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[eBay Plus] Samsung 970 EVO Plus 500GB SSD $142.40 (after CB $126.40) | 1TB $270.40 (after CB $239.40) Delivered @ Futu Online


Seems like a decent price for the incredibly fast Samsung 970 Evo Plus 500GB m.2 NVMe SSD. Take $16 off the price through the Samsung SSD cashback promotion to bring it down to $126.40 delivered. 1 TB 970 Evo Plus NVMe SSD also available for $270.40 ($239.40 after $31 Cashback from Samsung)

EDIT: $1.30 Cheaper for 500GB 970 Evo Plus model at Wireless1 eBay using 15% off Code PLATEAU eligible for same $16 Samsung Cashback (comes to $125.10)

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  • Seller is Futu online not wireless1

  • $270.40 (before cashback of $31) for the 1tb version seems like a good deal too - https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Samsung-1TB-970-EVO-PLUS-M-2-SSD-NVMe-PCIe3-0-X4-Internal-Solid-State-Drive/231021249013?hash=item35c9f081f5:g:ZhcAAOSw7XFd5zeX:sc:AU_StandardDelivery!0830!AU!-1&frcectupt=true

  • Futu is not listed as a cashback Reseller? Or am I missing something?

    • They are part of KS Computers and will typically give you a receipt under one of these companies: KS COMPUTERS AUBURN/ACADEMIC IT MARKET or

  • Would this be a great and main use for OS+Programs drive and then install a secondary storage drive?

    • Yes these are some of the fastest consumer SSDs available at the moment so are best for speeding up the OS and programs. Best to use this as a boot drive and get a larger, slower SSD or HDDs for storage of music, videos, large games etc.

  • I nearly posted this earlier. Great deal!

    Pretty sure both Futu and Wireless1 both come down to $270 before cashback on the 1TB. So its much of a muchness who you buy from.

  • damnnnnn, bought 970plus 500gb and 870plus 1TB on 30th nov….not eligible for cashback…lol, this is life.

  • Got a 1TB. Now all I need is a couple of decent sodimm 16GB at an ozb price and my new lenovo E595 (thanks ozb) should fly beautifully.

  • I like that most of us don't need them or will even notcie the performance of NVME SSDs but we all crave its synthetic power.

    • My PC boot time is slightly faster and doing something like a disk clean-up is noticeably faster.
      Before getting a Samsung NVMe I didn't expect much if any performance improvement but to me is worth it.

      • I'll be getting one soon but boot times for games and the OS is barely 1 second on most tests I've seen. But I upgraded my PS4 to a SSD years ago, I love spending hundreds to save a second or two.

        • Hopefully you notice some performance benefit - YMMV

        • Millions of workload scenarios where superfast storage is extremely beneficial. Just because your light workload doesn't benefit from it doesn't mean it's the same for everyone. Sorting, searching and filtering hundreds of thousands of files are MUCH faster on enthusiast-class NVMe SSDs over the shitty ones.

          • @BrutallyHonest: Got any real world examples that most people would benefit from a NVME SSD over a SATA SSD? I did mention most people, not a few people with specific needs.

            I can't imagine the millions of home users noticing the benefit from making that switch.

  • Hi, are these better than crucial mx/bx series for upgrading mac pro mid 2012 to ssd? I have very little idea!

    • For regular home use the cheaper ones are fine and there wont be much difference. This is good for big flie transfers and apps that hammer the unit, like video editing. The durability of these is good, but the 1TB for $129 on another deal is tough to beat.

  • Bought one of these a couple of months ago for my new build, great drives but i'd be wary of dealing with Sony's cashback redemption. Seemed to be a widespread issue last time with their cashback redemption with peoples serial numbers not being deemed valid on their redemption page. Spent weeks emailing with no real result and limited replies saying it will be looked into and escalated. Took about a month from then to finally get back to me saying it would be processed manually and to send a copy of invoice and photo of the drive/serial number. Did this only to be then told I'm too late and they can no longer process the cashback.

    • that's because you sent it to Sony

    • Yes in my experience last time, 2 out of 3 Samsung cashbacks were fine while but last one never got processed properly despite multiple calls to their philippines call centre and many promises. Very annoying

  • Wasnt the 1TB version like $200 at one point?

  • How do I see whether this drive is compatible for a motherboard I'm aiming to purchase separately?

    It's Asus Prime B450M-A. Though on the motherboard's spec on Asus website it says "Support NVMe PCIe RAID". Should that be enough info for me to purchase the drive?

  • Hi I'm new to Samsung Cashback, so how does it work? Do I make my purchase first on ebay and then subsequently redeem the cashback on Samsung website, or how does it work?