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The Office US, All 9 Seasons HD. $34.99 @ Google Play


As with other TV shows at Google right now. Huge saving on all nine seasons of the US version of the Office. Fabulous show.

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    Love this show! Thank you OP

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    You can stream it on Amazon Prime

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    30 Rock is showing as $16.99 which is an absolute steal.
    Parks and Rec is $39.99 but I don't rate it as highly.

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    FACT: I am faster than 80% of all snakes.

    At first it was another example of the Yanks copying a British classic, but what an awesome show it became.
    If I didn't already have them in HD on Plex, I'd definitely grab this.
    Thanks for the heads up mate.


      Nah come onnnnn….. it's still a poor american rip off.
      Isn't it!?!?
      Just like Death At A Funeral and Shameless.

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    Only thing bad about these streaming and digital services compared to physical media is you miss out on the bonus features such as deleted scenes.
    Like there's a scene where Stanley is reading a book but it turns out to be anime porn and then it cuts to him saying to the camera it's a form of art.

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    It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is currently $8.99 per season for seasons 1-11. Not available anywhere in Australia for legal streaming. No complete series package unfortunately, but it's the best price for download I've seen in Aus. I have all the eps strewn across multiple computers/HDDs so considering going ahead and consolidating.


    Can you watch these through YouTube once purchased?

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    I just got a wuphf about this deal… to my phone, laptop, pc, fax machine and my toaster.

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    Good timing for those who don’t have the show on DVD or streaming - Jenna Fischer (Pam) and Angela Kinsey (Angela) have just started an Office podcast, recapping one episode each week. Definitely worth a listen if you’re a fan - it’s called Office Ladies.


    How do you get this? I only get the option to buy season?


      Change the drop down from select a season on the right hand side then choose the complete option.

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    Don't buy digital media unless it's DRM free, which I doubt this is.

    You don't own it, you're only able to play it until Google/Amazon/Apple either lose the license or decide to remove it from their store.


      I purchase it then I create offline back ups from other places.


      Are you sure? Can't see this mentioned anywhere in ToS.


        100% sure. When you purchase digital media that is DRM protected (Like this) You don't own the media, you're purchasing a license to view the media as many times you want, as long as the company has the license for the media. You are at the mercy of license holders, and Google themselves, and if the license holder decide to go with another platform, and don't allow google to renew the license, or if Google themselves decide not to renew the license for the content, you will lose it as well.

        Unfortunately laws haven't caught up for digital media, and license holders have way more power than people realise. They're doing as much as they can to prevent you from actually owning digital purchases.

        "Purchased Content. When you purchase an item of content, your content will be stored in a digital locker. Each Locker Video Content will be available for unlimited viewing for as long as the rights exist to provide you with that content ("Locker Period"). Each item of Locker Video Content may have a different Locker Period. Pausing, stopping, or rewinding an item of Locker Video Content will not extend the Locker Period. For Locker Video Content, (1) you may view only one stream of each Locker Video Content at a time, (2) you may view up to 3 streams of Locker Video Content from your locker at a time, (3) you may authorize up to 5 Devices for offline playback of Locker Video Content at a time and to authorize additional devices, you must de-authorize one of those 5 Devices, (4) you may only authorize the same Device three times in any 12 month period and de-authorize the same Device twice in any 12 month period, (5) you may only de-authorize a total of 2 Devices for offline playback every 90 days, and (6) you may authorize no more than 3 Google accounts on the same Device."


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    I managed to watch the whole series with one month of free prime!