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Bose Speakers 20% off (Bose Soundlink Mini II Special Ed. $142.97 Delivered) & Free Bose Gift Box (Was $4.95) @ Bose Australia


Just received an email from Bose AU. Speakers @ 20% off

Tried adding a Soundlink Mini II to the cart, the price is reduced from $279.95 to $199.95

It is further reduced by $56.98 - the voucher of 20% applies on the RRP of $279.95

Don't forget to add the Bose Gift Box. It was $4.95 and now free, but it also gives $0.99 discount to the price.

Pay only $142.97 - Best price seen so far for this one…

See price snapshot here - https://ibb.co/b7JqD42

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  • +4

    Great deal.

    Can also get cash back from the usual suspects.

  • Thanks op.bought one! Combine with recent PayPal Amex Offer for further discount :).

    • +1

      I know…I would have too but I just bought it from the earlier deal at Videopro

      Any one knows what is the gift box?

      • Better not be a pair of Soundsport Free buds!

  • Thanks for sharing! Been waiting to pull the plug on the Triple Black =]

    • +1

      This 20% extra discount works on all speakers i think.
      Got a revole +… but want to get this as well…so cheap.

      Want to make this as my google assistant
      Or should i just get a bose 300? Damn…

  • +1

    Have always liked the sound of these, glad they've updated them with USB C. Seems like a good time to buy at this price :)

    Thanks OP!

  • +12

    For indoor use these utterly destroy any of the JBL/UE Boom units.

    • +5

      Everywhere except for in the rain/pool really! :)

    • +2

      Yeah the sound on these are brilliant for what they are. Still haven't heard anything like it that comes close

    • I reckon the ue boom does a better job at projecting audio.

  • Anyone know if the speakerphone has been improved since the first iteration of the soundlink mini ii?

    Have one, would love to pickup another, but this is the biggest failing on my current copy.

  • Do these no longer include the dock?

    • yeah..no charging cradle in this edition

    • The dock sucks, it would disconnect/connect intermittently causing massive "beep boop" notification sounds, which would make it impossible to leave charging at night. This is an improvement IMHO.

    • +1

      That's a shame. We love our charging dock. It allows us to always have the speaker charging and then we just pick the speaker up and take with us. No messing around to plug or unplug the micro USB cable.

  • +1

    Can this be used as a soundbar? And I assume this is better than your built-in TV speakers?

    • I tried it as a soundbar for the TV and it wasn't great. It was better than the stock speakers but generally the sound was muddy. This was especially the case when there was an action scene with speaking over the top. The action noises were so loud that you couldn't hear the speaking clearly. I was constantly turning the volume up and down during action scenes. I ended up getting some Logitech Z906 5.1 for the TV when they were on sale here and they have been really great.
      Having said that this speaker is really great for the house for playing music or podcasts.

  • Thanks OP. Love these & at this price its no brainer..

  • Which colour to go for? Can't decide.

    • +1

      Get any and then get a silicone cover…or just get one before it runs out

      • why can't find gold logo on black like thumbnail..?

  • Any better Cash Rewards except 2.2%?

    • +1

      No, Cashrewards has 2.1 only

      • 2.2 if you go with Shopback

  • +1

    Hi guys i went to make a payment however it was saying $142.96 then changed to $159.95 when you confirm to pay? Is this correct?

    • When I tried to log in to Pay pal it showed $142.97 … didn't change

      Try again I would suggest

      • +2

        Thanks RM, it works with Paypal only when you use credit card it charges $159.95.

        Make sure use Paypal guys

        • I used a credit card and was charged the lower amount

          • +1

            @tofanator: I got the same issue. My order was confirmed @ 143.96 then a day later Paypal charged me 159.95. Checked my card and it also said 159.95 is deducted.

            Emailed Bose AU Paypal yesterday and see what they reply before raising a dispute.

            You guys got any update on this?

            • @Tevada: Same as you mate. I didn't realise after I check my bank account.

              I guess lots of people has been charged $159.95, however they didn't realise that.

              I email Paypal directly alreay. Cause paypal send email to me say $143.96 will be charged.

              Didn't get any feedback yet.

              • @HINI: same boat here with the home speaker 300. i just ordered a second one and only just saw the original one had changed.

              • @HINI: Ah crap.. same thing has happend here… calling Bose now and also submitted dispute via PP.

  • +1

    Thanks OP, you made me buy this …

  • I have this. This is actually stronger than my Bose Solo Soundbar lol

  • Thanks OP. Got one.

  • What sort of battery does it contain? And how long does it take to charge?

    • +4

      Lead Acid, 12-16 hours charge time.

      No wait, I think it's Li-ion 4 hours to fully charge.

      • 4 hours sounds about right. Doesn’t take too long.

  • Thanks OP. Got it with the PayPal Amex deal.

  • This or the soundtouch 10? which is better?

    • +20

      Nevermind! Too impulsive and just bought the damn thing. I have to stop visiting OZB, this rate I am gonna go bankrupt and house full of speakers.

      • Good choice. It’s a bloody good speaker!

  • Thank you. Heard my friend's one over last few years and bit the bullet at that price.
    Great sound

  • +1

    Hey OP,

    awesome spot! Although for some reason when i’m putting through my purchase just before the payment screen it seems like they aren’t honouring the 20% off from the RRP but instead the discounted price ($199 - > ~ $160). The discount only seems to apply when you’re adding it to the cart and not when it’s actually about to be processed. Don’t know if anybody’s is the same.

    • use paypal

      • Can confirm this works. Thanks Alteclan! I also suspected that if you actually paid with card they wouldn’t charge u the $160 that shows but yeah…

    • I have the same thing, it comes up as $160

      • +1

        Ok with paypal it does come down to $142

    • +2

      I used a CC and was charged the $142 amount. It weirdly said the $160 amount just before I pulled the trigger however my CC was charged the $142

    • +2

      I used Paypal to pay and it said Ive paid 143. However, in 30mins later I received a message and found out PayPal charged me 159 for no reason. The confirmation from Bose clearly states the price is 143 total.

      • Same here mate… Weird alright. Guess I'll wait and see how much gets drawn out of my bank account, as my account says -$143…

        • I reported as an incorrect number of transaction to Paypal yesterday, you may give it a go, still waiting for their response

          • @Jesterr: Same as you. Just reported to paypal on 1:30pm 10/12/2019.

            Did you get any response?

            How the paypal allows the seller do that? The contract say $143…but the seller charged $159?!

            Why not the seller charged $1M?

          • @Jesterr: Did you get any response?

  • Discount works for the "Acoustimass® 10 Series V home cinema speaker system" and brings the price from $1,499.00 down to $1,199.20.

    • Amazon au has it cheaper and has 3 in stock.

  • +8

    Thanks OP! Didn’t need one, bought one.

  • +1

    eh no bluetooth 5.0, not that interested

    • Isn't that just for low energy devices?

      • nope? it's for all devices, faster, better range, and lower power

        • +1

          You're right, but actually - we're both right:
          "Nearly all of the big improvements in Bluetooth 5 are exclusively for its Low Energy mode (BLE)"

          Bluetooth low energy (BLE) is basically an entirely different standard to regular bluetooth, that has been gradually growing in functionality. Like you said, version 5 brings many benefits, and it is effectively replacing the old bluetooth tech.


          • +1

            @pinchies: A2DP for SBC, AAC, Apt-X has been around since 2.1. Only newest (almost uncompressed) very high-bandwidth streaming needs newer Bluetooth and is irrelevant for this speaker.

            • @AlexF: …and even in 2019, iPhones still dont support Qualcomm's Apt-X!

              I don't think the Macs do either, but I have found it impossible to find any way to see which streaming protocol is being used over a bluetooth connection on any platform at all, except for on android. On Mac, PC and iPhone I can't see how to check.

              • +1

                @pinchies: Macs “always” supported Apt-X. On Windows 7, also but as user-installed application and produces notification when using the codec.
                iPhone doesn’t need Apt-X, because it supports (compared to SBC) higher-quality AAC.

  • Thanks OP. I got one! Great price

  • +6

    Lol at RRP. This has been around $150 many many times. Price is good but don't be fooled by the RRP saving.

    • +9

      RRP - Recommended Rip-off Price!

    • +7

      Good to know. Saved me an unnecessary purchase.

      • +2

        Yeah when you see it and think you're saving 50%, it's actually closer to 15% as these are regularly around $180

  • Thanks op.

    Bought one as My JBL flip3 recently just died.

  • +2

    Damn you ozb… bought one anyway

  • Is this the same as when it first came out in 2015?

  • +3

    Has the gifbox sold out?

    • Yes, Gift Box out of stock
      No wait, might have been a glitch, have the gift box added to my cart now…
      Edit, again: When i get to payment it shows as Temporarily out of stock, but it's still included in the confirmed order.

      • How did you get it added to your cart? Did you have to add it manually? Where is it shown?

        EDIT: Found it once I used Chrome instead of Firefox. Very strange coincidence.

        • +1

          Just installed chrome. still not seeing it. Before mycart?

      • I can't find it on the shopback, ordered one at 143.96.
        Am I going to lose my ozb badge 😳

    • Forgot to add gift box :-(

  • ordered one anyway.

    • of course thanks OP.

  • +1

    thanks, ordered one as gift for my dad.

    Note gift box is out of stock for me.

    • +2

      did you search for the item directly? it is shown below the speaker, when you add to cart, just tick it on that's it.

      • Doesn't show on chrome mobile, Desktop Mode, and not found by searching. Google can't find it.

        Anyone got a link, please?

  • Gift box, show as Temporarily out of stock, but is still included in my order confirmation.

  • -3

    We all know what Bose stands for don't we?

    Buy Other Sound Equipment

    I hold bose in the same regard as Apple and Beats by Dr Dre (who isn't even a real doctor)

    • +1


    • +6

      suit yourself!

      I have tried these thoroughly and believe they're very good.

    • +2

      Me too…. except I already own one of these, and they are really really great, far better than my old UE Megaboom in percieved sound quality. Mobile audio is a great application for heavy DSP to get the most out of tiny speakers.

    • +5

      Bose make overpriced and underwhelming stereo and home theatre speakers. Those products deserve all the disdain the audiophile community piles on them.

      However, the company's noise cancelling headphones and small portable speaker systems are surprisingly good. In those situations, they're not trying to create reference standard, transparent speakers. They're creating a product for a specific use-case. And the products generally deliver.

    • You to know the title DR is applied to more than just being a doctor, right?

      • He has a PhD?

        • He is a Time Lord.

      • Yeah also naturopaths

        • +1

          Please direct me to any naturopath using the title “Dr”, so I can slap them up the side of their holistic face.

      • Drive?

    • Boomer humour

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