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[QLD] 15% off (Min. $100 Spend) @ Coles New Farm


Get 15% off with $100 spend at Coles new farm Brisbane Queensland

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    Coles sell farms now?

    Coles New Farm 15% off with $100 spend


    Has anyone ever tried scanning this at their local with the off chance the code is valid?


    Coles are running a similar deal at Canon Hill. Voucher in the mail.

    Looking at the terms down the bottom says voucher can only be used once.. so wouldn't surprise me the code is a once off and not something everyone can use..


      In similar deals the code was generic with condition you surrender voucher after use. Using self checkout there is no need to surrender.

      Codes have been posted & used successfully by many. Same code was used in Qld & WA stores at same time!

      So what's the Cannon Hill code?
      I didn't receive it in the mail.

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    Is no one gonna point out that it's fifteen BUCKS and not fifteen PERCENT off? If you're doing a couple hundred buck shop, which is absolutely not unheard of, you'd still only get fifteen dollars off from my understanding.