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Jetstar Christmas Sale: Sydney from Brisbane $49, Melbourne $59 One Way + More @ Jetstar


Heaps of flights available, dates are Jan 2020 through to Dec 2020.

Hawaii Return Melbourne $304, Sydney $308, Brisbane $476, Hobart $482, Adelaide $508

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    Genuinely curious: how many people have had issues with Jetstar flights being delayed or cancelled?

    In the past fortnight I've had two different family members travel from Melbourne to the Gold Coast for work, and on the return leg one had their flight departure delayed by several hours, then delayed another hour again; then a week later the other had their flight's departure keep getting pushed back later into the evening before eventually being cancelled and they were forced to spend an extra night on the GC and book a new flight for the next day. Then that flight got delayed several times.

    Is it a regular thing with Jetstar domestic flights?


      Recently had a return flight Sydney to Brisbane. The Sydney leg was fine but the return leg was cancelled on the day a few hours prior due to engineering repairs. The compensation flight the next day had no issues.

      I did note that that particular flight from Brisbane to Sydney during that time did have a history of cancellations in the past 2 weeks so it could be flight specific.


      I've flown quite a few times with Jetstar domestic and haven't had these issues. Our flight from Melbourne was delayed but that was due to the crazy weather at the time, hardly their fault.

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      I fly weekly for work - usually Gold Coast to Sydney, sometimes Melbourne. I also holiday around a bit, so well over 50 flights a year. Probably 70% Jetstar, the rest split between Tiger and Virgin.

      In two and a half years I've had no more than 5 cancellations, and most of these were due to winds, hail, etc. One was simply 'necessary unplanned maintenance', which tbh is perfectly fine with me.

      I've found Tiger to be quite reliable, and had some pretty hefty delays on Virgin a few times (one cancellation coming back from Perth meant I had to stay there an extra day).

      I've flown Qantas a couple of times and they've been fine. The experience of sitting in a crowded metal tube is largely the same for me between airlines, and it's only on long hauls that I find a more full service airline makes much difference to my time on board.

      Just my personal experience.


      We use Jetstar several times a year as they're the only ones who offer a direct route for our needs. We've travelled the same route for over 12 years now and they've been excellent! We've had a few delays however all have been weather related including a diversion after many aborted landing attempts in very thick fog but we were put up in a hotel, fed well then flown to our destination early the next day as though nothing happened. Couldn't recommend them more actually.


      delays seem to be very regular with those ive spoken to. Seems a preference for tiger based on this

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    Whilst Jetstar flights are often delayed due to mechanical reasons, I have heard you are safe to book until early February as Jetstar have just received a large pallet of Duct tape.

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