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Boost Mobile $150 Prepaid SIM Starter Kit 12 Month 80GB $125.80 (eBay Plus) or $133.20 Delivered @ Mobile Menia eBay


Original Coupon Deal

Per title. Good deal using current PUMPUP code for either 15 or 10% off $148.

+++++ If this one runs out, can be had for $2 more from a different seller https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Boost-Mobile-150-Prepaid-SIM-Sta... +++++

Boost Mobile Prepaid FAQ - https://boost.com.au/get-help/help-topics

********** This is a starter kit and CANNOT be used to recharge an existing Boost service. **********

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    If in Melbourne get it for $125 from southern telecom at southern cross station

    • Did the same. It's next to the Myki centre.

  • damn, just got 1 today from office work 5% price beat..

  • Can this be used for recharge the existing boost prepaid?

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      No, that's within OP (perhaps edited after your comment).

      • Yes its updated now. Thanks anyways.

    • Looks like I'm porting out to take advantage of this. Was too cheap to resist

  • Just a quick question! If I get this and use it for 1 year, what happens then? Can I recharge for another year and for how much? Or it will be only a monthly recharge?

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      • Can I recharge for another year and for how much?
        depends on their pricing next year (if it stays the same then you're up for 150 unless on special)

      • Or it will be only a monthly recharge?
        whatever you choose to recharge with from their options

      • can you port to another provider after 1 year and port back to boost for another starter kit?

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          recharges are regularly $135 at Coles. Not worth the hassle.

          • @battler: Is this actually just a recharge though??my understanding is it's a new sim and a recharge voucher tied to it?? Or can you recharge this voucher onto your existing boost plan before it runs out?

            • @SaberX: It's a recharge, no new sim. When I got onto this deal I bought the sim and recharge seperately for $137 from coles a couple months ago.

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    looks like boost themselves are selling for $135 anyway?

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    What happens if you exceed the 80gb?
    Can you buy data add ons

    • Data addons are not worth it, either recharge for another 6/12 month plan or port out to another prepaid provider and port back in on another boost offer.

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    A dummy question, can I port my existing number in with this start kit?

    And I didn't see the expiration date in the product description?

    My current Kogan plan expires in Feb so want to get prepared.

    • Yes you can port your existing number in with this start kit. I did it today, was able to receive/make calls within 10 minutes of completing the process.

      • Thanks.

        Pity the seller won’t bother to spend a few minutes to make the product description clear.

        I had to go for the other seller which has a clear description.

  • almost sold out; only 2 left at 22:06

  • Damn! Noooooo! Just missed out. I was waiting for this one forever! :(

  • Noticed someone bought it for $143.56 (before discount)… how does that work?

    private listing — buyers' identities protected AU $143.56 2 04-Dec-19 10:36:45 AEDST

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      Seem like they all bought 2.

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    Another seller for $127.5 after PUMPUP code here: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Boost-Mobile-150-Prepaid-SIM-Sta...

  • I am already with boost now, and left 2 months to expire, can I top up with this for another year?

    • As per OP “ This is a starter kit and CANNOT be used to recharge an existing Boost service.”

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        Edited OP to make it more obvious.

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    I've been waiting ten days now for my port to go through from Vodafone. Each side blames the other. It's a bit of a shambles. It'll be a bargain if/when it goes through!

  • I will keep posting this to warn people thinking this is a good deal. Telstra is Failstra pretty much these days.

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    It's now available at the same price ($125.80) with the same code here

  • Does this have a data limit each month? Or can you run out of the 80gb in like one month?

    • The entire years data is available from the first day.You can use as much or as less as you want.

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    Can you get sms roaming while overseas?

    As in like for kogan, i still get sms otp when needed while overseas.

    • This is the only thing stopping me buying too - can SMS be received while roaming without buying roaming packs (Optus prepaid delivers SMS overseas free of charge; Kogan did not). Reluctant to leave optus if Telstra unknown.

      Looks like it would probably work. The charge for receiving SMS is free in the country I checked, and it says roaming just needs to be enabled and maybe a $5 Add-On:

    • Yes

  • Anyone know how this would compare to the Telstra service tier/level of get through Aussie broadband or other NBN providers?

  • Do Boost support eSIMs yet? Ready to switch from Telstra if they do.

  • How is this out of stock?

  • Appears to be back in stock again

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  • There is new stock again now with the same conditions/code here: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/293362166074?ViewItem=&item=2933...

    When looking for a SIM to use in my car though I found a much better deal here: https://www.circles.life/au/promo/?utm_source=paid&utm_mediu...

    $18 PM with 20GB PM and unlimited calls/SMS use the code 10for20

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    Updated link, seller restock.

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    Wohoo. First post with 100+ upvotes.

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    If it helps anyone, ported from Belong Mobile to Boost today. I just went through the "chat" and gave all the usual details. Name, DOB, driver licence, number, provider (Belong & Prepaid is what I declared - others have said to state it's postpaid. I had success stating it's prepaid. YMMV). Initiated through chat at 2.29pm and was completed by 5.00pm. Boost Sim card now in and working as expected.

    • So you had to recharge after the porting completed, I guess? I am waiting for mine to be delivered so just wanna know how to go about it once I receive it.

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        That's right, using the #111# recharge prompt via phone dialler

  • Has anyone heard back from the seller or got order update?

  • If you are already using this recharge/ offer, can you buy and apply another voucher to extend the expiry by another one year?

  • Alright, so here's some useful info that I gathered via chat with Boost:

    • If you add another recharge voucher while the current voucher is still valid, you lose the unused days. Duration of the plans doesn't stack up with vouchers.

    • The number remains active (for incoming calls and sms) for 6 months after expiry of the plan. You can recharge at any time within this period. However, it's best to recharge a day before the plan expires as the unused data rolls over in that case. Once the plan has expired, you lose the unused data.

    • Are you sure the 12 month unused data rolls over? Various comments have indicated that rollover is not applicable for 12 month plans.

      • That's what the customer service person in chat mentioned to me. I've not tried it myself yet.

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