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Pre Order [PC] Elder Scrolls V Skyrim $42.99 + Cloth Map, Free Delivery


Stop right there criminal scum!

I found this deal the other day when someone mentioned the inflated steam price for Skyrim and then subsequently found a link to ozgameshop who are providing the cheapest price for this game from what I can see.

This is for PC only but you can pick up the PS3/360 versions for $62.99 with the cloth map here: http://www.ozgameshop.com/pc-games/the-elder-scrolls-v-5-sky...

Orders will be dispatched before the release on November 11th or on the release day, also free delivery!

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  • +11

    Oblivion is still one of the best games I've ever played…. sooooo many hours to sink in it. Even better than Fallout3. If Skyrim is better than that, I predict many late nights foe me later this year :).

    • I still can't get myself past Oblivion's levelling system. I enjoy theory crafting & maximising characters in RPGs, and the levelling system in Oblivion is just so counter intuitive an frustrating that I just can't bring myself to play through it.

    • Oblivion is one of my favourite games of all time. Spent so. many. hours on that game.

    • Wasted so many hours on PC, Xbox and PS3 versions. I think I have played through about a dozen times, done every side quest and played almost all character combinations/styles. Love it.

  • Can it be used with Steam still?

    • +1

      Yes, it should be a key that you can enter :)

      • +1

        According to a post here: http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/43877, OzGameShop games will only work with Steam if it's a Steamworks game. Based on this list http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Steam_titles#2011 Skyrim isn't Steamworks, so if the post is right the key won't work on Steam.

        • If it's true you should still be able to add the game through steam (but it obviously won't be linked in).

          P.S - I didn't neg you

        • +6

          Adding games to the UI isn't what people mean when they ask "can you add it to steam". Hell you can probably add MS Word to steam if thats your definition. I imagine 99% of the time they are asking if you can add the CD key and attach it to the account so that it can be downloaded later on.

        • +1

          Yeh I understand that, that's why I said it won't be linked in (maybe incorrect wording)

    • +2

      Bethesda's most recent games, Fallout New Vegas, Hunted, Brink and Rage are all Steamworks and can be added to Steam. From this people think Skyrim will be Steamworks but it is not confirmed either way yet.

  • -2

    Can it be used with Steam still?

  • +4

    So important it made me ask twice I guess…

  • Great Deal! Appreciate the link to the Console versions which are also at a good price. Bring on the pre-order price wars!

    • I want to buy this and save $40 over JB etc, but does anyone have any experience of how long it takes a preorder game to arrive from the UK with Ozgameshop (a week after the release date perhaps)?

      • Your looking at about 2 weeks…

  • -1

    Skyrim is a Steam game, if you buy the game through ozgame it will be recognised by the Steam platform…….The game retails for $80 on Steam.

    • -1

      What is your source on this.

      • +2

        Check skyrim forums, WAK is right the steam platform will recognise green gamers copy, just as it does with most games they sell. Do your own homework.

        • There has been no indication that this is a steamworks game. None of the series games are supported retail CD-keys. Forum talk is just speculation.

          Until it's officially announced, which if it does, will be between now and release, it's up in the air.

        • Lmao find me an official post stating that it won't be, all games that are released as GFWL are publicised as so. If they do not state it will be released as a GFWL then all releases (downloadable or retail) will be steam compatible.
          Mate you have no idea what you are taling about, if a game was not steam compatible as they do with all games, the developer declares it as GFWL. Therefore if their official website does not state the collectors edition is GFWL then it will have a steam cloud support. Only a handful of old retail cd's are not recognised by steam for example cod4.
          But please give me a recent game that was released by steam, with the collector editions released seperately (like this game) and the collectors editions was not accepted by steam.

        • i never said it wouldn't be, your the one who seems to be sure it will be.

          What if everyone purchased it and it turned out it wasn't on steam?

          If your going to recommend people buy it for steam, don't do it based on a guess.

    • +1

      Just because it's available on Steam doesn't mean that every key can be validated on Steam. Unless you've got proof that the OzGameShop Skyrim copies will be able to be registered on Steam then I think it's still up in the air.

      • -1

        On the off chance that the collectors edition is GFW, steam will still recognise it, there are countless GFW games that use steamworks and have nothing to do with GFWL.

        • Where's the source? The game is not listed on the Steamworks CD-Key page, nor are any of the other games of the franchise.


        • -1

          To Strand0410 u know gave a link showing recently released games that are acceptable on steam, not games which are to be released. Your post did nothing to add to the conversation. But no one has yet to give me a game that was released as GFW and only operated through GFWL.

        • +1


          That's the whole point, I can't find any resource that points conclusively to the fact that this retail game will be supported, and neither can you. My link merely points out that none of these series' games are supported (which might have clued us in).

          I haven't mentioned anything about GFWL and not entirely sure why it's being brought up or why you think it's something anyone cares about. If you have any source that proves that this retail game is steam-supported, then bring it up, because pointless speculation on either side is helping no-one and I, for one, would like to know.

    • The collectors edition is Steam compatible, it will not be GFWL. Give me a recent game that was released as a GFW and associated GFWL….. go on.

    • Okay, can anyone name a recent game that has been solely GFWL (excluding indies)? or name a game that has been released in the past 2 years on steam, where the collectors editions was only GFWL supported. All games that are GFWL are publicised as such, if not speculating that a game is GFWL is crazy.

  • +1

    It's a good price considering EB has it for the usual $90+ on preorder.

  • I tend not to pay extra for collectibles with my games, and a cloth map is no exception.

    Now, if this was offered with a dragon hide map…

    • +1

      I think the game always comes with the map, unless you buy just the key.

      • +1

        I imagine it would. The map isn't really a collectible, it's really just an aid.

    • +1

      This is probably the cheapest available with or without the map. The map just seems to be a bonus if you preorder.

  • +1

    Is there any other editions coming out with other collectable things?

    I'm a sucker I know.

  • Great deal, snapped it up. Thanks!

  • +1

    Good deal but last time i bought from these guys delivery took 2 weeks. I'm not sure if I can wait that long.

    • +1

      cos most of the games come from UK

    • +1

      That's the only reason I haven't brought it, I want to play it on 11/11/11… 25/11/11 just doesn't have the same ring to it.

  • -1

    Can it be used with Steam still?

    • +3

      Read up, its been answered at least twice.

      • -1

        It hasnt really been answered, just guessed(or so it appears to me)….

        • +3

          Check the links above, if it isnt explicity listed as a steamworks game, then it likely isnt. There is certainly enough ambiguity to assume it isnt without some evidence to contradict the links given….

          So it has been answered, even if that answer is 'not likely'.

          Either way people repeatedly asking the same question is beneficial how?

  • The cost to upgrade my PC wont be worth it. I am going to, and I know I will be chastised for it, wait until some good PS3 deals come out for it.

    • +2

      or you can just play the game on medium and have same gfx as the ps3? that way if you upgrade later you can just set your graphics higher and not lose progress :D not to mention community bugfixes / mods

  • +1

    Interest, they've increased in price $4 since I pre-ordered it.

  • So keen, but already pre-ordered at EB Games. And since I know I won't be getting the collectors edition, I have no problem price matching Big W or similar which will have it like $30 cheaper on release, as usual.

  • +1

    Confirmed to be Steamworks, so bought this today :)

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