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Ffalcon 2.1ch Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer $99 (Save $200) in-store/ C&C /+ Delivery @ JB Hi-Fi


No idea how good this is but for $99 worth a sound check in store. This deal is in their upcoming catalogue :)

Ffalcon 2.1ch Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer $99 (Save $200)

  • 2.1ch Soundbar with wireless subwoofer
  • 160W peak power
  • HDMI with ARC
  • Optical, RCA & AUX Inputs
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • USB Playback
  • Micro SD Card

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  • +10

    $99 (Save $200)

    wow dat margin

    • +1

      From my dealings with JB I reckon they usually add around 40% to RRPs but wow indeed

      • You should have seen the markup on Monster HDMI cables 10 years ago!

        • +1

          What markup? It was pure profit on those cables.

          • +1

            @mafmouf: pure bullsh*t you mean….. I bet they sold gold toslink/optical cables too… :(

            • +1

              @Forfiet: Lol. Those were definitely bundled to ensure your entire setup had no weak links.

  • Is ffalcon the new soniq replacement at JB?

    • Believe so.

    • +25

      Ffffalcon punch

    • +4

      It is a TCL sub-brand.

      • Thanks, was wondering where they suddenly popped out from.

      • That's actually good to know…

  • +7

    Ffffffalcon. Did I stutter?

    • No you just have butterfly keys

    • You ain't seen nufffffffalcon yet

    • -1

      NNannannnannnaNoooone's every seen what I mean from the age of NananananThirteen. We've all been caught in a mouth trap. So join me now to stststststutterap.

  • +1

    That is a very Wing Hung LO naming scheme.

    I wonder if its any good?

  • +3

    Can it make the Kessel Run in under 13 parsecs?

    • +2

      a parsec is a distance, not a time 8-}…stupid Hans!

  • +4

    For those who've never heard of the brand before, it's made by TCL.

    • +1

      We're pretty happy with our TCL tv. I wonder if this is equally as good?

      • Which model do you have? Read lot of mixed reviews about p8 models. Software crash n all. How's your experience?

        • My experience with my 65P8M has been great so far in terms of picture quality. But yes, apps crashes do happen but not a deal breaker. Can't really complain too much for $696 :)

  • +2

    Tell me no one paid $299 for this…

    • +9

      Brace yourself. Someone paid $299 for this.

      • +1

        The horror…the horror…

    • Judging by the crowds of oldies walking in and buying full price electronics at JB during Black Friday, yes, almost certainly

  • +9

    Ffalc that.

  • +1

    They (the manufacturer) could at least advertise this on their own website with further marketing babble and specs etc.

    LOL at the admittance of how much junk they drop ship and transport around the world.

    *Ranked top 2 in Global TV shipment in January 2019. Data Sourceļ¼š1. AVC Revo ; 2. Sigmaintell

  • convince me

  • Thanks op. After a soundbar for $100 too cheap to leave.

    • Some Aldi stores have the bauhn branded soundbar leftover and marked down to about $70. Looked ok. Maybe worth a look if you have a store nearby

  • +6

    Ffalcon hell, $99!

  • This worth buying or nah?

  • Does this have FM radio? Doesn't seem like it.

    • Can't think of any soundbars that would.

  • Presume if you can stretch to $150-$160 for the Yamaha YAS-108 you'd be much better off.

    • No wireless sub. I think sub is what makes the difference!

      • Ahh, true but main unit may not sound as good

  • +2

    I recently got the 50inch FFalcon 4K TV, very happy with the purchase and have no problems with it. This will go great with the TV!

  • Would this sounds better than the speaker comes with Hisense 75R7?

    • that is $99 question. We need someone to buy one and gives a brutal ozbargain review

      • +17

        Bought one pick it up tonight afterwork but won't have it working til Friday. Happy to post my thoughts after then.

        • +14

          Got it and managed to get it hooked up via ARC and connected to my LG SM8600 , no sync issue and connects no problem after changing settings to HDMI ARC on the TV. The turn on voice is slightly annoying and quite loud. Not had time to fully test it but streamed Rogue one on Disney+ and sound was coming through , lip syncs good and a little bass. The missus was grumbling hence why i sad test properly tomorrow and ill crank it up and see how loud it gets before distorting etc..

          Got it screwed via the brackets on my VJs and its quite stable, the brackets where a little fiddly to fix the screws back on the bracket but got sorted in the end.

          Theres an LED red standby light thats slightly annoying too. Sadly no button to turn it off but will have a proper look through the manual later.

          image: https://photos.app.goo.gl/WJPhrPViAzk43dReA

          So far better than the inbuilt speakers but limited testing at this stage. Will edit tomorrow.

          • @paulcad44: If all else fails black tape for the light.

            • @CJ31: It's in the centre of the speaker grille so will be taping over that. It does turn off when in use so it's just annoying if it's turned off

          • +6

            @paulcad44: Cant edit so new comment:

            definetly better than tv speakers
            Bass is reasonable (not booming or ground shaking, take this as a pro or con)
            Easy to set up, it just works
            Volume controlled via tv remote

            Annoying turn on/off voice
            Have to select Bluetooth mode
            No volume level showing on tv just up and down
            No HDMI passthrough for connecting set top box
            Volume up and down is a little bit too sensitive and increments feel like it's too loud or too quite. Just have to do one by one clicks on the up and buttons to adjust precisely.
            No independent volume control on the sub.
            No HDMI cable in box
            Power plugs are big so you can't have them side by side on an extension lead.

            I'm sat about 3m away from tv and it sound s good. Watched some star wars movies on Disney plus, normal tv and some music videos on youtube all good no issue with sync or sub cutting out. I have the sub about 0.7m from the speaker in the corner of the room.

            Overall for $99 it's a bargain for someone who just wants to enhance the normal tv speakers and have a little boom in action movies.is it worth $200 no, is it worth $300 definetly not.

            If you can live with the cons and don't want to connect it to other devices or turn into a 5.1 system. Then grab it while it's cheap.

            • @paulcad44: No HDMI passthrough for connecting set top box

              Does that mean I can't use Chromecast or connect laptop to TV via HDMI to play movie with the Soundbar?
              sorry, if this is a silly question.

              • @ujchou: There's no second HDMI on the speaker. Will hook up my Chromecast to the tv and see what happens as the sound is normally via the tv I suspect this will work and the sound will come out of the speaker

                • @paulcad44: Sorry can't get my Chromecast in as I have to remove the tv from the wall. Used up all the side HDMI slots and it's bitch to swap them out

              • @ujchou: I have this soundbar plugged in via HDMI and it Works when streaming Youtube, Optus Sport etc to Chromecast