i paid $179 sticker price.

    good for gaming i guess but next to Bose music sounds noticeably worse