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Pay No Insertion and Final Value Fees on up to 3 Items @ eBay Australia


Check your emails and Seller Centre ASAP as these deals are becoming quite rare now. This popped up in my Seller Centre only a few minutes ago. I tried to display the T&Cs but it takes me to a broken page, I'll check back later and see if it's working then.

Expires 23:59:59 AEDT on Wednesday, 11 December.

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    Ebay is a broken page tbh


      Maybe I've just been lucky, most transactions go well.
      Those that don't were selling unauthorized PDF's, &
      I got refunds quickly (as they don't want to be shut-
      down by eBay or PayPal)

      When Selling, I do NOT accept Returns (per listing)

      Why wouldn't that be good Solution for everybody ?

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    Be careful selling on eBay, they only protect the buyer and not the seller. Had a buyer claim the item was faulty, refused to return it and eBay refunded them back entirely, left me out of pocket and product.

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      they protect nothing other than their profit margin tbh


      eBay is not unique in this respect, you take a chance with any platform you choose to sell on over the Internet. They all make money when people buy things on their platform, therefore they'll do their utmost to protect whomever is worth more to them - which is inevitably the buyers.

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        Currently, Facebook and carousell are safe from the "protection" that platforms offer buyers, at sellers expense. For now..

        Looks like fb is becoming buyer centred already though. Ratings for buyers are hidden, and they cash rate you without even buying anything, eg simply making an Lowbank offer that you rejected.

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      I had a similar experience where I was forced to accept a return for a laptop 4 weeks after the sale due to effectively a change of mind by a dodgy buyer. Then someone else bought it but a lower price, however they turned out to be a scammer and tried to return it lying that I did not post as laptop as specified. I thought they were suspect but I could not stop them from buying the item as ebay has no filter to prevent buyers with low ratings from purchasing your item Luckily they were a dumb scammer who tried to do that several times at once to others and was banned by ebay which violated his ability to be eligible for returns.
      Be careful selling Macbooks, they are a prime target for scammers and thieves. Thankfully my macbook experiment is over

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      Refused to return it? Makes no sense so I’m sure there is more to this story

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        Ha. Guess you haven't had any/many dodgy buyers on ebay.


        There could be several possibilities:

        • The buyer simply didn't want to return the item. Either cannot be bothered or scam.
        • In feeBay's new standard, the seller needs to provide a return label to assist the return (doesn't matter what you state in the listing).
        • The way feeBay rules item not as described is that if the buyer raised a claim, feeBay will simply judge whether the item is actually not as described, if yes, feeBay may simply rule in favour of the buyer.

        A seller was trying to bargain with me to have me accept partial refund instead of full refund. The wrong item was simply useless to me so I informed him repeatedly I want a full refund (happy to return the product back). The seller insisted on another partial refund offer and I got fed up and raised a claim. FeeBay refunded in full. However, I did ask seller for the return address and posted it back (I paid postage). That said, I could have been nasty and kept the item.


          That's what not making sense to me. I would have thought the buyer had to return the item BEFORE a refund was due.


            @BongoOB: Nope. Welcome to eBay.

            Same shit happened to me, buyer claimed it was damaged and the disc was scratched. I said it was sent perfect, all I can think is the disc slipped out of it's case but even that rarely causes damage.

            I asked for photos and also offered a refund on return of the item or a straight up 50% refund if he couldn't be bothered but wanted to keep it damaged (being a collectors item, it still has worth as a whole). I got neither back because obviously it wasn't damaged, he opened a dispute, eBay refunded him.

            Lost money, lost item.

            1 out of 700+ sales though and that's precisely why eBay doesn't protect the seller at all, most people are honest and it's easier to let the scammers scam. Just sucks when you're the target.


              @eagerfisherman: How annoying. Still makes no sense to me. Returning the item before refund sounds reasonable to me. I understand that the buyers need protection as that is the business model - It simply wouldn't work the other way around.


      eBay seller protection is 1 month.
      But PayPal "no questions asked" buyers protection was extended up to 6 months some time ago.
      A number of sellers were complaining they had to accept items back after 4-5 months of use - as long as buyer claims "item not as described" PayPal will issue refund.

      As a seller I received another broken item back instead of a new one (serial number was different). Since it was low price item I gave up the fight - attempt to prove anything to PayPal is a huge energy/time/happiness drain.


    Also check your fees with this link


    It's impossible to find the actual link for the fees on there website/seller hub.

    They may actually charge you fees even with this promotion, and you have to contact customer support to get the fee waived.


    I know now why I couldn't link to the T&Cs. I suspect this was an old promotion that regurgitated and displayed when it wasn't supposed to. I sold something recently and found I'd been charged for it. When I checked which item IDs were recorded against the promotion they were other completely different IDs that were listed two months ago. So, if you've also had the same happen to you ensure you take a screenshot of the promotion appearing in your seller centre and contact eBay chat to have the charges removed.

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