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Google Chromecast Ultra $67.99 @ Costco (Membership Required)


Google Chromecast ultra $67.99 at Costco. Better than the bigw price.

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Costco Wholesale

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    Ignorant comment. Would Officeworks price match this?

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      Probably not as you have to pay for a membership first in order to obtain this price.

      • They do price match, if you show them your Costco membership.

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          Are you sure?
          Haber you tried?

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            @almostfrench: it would make sense for showing membership tho,

            do the cards have expiry dates?

            • @capslock janitor: I don't think it would make sense; you're actually paying more than $68 if you buy it through CostCo as you have to also factor in the price of the membership. Officeworks doesn't see a cent of the membership you pay to CostCo.

              • @theknight27: but seeing the membership they would believe you are able to purchase it there.
                but yeah the main target customer it's good for people that make use of shopping there already.

          • @almostfrench: Yes, I've tried it several time, showing my Costo Membership card, they do it right away.

            • @kml22: You are probably just getting lucky at your store.

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      My past experience is that Officeworks consider CostCo prices "not available to the general public" since you have to have membership. I've tried to argue the point with my local store but didn't pan out that way and they didn't match.

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        Well you can't blame them, Costco make a considerable deal of their profit from memberships, that's how they can price things lower (on occasions).

    • I went to my local officeworks and they said they couldn't price match with Costco.
      I didn't want to push the point that it doesn't state that on the Terms and Conditions on their website under the PBG and he also said they wouldn't accept a screen shot as they couldn't verify how long ago the picture was taken - also not specifically stated on their T & C's.

    • JB did it for $70 upon showing them this ozbargain post and the associated Costco picture. Didn’t have to show my Costco card. Then I gift carded it for a further %5 off 👌

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    Is this better than the software available through LG's C9?

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    Nice price for this but after having Costco membership for a year the queues , everyday normal rippoff prices , no internet check on stocks makes this place a waste of time .
    Yes their specials sometimes are good .

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      Not everything is cheap in Costco, but I always manage to save lot more. Specially from fuel/milk and good quality meat.
      Then again time to time Coles n WW put bette sales.

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        is fuel cheaper than 711 helicopter? genuine question

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          Yesterday in Sydney (Casula store) petrol was 131 while most other nearby petrol stations were priced around 169. They always have the cheapest petrol, usually by 5-10 cents, I’ve well and truely made the membership fee back in savings from petrol alone.

    • Totally agree!
      I only buy stuff that is on clearance, like the bandages! Or recent Switch games!

      I think they're going to go online and home delivery etc; but for a single person it's a bit too much. I just go for the pizzas, always :p

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    Costco fuel is where the money savings are. We save over $200/year on fuel compared to beforehand…

    You need to know your pricing at Aldi and the other supermarkets to ensure your getting a good deal though

    • Our costco was 49c cheaper per litre yesterday..

      • Where and what petrol ? How much per litre ?

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          Their prices have averaged around $1.33 in recent months. However prices don't fluctuate like Shell etc. For example Shell in my area is currently at $1.75. Savings on fuel alone are worth the membership.

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            @arnomic: Yeah, Shell are notorious for being expensive, usually the 1st to put up their prices and often the last to put them down, at least in Perth.

            Over in Adelaide there is a BP on Main North RD In Blair Athol ?? charging 175.9 for unleaded. I drove past it to the United on Prospect Rd about an hour ago and they were charging 130.5 for unleaded and 128.5 for e10.

            Funnily enough Costco is only another couple of minutes' drive from the United. But at least United is an Australian company. It's not much but I like to try and keep the profits as local as I can. Just ignore my Amazon Prime and Netflix accounts. He he.

          • @arnomic: that was for 98

    • No , I check carefully fuel spy and let say the price is $1.50 with me buying $5 + gives me 8 c off extra a litre with my normal spend of 6 litres of milk. Combined with a 5% off wish card gives me a 10% overall saving at Woolies Caltex petrol stations Costco has never won on price point competing with that in my area .

      • That's at $1.50, anything more Costco is cheaper. In the examples above at 175.p vs 130.5 (same as my Costco), you'd be paying over 10c more than Costco.

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      • you’re**

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    Hope they're come out with a remote for this thing!

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      That's not how Chromecast works.

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      Your phone is your remote mate.

      • I still need one! 😅

        • you can use a tablet computer.
          anything that runs Android.

          you can pick up a second hand phone, for $50 and use that.

          in fact, a faulty mobile phone (i.e. cannot make/receive calls/SMSs) but which can run Android,
          is good enough to use with the Chromecast.

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        my phone dont have infrared

    • How about vodafone tv?

      • Heard they don’t update vTv . In fact there has no updates at all. I believe it’s still running Android 7.x

        • This hasn't been an issue for me at all, the apps get updated which probably matters more than the device.

          Honestly for 5 bucks more I don't know why anyone wouldn't it it, comes with a remote, don't need to use phone, 10 other reasons easily including connects to any share drive via various apps

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      You use your TV Remote, with HDMI-CEC your pause, skip, etc buttons will control your cast queue.

  • (Costco Membership Required)

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      I think it’s pretty clear in that title. People are going to think a blockbusters membership is required.

  • I have an old (non 4K )chrome which works decently. What is the advantages of upgrading

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      Not much if you have a non 4K screen. Just faster startup and I think there is an ethernet port on the power brick.

      If you’re on a gen 2 or earlier then some apps like kayo dont seem to run properly.

    • If you have Kayo, you can multi-screen. You can’t do this with older chromecasts.

      • How do you multi screen on Chromecast ultra. I can't seem to do it. Can do it on my phone though.

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    Doesn't a $72 Vodafone TV box do everything this unit does, plus more?

    • Doesn't Xbox One, and PS4 does everything too? also Android TV USB?
      The whole point of ChromeCast is super-fast casting.

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        Xbox One and PS4 doesn't do Chromecast, as far as I'm aware.

        VTV does (but unsure whether HD or 4k)

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          VTV does Chromecast in 4K. It basically does any thing the Chromecast Ultra can do.

    • The Vodafone TV box has a built-in Chromecast, but as far as I know it is only capable of HD streaming. Would be good if someone is able to confirm this though.

      • It actually does appear to cast at 4K (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/6569014/redir). Pros and cons covered in that node reasonably well.

        • can VTV cast Netflix now?

      • I find VTV voice/picture often get out of sync for chromecast. Especially playing Kayo.
        With my old Chromecasts, its picture perfect.

    • Just be aware, if later on you will be upgrading to voice controls for your TV (google home/nest). Vodafone TV might not be supported. Whereas google chrome is very compatible with voice controls (turning on, adjusting volume, streaming shows)

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    As for the $79 BigW offer… Use the weekend coupon for another $10 off -

    Still $1.01 more than Costco offer, but not bad for those of us who don't have Costco membership.

    credit: "https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/8120328/redir"

    • Don't forget 5% WISH giftcard.

    • I travelled 40 kms (20kms ×2) to get to a Big W store where it has the item available in store to get it for $69. Where I was, I could have travelled 4 kms to Costco! Hard feeling now!

      • Bummer.

  • Posted this over in the other CC Ultra deal, can anybody please shed some light on these devices. TIA

    I'm looking for something that will hookup to my projector/receiver to allow it to operate at full 4k with the most options available, FTA being the least of my concerns. Is there anything else really available? I hear the main complaints with the CC Ultra is that it requires the use of your phone whereas I think I'd prefer something standalone.

    NB: Not interested in ANY Apple products, just in case anybody felt like recommending them.

    • Updated Nvidia Shield coming out soon…. Current model is perfectly fine too.

      Won't get any better. It also acts as a CC too.

      I won't touch Apple either.

      • Seems to be what I'm leaning towards. Any specs on the Nvidia update? I'll have a look around. Sounds like it might be worth waiting to see if the shield will drop in price.

        Thanks for the input, any personal experience?

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          I think the new model is friendlier with things like Atmos and DV, hardware wise no differences.

          I had 2 Shields, now down to 1 as 2019 95 series Sony TV's more or less have it built in.

          They are really nice to use, act as a very capable emulation machine, can act as a Plex Server too.

          Vodafone TV is a cheaper option, but it's nowhere near as powerful. Will have less support too.

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    $63.20 C&C @ The Good Guys Ebay

    credit: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/506028

    • thanks viewfinder!

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    Just price matched at Good Guys Bayswater