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Used XFX RX 470 4GB ~ $73US/$108AU Delivered @ JSF CPU Technologies Co Ltd via Aliexpress


Lowest price I've seen for this GPU on aliexpress, quite capable for 1080p gaming.

These are probably mined on so adjust your expectations

look like legit stock comparing the back of the pcb with the xfx rx 480: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZzwV7e0s1jA&feature=youtu.be...

seems like a lots of people with strong opinions here, for more informed discussion recommend: https://www.reddit.com/r/hardware/comments/8xiw5a/are_exmini...

this gpu is recommended as a budget choice here: https://youtu.be/h_uOE1CPvHE?t=181

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  • +12 votes

    Probably hammered like a mofo… move along please…

  • Yehhhh mined hard AliExpress no warranty….

    Better spend abit extra for a local rx570

  • What difference does it make if these were mined on?

    • Used heavily 24/7 to mine crypto for a couple of years, they're probably much closer to failure than a card that's just been used for gaming. In particular the fans on PC equipment wear out, get noisy and eventually die, and the fans on video cards would be extremely difficult to find a replacement for. They usually match a custom fitted heatsink. Also if they use thermal compound on GPUs similar to CPUs that may dry out and cause the GPU to overheat under load.

      • Cards have been tested after mining and no degradation has been found. Buying replacement fans is easy and the cards have warranty. These are a hundred dollars delivered!

        There is no evidence to support your claim that these cards are close to failure so your concerns are not really valid given the price of the card and that it has warranty.

        • It's the silicon (and caps etc) that will degrade. This happens at high temps for prolonged periods, material degrades.

          They're tested as working, not to say they don't have any degradation.

        • yes… whether they fail or not is not certain but we are talking about risk…

          same concept as buying a car thats gone 200,000 kms vs 20,000 kms.

          No guarantee the 200,000km car will fail but its chances are not as good as the 20,000km car

        • Rubbish, anything electrical/mechanical with moving parts will eventually wear out and possibly fail (regardless of what they were used for), some sooner than others, it's just a matter of time.

          • @Lorindor: You really have no idea how electronic components work do you? Aside from the fans (that are easily replaced) what moving parts are there?

            • @Maverick-au:

              You really have no idea how electronic components work do you?

              I know enough, but please feel free to enlighten us all.

              The fans are the only moving parts on a graphics card, but you can't honestly sit there and say that they don't degrade over time.

      • also to note that these cards were mined in China. which has way higher average humidity than Australia and corrosion is another factor. I bought one of these ex mined cards in china before and the IO back plate was rusted hard

      • gpu failure? generally no, mined cards generally operate 24/7 below TDP for efficiency, components are designed to operate 5-10 years at MAXIMUM load(generally not the case for mining). for the fans you can do a ghetto mod, take off the shroud and put a 120mm fan on, and it's generally quieter too

        for more discussion see: https://www.reddit.com/r/hardware/comments/8xiw5a/are_exmini...

        • I would like to reiterate that the GPU is an amazing part and even working hard at hot temperatures 24/7 has shown to have very little to no ill effects on the hardware. My gaming GPU was in a mining rig for a year before I switched it into my main PC 12 months ago (1080Ti) and never skipped a beat!

    • Run at peak stress levels until they degrade to the point that the owner onsells them.
      Think of it like buying an ex rental Nissan Skyline. It might be cheap but you just know its been driven hard.

      • As has been mentioned here, these may have been run 24/7 but they likely weren't ran as hard as you think, as that'd use more electricity and have a negative impact on ROI.
        (If electricity was free/renewable, then yea they may have been flogged).

        Most mining cards are undervolted and, depending on what algo it was running, could have had either core or memory underclocked as well.

        If you're to use your car analogy, it would be like driving a Nissan Skyline that was driven at 60kmh in a straight line for it's lifetime.

        All that being said, I wouldn't touch anything computer related off Alliexpress based on all the horror stories of fakes.

  • These are also on gumtree for about the same price. Not a deal.

  • seems like XFX gpu has been quite popular with mining before, so beware when getting 2nd hand gpu

  • I've bought lots of CPUs from that store but I don't think I'd trust a secondhand miner card from Aliexpress

  • Bought many an item from Aliexpress, but I don't think i'd buy a GPU even with someone else's money. Seen many a vid of dodgy hardware modified/flashed to appear other than what it truly is.

  • Well. Reasonable price for RX 470 but many caveats, the lack of warranty, buyer protection and the long shipping times. You don't get to inspect the condition of the card, might have been exposed to hot / humid environments and you wouldn't be able to tell.

    Even if the silicon and GPU die does not degrade, moving parts like fan bearings will wear out and they need replacing after so many hours of operation.

    If you buy a brand new RX 570, not only do you get Aussie warranty but you also get a free game (Borderlands or Ghost Recon), 3 months worth of Xbox Game Pass and generally better aftersales service.

  • As well as the wear & tear they'll have custom firmware which is better for mining but not so good for gaming. You can flash em back but it's another thing to keep in mind

  • Bought 2 of these about 12 months ago. One was DOA and one died after 2-3 days, cost about $50 to ship them back. It was through Alibaba but I still don't think it's worth the risk as some said above get an rx570 locally.

  • $100 for this from Ali?

    i wouldnt touch it with a barge pole.

    mwave had rx570 $160 new couple of weeks ago.

    dont do it lol

  • 5500s, 5600s and their XT variants are due out over the next few months. Save your money.