This was posted 2 years 1 month 14 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Amazon Echo Sub $99 (RRP $199) at Officeworks


Amazon Echo Sub $99 (normally $199)

Same as Amazon deal but might suit those who prefer a local store and BNPL payment options etc…


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    Store name in title, please!

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      After changing your username ;)

  • Anybody own this? Starting to look into expanding my ecosystem, just wondering if this is worth the $99 (we use Alexa for music alot)

      In short, it's well worth it at this price, especially if you have a pair of Echo Plus or Echo 3rd gen.

      • Is there any point with one echo 3rd gen?

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          An Echo Sub provides bass extension. A pair of Echo's provide (IMO inferior) stereo imaging. Each provides better but different audio experiences than a single Echo speaker.

          Do note what I said in my previous comment, that the Echo Sub (and a stereo pair of Echo's) only works with online music streaming services but not your locally hosted music. One new feature is Amazon's Fire TV can now use the Sub/Stereo as a home theatre system, but I am uncertain if this is available in Australia yet.

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          Yes the bass is noticeably better even with just 1 Echo. But imo the stereo experience is great as well so do try to snatch another Echo 3rd gen if you can. If you have to choose, get the Sub first, it's at great price and you will most likely enjoy it more.

      • Cheers.

    • Really really worth it

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    What a timing
    I managed to get 2 echo gen 3 from Jbhifi for $49 each and bought this from amazon for $99.
    Tested them today and can say that I’m not overly impressed by the bass produced by this model.
    I guess it needs to placed right next to where you sit to actually feel the thunder, also, may not be suitable for a large room or living room.
    For the music enthusiast, this ain’t a shortcut you’ll take, ive got Am5 from Bose and I’ll only prefer 2.1 to listen to music, this echo setup of gen 3 and sub are miles away imho.

    • I guess it needs to placed right next to where you sit to actually feel the thunder

      That is not how you place a sub. Try this guide for starter. (This just happened to be the first result on Google. There are numerous guides and various methods available.)

  • Same price on Amazon currently

  • Amazon offers BNPL options too if I'm not mistaken.

  • OW accept paypal. For those with the amex 20% paypal offer, bring price to 79.20

  • Does this work with sonos one with alexa?

    • I too would like to know this, anyone?

  • Can I use this with my Google home speakers lol

    • Can you buy a big Mac at hungry Jack's?

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    Will it double as an Ottoman, or an I being supremely optimistic about its size?

    • More likely it's made in China.

      • Made in Australia from local and imported ingredients…

    • It's a stool for a 4 month

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