[PC] Free - Various DLCs for the game "Dying Light" - Gemly


If you have the game "Dying Light" you can claim some small DLCs (weapons I believe) for the game on Gemly - you need to make an account to claim.

The DLCs on offer are:

  • Dying Light - Neon Storm
  • Dying Light - Harran Military Rifle
  • Dying Light - Some Old Bones
  • Dying Light - Ye Olde Trusty


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  • +2 votes

    Nice, grabbed the book, soundtrack and artwork for free as well!

    I also just logged in with My Techland account, so didn't have to make a gemly one.


    Is it me or is the site broken? Can't seem to sign up….complains about my 16 character long password that is well within the 8 character to 30 character limit and is quite strong too - random assortment of characters including symbols, special characters and alphanumerical) and the recapture which ticked so that must mean I am human! And if it's not the password (like I choose something super easy like 12345678 which it seems to accept) or the recapture, it then complains about something going wrong but won't tell me what exactly…and then when go at it a second time, it blocks me saying there was too many attempts… Too many attempts? What after two tries? The first failing and the second blocked because too many tries?! What is this? And it would appear the usual facebook account I used to sign up for random stuff like this has been disabled with no reason explaining why….and I can no longer create a new account without signing up with a valid phone number, and no those disposable ones found on various sites do not work - I have already tried; they're either already taken or subsequently blocked from use.

    So gg me….