20L Lightweight Portable Foldable Backpack US $5.39 / AU $8.04 Delivered @ Tomtop


This backpack with 20L capacity includes a main compartment, plenty of external pockets and attachment points, providing enough space for everything needed in your trip. It is water resistant, breathable and comfortable. Perfect for travelers, campers, backpackers, cyclists.

Small folded size: The size the same as your fist, you can put it in your pocket or bag. It is convenient to take outside.
Lightweight but practical: Only weight 85g, convenient to carry. The material is thin but tear resistant.
Adjustable shoulder straps padded with mesh sponge help relieve pressure.
20L large capacity.
Water resistant and tear resistant.
Perfect for hiking, travel, camping, mountaineering, suitable for both men & women.

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    Thanks mate, will give it a try and see. Could be handy when travelling overseas

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    hmmm this is very similar even down to the logo of the Naturehike daypack 18L bag on amazon, i actually msg Naturehike who posted a deal on this bag not long ago and they said they would be doing another sale on the bag next week if anyone wants similar bag but prob better quality and quick delivery.



    What does.. CN.. Mean when ordering please


    That looks great – I was just wanting something like this recently!

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    Pulled the trigger! Why not for $8

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    Came in for a bullet proof vest, was dissapointed.


    Cheers OP, had something like this for years and was very useful. Only 4 left in stock now

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    I wonder how well it would do under extreme load conditions.

    Cool gimmick though.

    I can't remember how big my backpack is it is a standard small laptop bag with Intel Pentium 4 logo :)


      Don't overload these types of light bags. Could bulk it out with jacket or jumper, but don't jam in a laptop or large bluetooth speaker in here.

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        Damn yeah my next bag if I ever need one will need to be bigger than this bag but no larger than a 60L hiking bag somewhere in the middle.

        My current bag is above 20L I think but not much larger but I can pack it with a bunch of heavy dense groceries and know it will survive ok.

        Definitely can't do it with this deals bag or some other light weight bags I have tried seen in the past because they break under heavy load and full load pressure.

        Honestly I love my current bag it is solid just needs to be twice more larger for me to be fully content with it but it is nearly perfect for a multi purpose bag.


          This bag suits the purpose to go for long walk or ride to the shops only needing to get light items only up to a Kg or so. Really handy to go for walks and put you jumper/jacket in on way home when you've warmed up etc.

          I love having a few different size bags for different purposes, nothing worse than stuffing a small light bag full of groceries wondering if it's going to make it home without breaking.

          On the other hand, I also love using a small light bag with top handle for basic outings where you mainly need to take wallet/phone ( don't like full bulked up pant pockets ) and maybe a water bottle etc.

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            @ozhunter68: Hmm good idea.. I am just trying to save space and I generally like multi-purpose stuff as it keeps things less crowded with my limited home space.

            I have an 80L hiking bag from ebay I think from China for like $40 to $60 AUD.. I can tell it is not the greatest quality but it is good for what I paid for definitely getting more value than bags costing minimum 3 to 5x the cost in same size but that is for another day.

            So I need a bag in between my 80L and I want to say 35L bag.

            60L is still too big so something around 35L to 50L I think is my ideal maybe even 52L but I am just guessing now.

            I find it hard to travel light these days I always carry something extra because of paranoia and anxiety I might need something extra.

            My current every day carry contains a full box of tissues emptied in the laptop pocket, an umbrella, some disposable gloves for work, 3 x dust masks which I know regret buying also for work and coincidentally now this Sydney smoke haze but they are not even P2 barely P1 or the lowest grade, a few pens, 1.25L plastic bottle filled with water, Taotronics TT-BH22 headphones, 2 x big w $3 wired earphones because they were so cheap why not, a Chinese pamphlet menu lol, my thick wallet, sometimes my phone when my pocket feels heavy and side pockets there is a dynamo torch and a box full of bandaids.

            Yeah that is my every day carry.

            I could probably leave the headphones and umbrella at home most days and just do without them and create a lot of space and free up some weight.

            The rest is pretty mandatory.

            The dynamo torch aka physically chargeable torch could probably also be left home leaving me with just basic first aid, work stuff and tissues.

            Pretty obsessive compulsive about bringing some water but maybe I should try not using a bag some time and see how that goes as really all I need is my wallet and phone it would feel weird not having something on your back. But idk.

            Today I lost my opal card at work probably constantly reaching into my pockets to check my phone and get my keys it is probably on the ground somewhere maybe even the trash ah well.

            Got a new replacement one and blocked cancelled the other so even if somebody else picks it up and tries to use it they can't as the balance is now on the newly ordered one coming in the mail within 10 business working days.

            So it is debit card tap and go for now until it arrives.

            Wondering if I can get two opal cards as that would be nice having a backup I can leave at home to transfer my balance to if I lose it again. Always good to have a backup it is going to suck for a few days.


              @AlienC: Thanks for the long but nicely detailed response lol.

              I feel your comfort/pain re-needing to take water nearly anywhere I go ( as well as other STUFF too, also have a bit of OCD etc. haha, that's probably why I get a bit fussy with certain things ).

              Enjoy a challenging suitable size/budget future bag, sounds like no emergency/hurry.


              @AlienC: i like how you use this place as a personal diary. idk bout Opal card, but now we can have Myki cards on our phones (partnership with Googpay?).

              i'm also looking to invest in an oldskool filthy handkerchief or just get a bandana


                @FAST and Curious: It is honestly because I have really bad memory and if I don't get it out somewhere it will be lost for good and this way at least I'm not just talking to myself but other potential real human beings with the worst case scenario is I get negative votes or screamed at which is nice because it means somebody interacted with me :) lol

                I have learnt that if you don't put yourself out there don't expect magic things to happen.

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    it's only the silver and orange ones for $5.39.
    black is $6.99


    Always like playing spot the clone.
    This appears to be an up-scaled clone of the Matador DL16 if anybody is interested.

    Over all a good design just don't expect the same build quality as the original.

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    dont forget 6% shopback


    Thanks OP ordered one. Should come in handy.


    I really like the sea to summit version (30g), as it is small enough to fit comfortably in a pocket when not in use. Great for when you are not sure if you need a bag, or only need it for part of a trip eg. stick your jacket/raincoat in when it warms up.

    This one looks a bit too large for that.



    How do ppl tell whether it will incur International fee or not these days? I guess this one is obvious, but some others are not?


      I would advise you to have a debit/credit card that doesn’t have international transaction fees regardless if you plan on buying this or not. It’s incredibly easy to have one. Like uBank or ING.


        which is better ing seems to have more cash deposit requirements to avoid the international transaction fee and seems more of a rebate then not charging it where as ubank seem to just not charge it at all as long as you deposit $200 a month but say merchants have other fees that will be charged.

        i normally just use paypal or google pay linked to my NAB account but lately been getting alot of random fees from merchants for small purchases so i think i might get a second debit card that will stop me getting these random fees.

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          I personally just use uBank, very easy to complete the requirements on the transaction account to trigger the bonus savings rate (which has unfortunately been reduced a lot this last year.. One year ago the savings acc was 2.9% and now it’s 2.10%). And the no foreing transaction fee thing does not need any requirements to be met as far as i know but i might be wrong on this. Anyway, i recommend them.


      Just use paypal? i wouldnt be comfortable using any credit or debit card on these shonky Chinese websites.


        yeah i use paypal but i still get hit with currency conversion charges so if the account linked from paypal is ubank or ing i am hoping those would be eliminated


    Thanks OP copped one


    hi, does anyone have experience ordering from tomtop shipping from china warehouse? It says shipping takes 12-25 business days, does that mean I may have to wait up to 5 weeks (or 6, if you count Christmas/New Year days off) for the package to reach?


    Has anyone else noticed the above?

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    I have the naturehike equivalent and they are great, however I would suggest you need to understand the straps are very light and there is no padding in the back so you feel everything in the bag sticking into your back and the straps hurt if you have much weight.

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