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Hisense 55R5 Series 5 55" 4K UHD Smart LED TV $495 @ JB Hi-Fi


Seems like a great deal for a 4K Hisense R5. Beats HN by $3

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    You can also get a Soniq 65" 4k for $499 delivered with the current 12% off Amazon sale, but the Hisense is definitely a better TV.

  • Does anyone know if these upgrade from Vidaa 2.5 to 3.0?

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      I bought this TV on Black Friday and it came with 3.0

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        I got this TV for $438 on BF too. The firmware upgraded last night. But how can you tell if it's 2.5 or 3.0?

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          Mine says it on the box


          • @Magnastar: Ah yep just checked mine! Interestingly the specs pdf from Hisense says 3.0 but other websites said 2.5. Wonder what the main differences are.

      • What's the tv like?

        • I’m very happy with the picture just using it for streaming services and PS4 Pro and HD TV channels but it’s only a temporary TV until I can get my hands on a 65R7 after Christmas, so I don’t sit there looking for what’s disappointing about it like how everyone critiques every little thing with TVs on here.

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    Any good deal on Andriod TV?

    • Good question

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    Sorry if this has been asked before but whats different between R5 R6 and R7

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      get the R7 - WCG & ULD

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      I think the difference between R5/6 to R7 is that they both have HDR10 / HLG but the R7 has DOLBY HDR which changes brightness depending on the scene. That's like the simplest way I could put it.

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    How is this different from my 55p7?

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      It's inferior to your p7 for starters. This is their base model.

      • cheers

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    $468.00 with code PEACHY20 @ appliance central ebay.

    • noice

    • Plus $40 postage …so $508

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        pick up available at their store in Villawood NSW.

        • Yeah I picked it up for $438.40 when they had it listed for $548.

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    Yesterday from Costco purchased Samsung Series 7 RU7100 55" 4K UHD LED TV
    for $499.00
    Harveynorman/JBHIFI/GoodGuys price are 995; Samsung RRP 1199
    Along with Sony HTX9000F for $399

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      should have posted the deal..

    • is it still on ?

      • One last item left, picked up by me.

        • copy of invoice pls, so we could price match others?

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      Come on mate, that's just mean telling us all about that, what a bloody good deal that was!

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    ot, does anyone know where I can, or why I can't find the Hisense H9F in aus?

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      No series 9 TVs from their 2019 range have been released in Australia. Seems pretty doubtful that they will now.

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    How would the Hisense 65R6 compare to this? What would the main differences be, other than size?

    • I do wonder same…

      I believe the bezel on the R5 is all plastic around whereas the r6 has a bezel under screen on the top edges. The r7 has a brushed steel surround.

      Re: the tech specs - it appears r5 lacks game mode and sport mode and possibly a lower refresh rate.

      R7 adds dolby vision.

      • Thanks for the info on this :)

  • How much better would this be compared to my Kogan tv? I just watch Netflix and play games occasionally

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      Not much. Keep the kogan or get an r7+.

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    Motion Rate
    R5 = 50 Hz
    R6 = 100 Hz
    R7= 200 Hz

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    Must be over says $588 for me ?

  • I thought the sale was on 'til the end of the week?

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