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Kogan HD Digital Set-Top Box with PVR Only $9 (with $30 PayPal Code and Free Shipping)


Ok - this is an updated deal from http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/50240 (thanks to fma007)

Use your Paypal account to get a $30 discount code (one code per account)

And Kogan is offering Free Delivery till midnight tonight (10th August, 2011)

The best deal I found is the Kogan HD Digital Set-top Box with PVR only $9!

There are other products too that you might find handy - just check: http://www.kogan.com.au/shop/?utm_source=MailingList&utm_med...

N.B. Free Shipping offer and Paypal Coupon excludes products with a LivePrice and Free Shipping is not valid for remote or rural delivery areas


UPDATE The PayPal coupon might not work for the HD Set-top box, as Kogan changed this to an "On Sale" item…check below comments for details. But I guess other products that don't fall under "On Sale" or "LIVEPRICE" will still qualify.

UPDATE 2 Deal is now expired as Kogan has changed all of their products to either "On Sale" or "Live Price". Thanks for all your supports.

UPDATE 3 As per Kogan's Twitter site http://twitter.com/#!/Kogan - Kogan will honour all successfull transactions (Thanks texanboy)

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    to those who thought that this PVR is a Media Player, I found this on their FAQ…..

    HD Digital Set Box with PVR

    Q: Can the PVR play movies that are stored on my HDD?
    A: Our PVR will allow you to playback recorded material, but not movies stored onto the hard drive. It supports MP3 and JPEG.


      so how does one play the shows you record. If not possible then one can say this is preety much useless as as PVR


        The shows are probably recorded in a special format that this device can play.


          i really hope so.

          Edit. Now i get it.

          Q: Can the PVR play movies that are stored on my HDD?

          Our PVR will allow you to playback recorded material, but not movies stored onto the hard drive. It supports MP3 and JPEG.

          So i think this means that if you already have a stored movie on your HD then it won't play that but if let's say a movie is playing on the TV and u wanna record that for later then that will playback. I fink..

          Anyhow can't go wrong for $9 delivered.


          the manual for the device says the video decoder supports the following formats.

          MPEG-2 MP@HL, AVC/H.264 HP @L4.1

          if it can only play the tv recordings (mpeg2) then the manual has wrong specs!


    Just got mine delivered in Sydney. A bit concerned though cos there are a few scratch marks on the little screen bit. Not sure if it is brand new. Will try it out today. Can someone post a picture of the box they have received. Mine doesn't look like the one shown on the website.


      Maybe they ran out of the single tuner PVR and Kogan felt generous and sent you the one with TWIN tuners that cost more …? Pigs fly? Multi-millionaire becomes generous in his old age?


      Its hard to see but there is a second protective film on the screen. Thats probably what is scratched, mine is the same.


      Could be my eyes but IMO the pictures from the kogan site look like 'drawings' rather than actual photos.


      yeah, mine is exactly the same.

      and chichi - the Kogan website photos are computer generated images


    Evidently NSW FT is taking names of those dissatisfied with being denied the deal to give Kogan a 'group' serve. The lady my mate spoke to said they had quite a list already, and they were taking it seriously coz so many people had friends who bought successfully providing invoices as evidence! :)

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    Both mine came today :)


    got mine. sucks it only has composite if u dont have hdmi on the tv :(
    tried the media player and it played my 720p avi, mkv & mp4. recording didnt like my flash drive said it was "too slow to action"


      What USB external HDrive did you use for it to work?
      I tried a 320 gb Western Digital (unpowered) and it did not recognize it.
      I also tried 16 gb Toshiba USB stick and it did not recognize it.


        So far I have been using a 2.5 320gb western digital Elements drive with out any problems for reading media files and using it for pvr.
        Haven't tried a USB stick.


    How do I get it to work with Harmoney remote? I don't see a model number on the box


      model number on sticker under the unit… kastbxxhdtaa but might have some extra digits after that.


    Got mine. much smaller unit I expected, which is nice.
    Program guide (EPG) can be improved as when you turn in one station, the station you previously turned in with program shown disappears.
    I bought this as a backup second unit so with $9, I cannot complain and nothing much to lose even if it goes wrong. Thanks Kogan


    did anyone know when is the paypal $30 off code expired? i remember on the other post said expired on 31 august, but when i try to input it, it said not valid already

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