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Huawei P30 Lite 128GB/4GB Dual Sim $338.30 Delivered @ Mobileciti eBay


seems like a decent price imo cheapest i have seen.

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    No NFC, No Thanks


    Seriously who in the world uses a smartphone without NFC?

    • +6 votes

      Most people don't use the NFC feature.

      It's a little backwards, but that's the truth.

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      Agreed NFC still very important in Australia, But QC code already over take NFC in some country like China, eg Payment, Tickets etc… ^ ^

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        How can a QC code replace contactless payments?
        You have your facts the wrong way around - NFC replaces QC codes, and has been for years.

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          Can you get location data via NFC? I'd imagine pictures of QC codes are easier to trace.


            @fedaykin: Actually yes - NFC is just a form of active RFID which has been used for positioning purposes for over 15 years. Multiple algorithms exist to model the position, the most accurate of which is fingerprinting, which is based on a combination of signal strengths from multiple beacons unique to a given lcoation. Its benefits are high precision, though its drawbacks are costly infrastructure. WiFi AP positioning is more popular for this reason.

            I have no idea how you would obtain locations from QC codes, except by reverse-geocoding the code first, and then doing a geocoding lookup upon scanning. Sounds impractical.

            I hope that was the answer you were after. I didn't neg you btw.


              @Make it so: Camera app takes "snapshot" of the QC code and sends geolocation data to Chinese server?
              I guess it's cheaper to not include NFC radio in the phone, save that couple of bucks per phone x 100,000 = $$$.


                @fedaykin: Which means it's not the QC code that has any geointelligence in it, it's just your phone that does a location lookup.
                With NFC based payments, they actually use the known locations of terminals and compare these with the location of the mobile to see if they are the same. This is how they can detect fraudulent payments.

                No doubt it's cheaper to leave out NFC, though I believe the main reason for leaving features out is to be able to charge more for the models that do have these features. Personally, I really depend on my phone based payments, especially for when I forget my wallet. Perhaps less of an issue for people always carrying a bag, but for me it's an issue.

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      people who do not want vulnerable phones to be anywhere near their money (I use the google pay myself, just saying).

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      I don't.


    is this a good price


    Too bad the free buds promotion is over.

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    I was wondering how it can be the lowest price for this old model … googled it and aha found multiple cheaper options on the first search!!

    Please google it!!



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