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Yamaha YAS-108B $135.20 Google Chromecast 3 $39.20 CC Ultra $63.20 Home Max $239.20 Samsung S10+ $958.40 C&C (Or +Del) @TGG eBay


Greetings everyone, really awesome price on this speaker, cheapest it's been so far!

Also Available:

Google Chromecast 3 $39.20
Google Chromecast Ultra $63.20
Google Home Max $239.20
Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus 128gb Prism Black/Prism White $958.40

As always, enjoy :)

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  • cracking price for the 108b (cheapest on amazon historically was $165 which is when i got mine).

    • +2

      Was $143 on Black Friday from BingLee

      • I got mine from Todds HIfi on black Friday for $148. This is a good price.

  • Wow. What a deal on the Yamaha

  • Finally made the jump on the speakers

    • +24

      Did they break? 😝

    • -2

      I would say you get what you pay for.
      For only 69 bucks more I rekon get Sony. How often do you really use the subwoofer for your home system?

      • Which Sony set are you refering to?

          • +4

            @yama131: facepalm

    • +2

      that's a good question. a half decent sub will make a world of difference. you would need to go hear it in person.

      the yamaha isn't without its issues. the latest firmware (5.0) doesn't solve them all. i like it for the price and the bass is good enough for me.

      • what issue apart from HDMI ARC ?

        • Not syncing with the tv all the time. Hisense TVs seem to be the worst affected.

          and audio delay, lip sync issues (sometimes).

          • @TEER3X: I had that same issue, doesn't matter which input but it was sporadic. I've ended up switching to analogue and using the aux input only - can't really tell the difference. Also only need to use the TV remote :)

          • @TEER3X: I was about to purchase this but then I saw your comment about Hisense. Thanks mate! :)

            • @Rodgort: ARC works fine for me with hisense tv. Try firmware update

  • Decided to jump on the Yamaha YAS-108B - was thinking of the edifiers etc but bluetooth chromecasting always seems to give me some audio delays. Hopefully the built in sub is good enough for outdoors. I want to use it as my speakers for the outdoor patio area - wall mounted under the cheapo TV.

    Cheers OP! a bit of a drive to get the stock, but worth it at that price.

  • How does the 108b sound when sitting flat on an entertainment unit? (As opposed to walk mounted)

    • +1

      It is ok. I have 2 one mounted on the wall and another lying flat on the entertainment unit. Both sound the same. Both rooms are approx 15 m2

    • I have tried it both ways, I think it sounds a fair bit better wall mounted. This is however on my deck, not in my lounge.

    • +1

      set it up yesterday and it's much clearer when wall mounted as the speakers are facing you but it's not the worst when flat.

      • I wonder if I could "wall mount" on my entertainment unit (made of marine ply)…

        • +1

          it just needs 2 screw points to mount

    • +5

      I’d have to disagree. Fantastic sound overall for the price just don’t go in expecting a full HT setup type of sound.

  • woo nice, finally purchased. thanks!
    Edit: Any current owners of the YAS-108 find the black mesh attracting a lot of dust?

    • Not a lot but a light vacuum with soft brush attachment does the trick.
      Great speaker. Bluetooth connection to phone to play music is very handy.
      Just remember to clear voice function when watching movies.

    • Yeah mine gets pretty dusty but as Kuzdog mentioned just give it a light vacuum and should be sweet.

    • Yes dust accumulates. I'd be careful with vacuum as not to damage with suction the small speakers. I bought this Soundbar from last years Bing Lee sale via Ebay for about $158.Its a great unit at that price - and any cheaper I think best value available. But I wouldn't want to pay retail price of nearly double. I prefer to use a Lint Roller along the top of grill cloth with the up-facing speakers. Picks up surface dust without any problems.

  • +1

    Grabbed the YAS-108B, thanks for posting.

  • Great price for the Google Home Max! Time for another one I think.

    • how is the sound quality on these? i got some bose home speaker 300s but they are a bit of a pain with google home and keep losing connection

      • +1

        They don't seem to get much love on here, but I think they are awesome. Very full sound, nice and bassy, go up very loud. The bass isnt super punchy like a subwoofer i guess but ample I would say. They automatically tune themselves to their surroundings too apparently. At this price dont hesitate.
        Oh yeah the smart assistant works as well as any other google speaker I guess, has a good long range mic.

      • We have it connected to the tv in the bedroom and it's perfect for watching movies. Decent all round sound with enough bass. Just don't expect too much for the price and you won't be disappointed.

  • with the Yamaha speaker, is it possible to connect to my TV and only have to turn on the TV and it auto connects/turns on the speaker? Don't want to have to fiddle around turning on 2 things everytime I want to use it

    • +2

      Yeah it has ARC and HDMI CEC built in according to cnet. So you should be able to control by TV remote.

    • +1

      Yes, I use the hdmi arc connection to my Sony tv. I have not used the Yamaha remote at all. The soundbar turns on and off when the tv is used. Volume is controlled by the tv remote.

      I recently bought one of the last Chromecast Audio on sale. I have connected the Chromecast Audio to the Yamaha soundbar through the ANALOG input. It stays connected without messing up the hdmi / tv connection. When I want to listen to music through the house, I change the input on the soundbar to ANALOG, then group Chromecast Spotify.

      TV reverts to built in speakers. TV sound and music at the same time if you like.

      By the way, the Yamaha soundbar is excellent for the money.

      • Does sound now come from both the TV speakers and the sound bar?

        • +1

          TV sound usually comes from the soundbar when watching TV / PS4. If I want to listen to Spotify while watching TV, I switch the soundbar to ANALOG for the music. Then my Sony TV automatically switches the TV sound back to the built in speakers.

          I havent been able to have the TV sound to simultaneously come out of the TV speakers and soundbar, if that was what you were asking.

    • +1

      It turns on with the TV. I never use the remote. The app is all I need! Works with bluetooth.

    • Yes and working with with Hisense R8. Initially had issues due to my HDMI cable being too old (version 1.3 or something like that). Bought a new 2.0 HDMI cable from eBay for $10 and all working well now.

  • Anyone having issues with the code for the speakers? can't work!

    • +1

      PayPal and signed in?

    • +2

      Is your eBay account definitely registered to Australia? Jump on live chat and they'll be able to sort it out for you.

      • +1

        Thanks for troubleshooting! Looks like this was indeed the case! Got the speakers! Been watching this for a while! The amount sold here validates that this is a good speaker!

      • my account was registered to the US so it wasn't working. Thanks for the tip

  • Thanks for posting. Bought the soundbar.

  • +1

    Has been having issues with HDMI ARC between my Samsung TV where now I have to plug the optical cable to transfer the sound output. Called Samsung and they came to check and replaced the motherboard, still not working as it should.
    Anyone got a fix?

    • +9

      Have you updated the firmware on the YAS-108 - the notes say it improves the ARC stability.


      It improved the ARC behavior with my Hisense TV - before it would not always work when another HDMI box (e.g Fetch TV) was turned on soon after the TV.

      • +1

        Don't know why anyone negged this, seems like a reasonable fix.

    • Get samsung to replace the TV, if the soundbar is working correctly on another TV.

    • ARC or CEC?
      Ie can you get sound but not control it or just not get sound?

      Samsungs CEC implementation sucks balls based on my experience with my Samsung tv and pioneer amp.

    • Suggest you buy a new HDMI cable or be 100% certain it’s certified for ARC. Had similar issue with a hisense tv and In the end it was the cable that was the culprit.

  • Does this have inbuilt subwoofer in it?

  • Is the soundbar really that good? Wouldn't mind getting something for my OLED as inbuilt sound is pretty average, but was thinking it would probably be worth paying a bit extra and getting a lower end Atmos soundbar

    • +1

      I got the Yas-108B on blackfriday, and a 65" C9. This sound bar is a big improvement on the standard TV speakers.

  • +4

    I'd recommend the YHT-1840B as a good entry level home theatre over any of these soundbars, if you can fit it in your room. $271 C&C, was $400 typically. You absolutely cannot beat having a subwoofer, let alone having surround sound for movies.

    At the very least you can get a 3.1 setup (L, R, centre, omitting the rears) which at $271 will absolutely destroy anything else you could grab. The third centre channel is for dialogue in movies, so you're not turning the volume up to hear, then down when explosions happen.


    • Got that kit in January, I'm really happy with it. Given 90% of what I watch is YouTube and Netflix the quality is fine and supports enough codecs. Setup is all pretty manual but once that's done it's set and forget, it turns on and off with the tv, auto changes sources between streaming box/tv, change volume with tv remote, super easy.

  • whats the next best integrated soundbar (with sub) after the Yamaha?
    I dont want a $1,000 jump

    • Soundbar cannot fit a decent subwoofer inside it.

      • +1

        I think he means a setup with a soundbar and a separate sub included.

    • @frostman, Take a look at a soundbase. I have the Sony HT-XT3 which has been discontinued. But yeah, cant complain. Sonos Playbase might be within your budget.

  • +4

    YAS!! I got one.

  • How does this Yamaha compare against the ATS1090B? Looking at getting one to go with a Samsung Q80R and the budget's good enough for this or the 1090B. Any advice?

    • +2

      sound quality is about the same, the 1090 (aka 109b) has Alexi/wifi/ethernet but no 3.5mm.

  • Excellent price for the sound bar - got it for 160 ish a year ago and love it!

  • +1

    Got the Chromecast, thank you

  • Ordered the Yamaha for delivery. for some reason wouldn't let me C&C from Auburn store even though it's showing as in stock on their website.

    • Did the code work for you? Mine keeps on bouncing back "This code can't be applied to your order"

      • Total price was around 148 delivered, so it looks like it.

  • +1

    How does this Yamaha compare to Bose Solo 5 (sound wise not feature wise)? I jumped on the Microsoft deal for Bose (for $199) now having second thoughts.

  • Should i wait for the legendary $99 deal to come back, when they're clearing these 108 for 109 ?


    • +1

      Depends how much value you put on $35 I guess

    • I remember that deal for the YAS-107.
      Most likely that was Brick & mortar (HN) getting cold feet about clearing stock before the YAS-108 was announced (Yamaha have been updating the models quickly).
      It was an in-store find after all.

      You can hold your breath though.

  • Pulled the trigger. Been watching the Yamaha sound bar for a while.
    Thanks op

  • Can someone tl;dr me on soundbars? I have a big loungeroom but I don't really like the thought of wiring everywhere for surround sound and I'm relatively happy with the PC speakers plugged into the TV

    • -1

      It's a bar that produces sound.

    • +3

      imo sound bars are just speakers that your TV could not physically hold because manufacturers make TV's so thin it can't hold anything decent inside.
      So you buy sound bars.
      If you want surround there is no way around than wiring your room. Unless you want wireless speakers and from my experience wireless speakers are terrible.

      • +1

        I currently have a surround sound setup with Sonos speakers and it's pretty damn good

        • +1 for sonos 5.1

  • My Yamaha YSP 1400 sound bar (from 2015) is still going.. Is it purely a 'luxury' upgrade going for the YAS-108? Or is there a significant improvement/difference that I'm missing out on?

    Sorry I'm not very tech savvy!

  • Bought the Yamaha.
    Damn you RDO
    Damn you Ozbargain

    • +1

      Are you saying you don't browse OzB at work? How unsual…

  • Would this bar still sound okay sitting on a glass shelf just under the tv? It’s one of those stands where shelves are open at the back and sides. It’s a corner unit. I ask because most reviews show it on the same shelf as the tv. The tv stand design for the tv is a bit awkward for a sound bar to go in front.

    • +1

      i initially put mine at the back of the tv (between a wall and the tv) and found the sound way too booming and bass heavy.it felt like dialogue was muffled even with the clear voice function on. so i ended up moving it to the front of the tv so it was unobstructed and it sounded much better. you might run into a similar problem if its on an enclosed shelf, or the glass itself may even vibrate.

      • Thanks for that. The entertainment unit shelves are open at the sides and back and I guess it would be about 3-4 times the height of the sound bar. But the sound is also being projected upwards is that right?

        • +1

          yeh i think it goes straight up. ideally its probably best to hang it on a wall so it is facing you, but i havent got around to doing that yet! regardless of where you put it though - its likely going to be big upgrade from the sound out of your tv.

  • Anyone having issues selecting click and collect? It automatically selects my P.O Box as default which I cant change.

  • Great. Got a chromecast thanks. Nearly got a secondhand one yesterday for the same price.

  • Google Home Max is rarely "in stock" in Canberra for c&c even though GG stores are showing stock at Fyshwick and Tuggers. Still a reasonable price with delivery. Sonos One at $220 on Amazon was a better buy. Currently at $255, or $258 at GG.

  • Is this soundbar better than Bose soundlink mini II?

  • Has anyone got the Yamaha with a Hisense TV and it works fine?

    • +3

      Using it with a 75R7 and before updating the FW of the soundbar we had major ARC issues but that’s now sorted. There are still some slight lip sync dramas that regardless of settings I can’t get rid of so that remains but it’s a lot better than it was originally.

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