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Apple MacBook Pro 16" T/Bar 9th Gen i7 512GB SG/SILVER $3,299 + Delivery (Free with eBay Plus) @ Wireless1 eBay


Holding on to eBay vouchers and don't know what to do with them? This is a great deal for the latest 16" Macbook Pro released less than a month ago for under $3k.

Picked up one yesterday from TGG for $3248, Wireless1 eBay was out of stock yesterday for 16" base models, it looks like more than 10 available as of posting.


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    Picked up one yesterday from TGG for $3248,


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      TGG advertised price $3,419.10, used 5% off gift cards via corporate rewards. Alternatively try price beat at OW, TGG Black Friday deal is still active online.


    will get one from work

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          Sorry, how did Apple do a remote kill on your air 2? I've never heard of that before.


            @Morien: Think some root SSL certs expired in Aug Oct maybe that forced an upgrade to keep things working…?

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            @Morien: An iPhone or iPad actually needs to be in activated status at all times in order to be usable. Think about it… when you lost your iPhone, how does Apple allow you to lock/zap it completely? Big bother Apple has the kill switch on every Apple device.

            What happens is that each i-device appears to have an activation expiration date and once that expired, you must re-activate that device (this normally happens behind the scene automatically). Also, like I mentioned earlier, Apple can simply flex their muscle and go: these iPad Air 2's are on iOS 9 and we don't want to support letting iOS 9 remain active anymore. Let's just zap them to force the owners to do an upgrade. Same thing happened to my old iPhone 6S Plus earlier. The big pain was I had to put the iPad Air 2 in recovery mode, connect to iTunes in order to do the upgrade (because that iOS version was too old and over the air upgrade was not possible). It was a bit scary because I was getting a lot of errors initially until I googled and found out recovery mode is the only way possible (if I didn't succeed, that iPad Air 2 would basically be a brick).

            Most people will upgrade to the latest iOS so they won't notice it. The reality is that, your ability to stay using an older iOS is at the mercy of Apple. Also, it is best that the final iOS version for your device isn't laggy or buggy. I have a really old iPod Touch which has to be on the final iOS it supports, it is so laggy that I didn't (and still don't) want to sell it (it is so painful to use). It's just a matter a time before it gets chucked to a bin.

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              @netsurfer: You've described the process in computing that requires upgrading. No secret or conspiracy there. Internet evolves, OS's get upgraded, eventually hardware becomes obsolete. That's computing!


                @wfdTamar: No, you don't get my main point. My main point is this:

                If you really read the terms and conditions, you would notice that while we actually purchased the iPhone outright, we are in a way getting a lease from Apple. I intentionally not upgraded that iPad Air 2. However, against my will, Apple zapped the device so that it became inactive. Apple gave me two choices. 1. Apple's way - upgrade to the latest iOS, or 2. The device is a brick (useless - you cannot get into the home screen as Apple zapped it).

                There was more to it. The force upgrade in this case was NOT smooth. Because it was on an iOS that's fairly old. Over the air upgrade to iOS 12 or 13 isn't possible. I was forced to go iTunes on a PC or Mac. Installing the app wasn't a big deal, but once I plugged the device to the PC, it attempted to update, but failed every single time. Had to google a fair bit and eventually a post mentioned put it in recovery mode then upgrade.

                One issue I had was: Apple did not give me any warning. Basically, I could not do a backup before the forced upgrade. It was working fine one night, and the next morning, Apple just zapped it. After the upgrade, I am having issues with some of the known iOS 13 bugs.

                Basically, the problem is: it is getting harder and harder to have a decent device that can still run iOS 32 bit apps. I am not saying don't upgrade. However, for older devices, I just want Apple allow me to stay at certain iOS versions. I bought some of those 32 bit apps, but right now, I can only run them from a super slow, super old iPod Touch.


                @wfdTamar: Yes, new devices, new iOS versions get released. However, that's not what this is about.

                My iPad Pro DOES run new iOS. The iPad Air 2 was intended to run legacy apps - because family members still use them. Some of them are paid apps.

                Also, if this is Apple's way, then announce it officially. Let people know the final deadline for a device running a certain iOS. This happened to me twice. Honestly, older devices do suffer from latest iOS. Even the well liked iOS 12. it was really good initially, but towards the later versions, it starts to lag a bit on older devices.

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    I’m not an Apple fan, I actually was against the “overpriced” PCs and mobile phones and as most Android users think,“ I can get a quad core Android for The same cost as a dual core IOS.“ Well, you can put as much cores/ram etc but will never be IOS that is tweaked to its full performance and made for specific Hardware, Android and Windows are generic and the priority is to be compatible it most hardware manufactures.

    Please keep buying windows PCs as that keeps me busy doing IT support, I have a windows laptop from work gets upgraded every year I don’t even touch it, I rather use my MacBook ( paid with my own money ) to fix windows PCs

    Facts and my experience :

    Mobile phones -
    Android/Samsung phones I was upgrading every 1,5 years as they would stop realising updates and/or be slow.

    Since I’ve bought my first IPhone they last me easily more than 3 years to start considering upgrading

    Laptops -
    windows, errors, conflicts and re-imaging all the time, drivers are a pain in the ass, random hardware issues , batteries don’t last long and need to be replaced after 1/2 years,. 3 years lifetime stretching.

    Apple on the other hand battery lasts forever, never needed to get a battery replacement or re-image or virus/errors, more than 4 years to start considering upgrading not because it’s needed but just for new features e.g touch screen


      You work in IT support and still use Windows? Try Linux, man.

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        Linux would be my favourite OS, if… they had Google Drive Sync, OneNote (native), XCode (yeah, I wish), better touchpad drivers, natively working hardware keys (still no light/volume up/down on my HP notebook?), etc, etc.
        I use Linux as a home server and I love it. For everyday productivity work? No way :(

        On the other hand, Macs got so extremely expensive that I'm really considering what to do next when my 15" MBP dies. I can't afford $3.2k for a notebook, and the smaller MBPs (13") don't have proper GPUs.

        Finally, I got a HP laptop recently (Windows), and as much as I don't like Windows, it was cheap, really high build quality (alu body all over), great battery, and runs every application I ever need.


          There is a Linux client to sync Google drive, and it doesn't restrict to photos and local drive like the shitty windows client

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      Some Apple users tend to have this if you use Apple products, you are somewhat superior. Anyway, the thing is, the switch to all USB-C / thunderbolt 3 ports and 4 ports max, other various cost saving measures isn't right, no matter how much you want to twist it. And, let's not get started with T2 chip mess.

      Apple on the other hand battery lasts forever, never needed to get a battery replacement or re-image or virus/errors

      That's not true and is basically a single example. My work mate had to re-imagine his work MBP due to bootcamp went !@#!@. He got so fed up that he bought his own laptop (as the work MBP isn't fast enough for him). My work Apple monitor has a broken cable. My work Apple MBP has a cluster of pixels which are much brighter.

      I have work colleagues refusing to buy any MBP with butterfly keyboard.

      The 4K headache I am having with 13 inch MBP. It's somewhat a joke that the Apple dongle works better on 8th gen intel NUC thatn 13 inch MBP.

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    "This is a great deal for the latest 16" Macbook Pro released less than a month ago for under $3k"
    How are we getting it for under 3k..?


      See note on eBay gift cards that were 10-15% off afew months ago. For those that have held on them, I bought GC during the sale anticipating the MacBook release but ended up buying at TGG as this deal was posted after Black Friday/Cyber Monday.


    Will OW price match this?


    Maybe after TRS?


    Even after TRS, this is so dishonest bringing it back into the country without paying up.


      I agree. It might be good bargain for someone leaving the country for good.


        FYI you have an allowance to bring goods back into the country "honestly". Can pool allowances with family members


    these guys are pretty lax on their correspondence. tired emailing and contacting via their FB page and no response.

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