Lifetime 50% off Australian Web Hosting $27.50 for a Year ($2.50/Month) @ Obble


Obble Hosting are offering another lifetime discount of 50% for all web-hosting plans. This lasts for all renewals.

We've offered these deals here on OzBargain before, the last one was in September. We do them regularly!

Fast Australian Servers (Sydney Datacenter), Free SSL certificate, 50% discount applies to dedicated IP also (Down to $0.75 a month with $0.75 one time setup).

To reiterate, discount is valid for the lifetime of your order. Valid through December and January only (Expires January 31st 2020), usable once per customer, new customers only.

Celebrate Christmas and New Year with Obble Hosting :)

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    What expected system specs am I looking at for each plan?
    Is it similar to FastComet?

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      Hi Kuric. Thanks for your interest.

      Our plans start at 1GB RAM (starter, increasing to 2GB for intermediate and then 3GB RAM for unlimited).
      CPU is a single core by default.

      However, I (the person writing this comment, and the ad) own the business and always work towards the best experience for the customer. So if you had any issues with these limits in place, I'm always happy to adjust for reasonable use generally at no cost. This hasn't been required yet for any of our customers.

      Feel free to ask anything else, replies may be tomorrow though here on OzBargain as I don't check it super frequently.


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    Have been with these guys for a basic website for a few months now. Site always loads fast and no recorded downtime yet. Highly recommended.


      Thanks MS Paint (lol).

      Glad you're happy with the service! Appreciate you leaving your feedback here for others to see :)

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    same here. used these guys for a few months while a mate was deciding what he wanted to do. service was always great. site was nice and fast.


      Thanks Tadere for your awesome feedback here on Ozbargain… !

      Have a great Christmas and new year.


    Will the discount apply to transferred domain registrations too?


      Hi Ronney.

      Unfortunately it is only valid for web hosting, not domain transfers or registrations.


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      Your domain registrar can be different to your web host. If you want to save some $$$ transfer your domain to Zuver (it's free to transfer domains). Better still, sign up to Zuver and get their $1 au domain offer, then transfer your existing domain to them for free. Then enable their free DNS hosting service and point your A record to your web hosts IP.
      You could then take advantage of Obbles intermediate plan and host 2 sites for $5/month, and your domain renewals are only $10.50 per year with Zuver.


        Can’t argue with that!

        Good idea to take advantage of the $1 offers that many bigger companies do :)


        Thank you. I will have a look at Zuver.


        Domain transfers are free across all Domain Registrars. The only charge would be
        Any Domain ending with.aU = Free (no additional year extension required).
        Any others like .com Domains requires a minimum of 1 additional year renewal at time of transfer between Domain registrars.
        In Short: The transfer is free however as per above, most Domains managed by ICANN do require a min of 1 year extension be added to the expiry date upon transfer. There is no avoiding that.

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    Great service. We moved our website from Godaddy to Obble. Super quick loading. Cheapest SSL hosting. The support also awesome. Highly recommended.


    Expired? Tried to sign up but didnt work, order automatically get cancelled. Unimpressed, not a good first experience.



      I believe this was due to a fraud order. Sometimes the fraud measures in place can be over-active. I think we resolved this via ticket as we had a ticket sent in at a similar time to your comment here.

      Usually in these cases they're manually reviewed and then set back to pending & allow payment. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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