Bodyboard $19.99 @ ALDI


Just saw these bodyboard at aldi, this is quite a good price for a new board.
Saw a guy leaving the shop with 4 of them so I'm not sure how long the stock is gonna last in Maroubra

PU coil leash included
High grade XPE foam deck with rigid EPS core
PP slick base with double shaping for improved control
Reinforced side rail design
Crescent tail design

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    Saw a guy leaving the shop with 4 of them


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    I got a bodyboard when I was a kid. First wave the nose dug into the sand and the back dug into my ribs…..that was the end of my bodyboarding career.


    Op, could you do us a solid and put the $ in front of the number! The reason will become obvious.

    Quebec is the only place where the dollar sign goes after the number I believe?

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    I've bought a number of these aldi boards, or earlier versions of them, over the years. They aren't bad for $20$ but not equivalent to the $100+ body boards, which is fair enough of course. Easier to crease, cook in the car (delaminate), pull out the wrist strap plug etc than the better boards.


    Core is extremely easy to warp/ware away if left in sun which means it could effect your loved ones surfing experience. The bottom/slick is the best to face up to the sun or pop a towel over it to keep it safe. Also don't put too much weight on it in the boot, keep it at top not under heavy items.

    For actual keen surfing bodyboarders this is not a board that would work well on actual surfspots/breaks of consequence.


      What would be the main difference between a good one and this one ?

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        Stringers to keep the board straight so it doesn't crease or bend. Generally this is a board to play on, more expensive are to surf and ride waves etc

        This board might last a season more expensive should last longer although depends how you treat it

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        100% the core - whatever material in the bodyboard is prominently what you're paying for. then at the upper tier it's all about being a pro rider model rather than a general flagship bored.

        The boards start getting good at $150+ and start having variances cores for different water temperatures. In the colder states you'll get a decent beginners board thats made of PE (flexible in the frigid waters that stiffen boards) and if you're in warmer waters it would be a PP

        The cresent tail is great for beginners and is a stable way to get to know the lines you wanna carve.

        Source: Used to manage a Boog shop in WA, I love this sport!

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          Any advice on where the average OzBargainer would shop for a kids board? Looking for 33 or 34 inch. Have been keeping an eye on surf stitch sales but they haven’t really had the smaller sizes lately.

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            @herbo: I would jump at this

            Also, shops like these are run by boogs and are usually happy to suggest boards/sizes over the phone if it isnt too busy at the shops. It's good for the sport as they put money back into the state and national comps/riders.

            No way affiliated, just know through the industry (it's a small one)

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              @FlatulentFrank: Thanks for that. I’ll take your advice. Getting more technical now than perhaps the kid’s ability but where should the plug go? Assume centre is good for a beginner who might be unsure which wrist they want to strap it to.

              Don’t have a free shipping code by any chance? :-)

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                @herbo: Haha happy to help! unfortunately no shipping voucher, the right is what I usually plugged for the majority of beginners being right handed (also if it has a stringer it can't go centre)

                I think the best strap is the bicep as its out of the way and doesn't effect paddling. it's worth a small elevation for the freedom it provides the rider.


          Thoughts on the Raw Stinger such as the one in [this] listing?


            @CVonC: Its a brand that I'm not familiar with but that doesn't mean that it's not good. I couldnt see the core on my phone although I would encourage looking for the size on the aussie bodyboard shop websites as I did see a few discounted from last night at the 150 mark discounted to around $100


    These aren't a great board but for most it will do fine. Just get some clonefins and you'll be catching waves!


    I bought one in a previous summer but it snapped in half. Actually it developed a crease down the middle and eventually snapped in half. This board is also a weird shape as the width-to-length ratio makes it a bit narrow.

    Anaconda has one for $40 at the moment, that's a much better option IMHO…

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    Could I do an el rollo at Pipeline on this board?


    Is this the Schapelle Corby Special Edition?

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